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You saw it here first! On the final day of Got7's Fly Tour they did MiniSkirt by AOA.
I got second hand embarrassment but I still laughed very hard. These pictures will be blurry because this was a fancam.
They look way prettier than me and I'm a girl myself. Look how fabulous they look.
I was laughing too much at the dancing itself. In case you haven't watch the choreography for Miniskirt, I suggest you do. When they did the dancing, they were probably thinking, "I didn't sign up for this." I bet you they were all cringing while BamBam just wants to slay in this dance.
Lots of IGOT7s were there and cheering at every sexy part. (Which was more than half of the song -_-)
When Jackson picked up the chair, I was laughing so hard because it looked so out of place! I mean, no woman would hold a chair like that while dancing to a sexy song!
They did the infamous chair dance and it ended amazingly.
That was all I wanted to say! I J-Hope you liked this card and did you laugh, fangirl, smile, or cry? QOTD: If they have another Tour Finale, what should they dance to next? Answer: I want them to a Twice song or Up and Down by EXID. That would be amazing!
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Up and Down!... .Lmao!! that will beAwesome to watch them dance!! haha