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I almost forgot today I was supposed to do the topic (thanks @hikaymm for creating this) Today's topic will be centered on the Villains: What do you think makes a great Villain? who is the most hated Villain and who is a misunderstood Villain? tagging some members in the community but feel free to tag anyone you think would be interested to discuss this. @AimeBolanos @PhoenixPixie @SimplyAwkward @LittleAika @SymoneBelcher @beautifulnia @BenGiddens @SeoInHan @Imagide @Mikasuki1 @AdamDean @MiyukiKawaii @assasingod @Bmondragon93 @Loyalkitty
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@AdamDean he got there. but. originally his delusion wasn't. on the level of villain. he lost his mind after killing so many people.
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i just. empathise with him a lot.
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@SAMURXAI At first, but within like 2 episodes. When he went from: I've been expecting you Shinigami. I understand that you are going to kill me but I feel this is the right thing, to: This Lind L. Taylor thinks what I'm doing is wrong *writes in his name in the Death Note in huge sprawling letters*. That shift solidifed his evil to me. He constantly talks about wanting to work with the police, but should any of them disapprove, he clearly has no issue offing them (unless it would lead to him being captured)
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Freeza, Cell, and I'm on season 2 of DRRR and I feel as though Izaya is quite hated XDD but at the same time slightly misunderstood. (just a little...like...super...tiny )
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a good villian is someone that has taken the time to plan out every move also is tough, but best of all he/she has resolve and the ability to change
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