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Day 5 the anime that I'm ashamed that I enjoyed
Corpse Party Tortured Souls
I always loved the game so when I saw a short anime on it I had to see it. Ever since then I fell in love with the anime. Though I'm slowly scaring my family because how many times I watch this anime.
and that's it for this day. Next is an anime that I want to see but haven't yet.
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I've been meaning to read this manga
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it's so good
a year ago
I laughed the whole way through...I say this to the public because I try to get read on whether the anime was made for that or not...I don't think it was
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k good I'm not alone lol
a year ago
I love this anime, I know own I'm completely insane but honestly, I laughed at all of their deaths except for the last one *I can't remember his name
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I know, I seriously cried for about 10 or 20 min rambling on to my mom about how he didn't really deserve to die...she looked at me like I was nuts
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