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I know there's this thing about how Jimin is always confessing to Jungkook his undying love and keeps getting rejected...but I honestly think they adore each other but have different ways of showing it...
While Jimin goes all out and confesses his undying love every second...
You have the playful Jungkook...he even stated somewhere that he was actually overwhelmed by how much Jimin (being his hyung) adored him and that is why he was always shy around him...

Can these two get any cuter???

I love Vkook bit I ship jikook too. I ship the love triangle so hard. Jikook is too cute I love how jimin confesses his love kookie
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To me, jikook is the ultimate sibling relationship. Jimin is the most adorable big brother and kookie really does love jimin a lot.
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