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I hit y'all with another one-shot. Hope you enjoy! *you'll be seeing one-shots more often If you guys want this story to continue and become a long story I can probably make that happen. So comment below if I should.!
Y/N POV Stopped right in front of Minos apartment, I texted him that I was outside but he seem to take his sweetass time to open the door, I pressed my ear to the door and heard heavy breathing as I put down my takeout. Sleeping? I smiled,I decided I wanted to surprise him. I took out my spare key and fumbled trying to put it in the keyhole and then I heard the bed squeak. He probably got my messages or heard the keys, but I quickly changed my mind when I heard a girl moan his name."Mino!" Gee, she was having the time of her life. It pissed me off. We were suppose to have a movie night and I end up with this. I quickly opened the door and looked at what faced me."unbelievable" I whispered with my crossed arms. Mino turned around shocked, ironic, this is not the first time I've caught him. He covered the naked girl with his bed sheets and put a pillow on his private. I laughed," Nice ass" I cocked my head to the side and looked at the girl," pretty girl" I said with an impressed expression, my arms were still crossed. As expected Mino just stood there with a bewildered look on his face." Well sorry for interrupting, enjoy your night." I bowed sardonically and walked out. It's so annoying, whenever I want to hang out with him he always ends up doing something stupid. He yelled my name out and I quickly shut the door cutting off his voice. I grabbed the takeout... Should I leave it? He must be hungry.....fuck his hunger ! You just caught him doing that, why are you still worrying about him? Plus, he has ass he can eat out. I grabbed the takeout and angrily walked down the hallway and heard anxious footsteps behind me, but I was too lazy to run so I just turned around and faced him. He bent down and caught his breath. " look I'm didn't need to see that back there." "Save it i'm tired of this. I always catch you with this bullshit. Mino you need to stop hoeing around you're going to get into trouble and then I always have to end up getting you out of it. How many times have I caught you fucking a girl into oblivion? Once? Twice?" He began pulling up his fingers and counting looking up at the ceiling. "Countless times Mino! I worry about you when you go out because I don't know what you'll end up doing. I can't even take a nice look through clothes at the mall because in a split second your gone and lost in the mall. Anyways, it's not a smart choice to mess with a taken girl." He bit his lip and narrowed his eyes "how do you know she's taken?" I scoffed."have you taken a look at how many times her phone has buzzed and at the contact?" "She said it was her boss but she didn't care." "So your telling me that you also put hearts around your bosses name too?" "Maybe she really likes her boss...." "You know what...." I charged passed him and into his room. The girl had her legs spread open ready for arrival. She whined" Minoooo..." I walked in clapping my hands," alright get up chop chop, oh and close your legs their not a door." I snapped my fingers and she got up annoyed. I could hear soft snickering behind me. She wrapped the sheets around her. I picked up her clothes on the floor and shoved at her pushing her out the doorway. She yelled at Mino as I pushed her near the doorway," Make sure to call me if you need me!" I slammed the door in her face in mid sentence giving her a fake surprised look on my face. Then I replied with an exaggerating,high sing song voice "Call your boyfriend, i'm sure he'll be more than happy to fill in your every hole." I said suggesting. Mino looked at me red from laughing," I gotta say you got quite some balls there, Y/N" I slumped down on the door,"Mino I can't be doing this for you all the time!" I whined exhausted. He stood me up on my feet and looked at me with a serious expression but hid a smirk behind it,"look I'm sorry, time passed me over and I was having too much fun... It won't happen again." "Pssht yeah right!" Then he cinched in closer to me and I knew what he was going to do. He always did this when he wanted me to forgive him. He tried to make the cutest face possible and inched closer. " oh no..stop right now..." He hugged me and I had my fists up blocked his chest from my breasts. "Mino STAHP, I'm not in the mood." "Pleeeeaaasse forgive me, Jagiya." He said that with a bad attempt of a cute voice.Since I wasn't giving in he tried his other way and began sliding his hands near my butt. "OKAAAY......just quit being a pervert." He just laughed at me and pulled me down with him onto the bed and he began to snuggle against his pillow. He laid me down and his eyes began to sleepily close and open. "Mino, you're horny and sleepy and I think I should go.." "But the movies....." His sleepy,deep, gruffy voice was adorable but sexy. "This would've been a fun movie night but you have had one to many drinks and you had to eat the booty like groceries..." I said it with such a serious voice and innocent look. We both thought about what I just said, looked at each other and then began laughing hysterically.I wiped the tears of joy out of my eyes. We couldn't stop laughing. I think we reached that time of the night where you can't stop laughing because your sleepy and just laugh at the dumbest shit ever. It was getting late, and I would've slept over from the movie night but we didn't watch any movies and Mino was kind of drunk. Sleeping with a drunk Mino is a bad idea. He gets all clingy and touchy when he's drunk. So if I sleep next to him, I'm going to wake up with his legs and arms wrapped all around me and he's going to be caressing my body a little too sexually. I've seen what he does to his pillow at night when he's drunk, just not a good idea.I sat up to get ready to leave but Mino pushed me back down. "No don't leave. Stay. I want to sleep next to you. I won't feel comfortable if you leave because I have a feeling that you're still mad at me...." "I'm not..." "At least stay until I fall asleep. Sing me something so I can fall asleep.A lullaby." He snuggled closer to me. And looked at me waiting. His eyes were very glassy and shiny. That must've been some strong alcohol, that means he'll fall asleep faster so I just agreed to it. The first song that came to my mind was "lifted by CL" it's a chill song but I sang it slowly like a ballad. And then Mino opened his eyes a little wider and looked at me annoyed. "What" " I said lullaby me to sleep not turn me up to awakeness" grouchy, he is sleepy then.I looked at him seriously than chuckled to myself and began singing "hold me tight" by BTS softly and as I sang he smiled and loosely slouched hand around waist. Once I heard slow rhythmic breathing I stopped .....I listened to his breathing and notice it made a catchy beat... Damn even in his sleep he's in beat... I could barely make out light snoring but I thought it was adorable. I felt so comfortable in that very spot and his bed smelled so good, and I know I just ignored the fact that he just fucked a girl on it and they probably cummed on it too but,I wrapped the sheets around me, and held the pillow near my head. Before I knew it,drowsiness took over me and I couldn't fight it and hold my eyes open anymore, so I took one last glance at Mino. Good night Pabo. I fell asleep smiling.
Has Mino been making you guys crazy too? Oml dis boy .....bias from Winner !!! Of course it's him! ( see that little joke there....get it...because of his song, ok I'll stop now) Like I said about the one shots.....they are much easier for me and I just wrote whatever pops in my head ...the long stories are harder for me because I have to set up a long term of events and those are much harder to make up, so bare with me ! I'm most likely going to finish the got7 fanfic ( It Is What It Is) and then stick with one shots :) *please excuse any grammar errors Fanfic Crew @VatcheeAfandi99 @Mavis2478 @Eli20 @mrsax2018 @Miss148 @RubyDusky @otakukpoper @JaxomB @resavalencia @amethystiperez @chenisbaekasy @JasminMartinez @kimnam94 @JackieG1617 @ManaiaPio @EmilyCayetano @TaraJenner THANK YOU FOR READING 😊
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