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EXO Kai and F(x) Krystal went on a date while Kai was recovering from an injury No hatred towards these two~ I think it's an old photo
Rumors have been going around saying Kai and Krystal went on a date. Kai who isn't promoting with EXO with their new song "Lotto" was supposed to be recovering back at the dorm. The couple were reportedly on a date when they were caught by fans that had taken pictures. Other fans say that the couple in the picture isn't and Kai and Krystal, but more photos have slammed down by others saying it really is them. Some have even said that Krystal was in Italy doing a photoshoot. Doesn't seem like that to me. What do you think?
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If they went on a date, good for them. Kai can't just sit around doing nothing while he recovers. Some TLC is good for him.
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if I gotta break my arms to see my boo becasue my company want let me shit I guess my arm is getting broke and plus I need a dam break lol
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I think that they're just actors cod playing them!
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I heard those photos were from a year ago during their photo shoot with Taemin. It's also said that Taemin is in there with them but was purposely cropped out (ruuude!). That's what I read in comments from articles I read about this *shrugs*
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honestly I don't think its a date. I saw this. it has to he old. and they're in a locker room? no.
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