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Hello hello! I hope you're all ready for me to drop this bomb on @KpopBeat to continue our Fanfic war! >;D

Fanfic war?

Hell yes! >x(

@KpopBeat has been nothing but evil towards me! I am sweet and nice and her dongsaeng but that doesn't mean she can be evil to me! >:c

That's why I will destroy her with fluff! >:D

And I need you guys to help determine who wins! >:3

Battles thus far~

Sailynn log, #1- I have gone in and dropped a packet of Suga on her territory. The enemy is still in denial that she has a Suga tooth. The cavities have not been awakened. I repeat. THE CAVITIES HAVE NOT BEEN AWAKENED. I need to send in reinforcements! Sailynn log, #2- The enemy has attacked! I repeat- The ENEMY HAS ATTACKED! That evil being unleashed an unwanted Dragon! THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR!!! DX< Sailynn log, #3- I have to attack where it WRECKS her most.... Something short and direct.... Time to make this.... Kookie.... Crumble.... >:3 Enjoy!<3
“What are you doing?” Sailynn asked as soon as she stepped foot inside the apartment and saw Jojo sprawled on the couch. “Watching my shows, why?” She replied without shifting her focus away. “The place is dirty.” “Well that's your fault.” “And I have a friend coming over in a bit.” Jojo turns to Sailynn, “friend? What friend? I didn't know you had friends.” Sailynn rolled her eyes and picked up a few things to move them to the trash, “as a matter of fact, I do have friends.” “Who?” Sailynn ignored her to pick up some clothes off the ground and take them to the laundry room. Her silence made Jojo shrug off the topic and return her attention back to the ChocoAbs on the television. Sailynn came back out and slipped into the kitchen to grab a glass a water, staring at Jojo from across the mini bar who failed to notice her presence in the room. The door bell rang, making Jojo shoot up from the unexpected noise. “I'll get it,” Sailynn called out on her way towards the door. Jojo stared at the hallway, trying to see who was at the door. A familiar muffled laugh only heighten her curiosity, making her slowly raise off the couch. “Yeah, she's on the couch watching,” Jojo heard Sailynn say. “Ah, okay.” Jungkook appeared out of the hallway, bowing to Jojo the moment their eyes met. “Hi Jojo, noona.” “Jungkookie? What are you doing here?” Jojo asked, completely confused. “We're gonna work on a few things so we'll be in my room, okay? Okay. Byeee.” Sailynn smiled, stepping around Jungkook to guide him to her room. “Bye Jojo, noona!” Jungkook bowed again and followed Sailynn. Jojo trailed after them and tried to open Sailynn's door, wincing the moment she felt it locked. “Yaah! What are you two going to do!?” Silence filled quickly after her question. “Answer me! Why is Jungkookie here?” Jojo leaned her ear against the door to catch a low shushing noise. “If we pretend to be dead, she'll go away,” Sailynn whispered softly. Jungkook snorted, immediately getting another shushing from Sailynn. “Okay okay, I'm sorry.” “Yaah! I can still hear you two! Open the door or I'm not leaving! Jungkookie! Listen to your elder!” Another silent moment passed by, frustrating Jojo until she gave in and went back to the living room, turning down the television to hear any noise coming from Sailynn's room. “What are they up to?” Jojo quietly fumed, running a thousand scenarios in her head. The long hand on the clock carried on its path around its radius, slowing down every time Jojo glanced over to check how much time had passed since Jungkook entered what Jojo likes to call, the fluffy side of hell. Giggles would travel down the hallway, then quickly die down when the spring of the couch would squeak to give away Jojo's movement. The door to Sailynn's door opens after three episodes of Running Man. Jungkook chuckled with Sailynn as the emerged into the open field of the living room. “Jojo noona, I'm leaving. It was nice seeing you,” Jungkook called out as he headed towards the door with Sailynn following behind. “Uh, bye Kookie,” Jojo replied, stretching her head back to try and wave at him. Sailynn waltzes back into the living room, her lips curled upright so wide, it instantly Jojo shiver in fear. “What were you two doing?” Jojo growls. Sailynn cups her face and tilts her head, pulling a the kind of aegyo that made Jojo want to wash her eyes out with soap. “Talking!” “About-” “Oh would you look at the time! I have a meeting to go to, okay? Baiieee!” Sailynn runs to her room and shuts the door, securing it with the lock before Jojo could do anything. Jojo's eyebrows squeeze together. “Yaah! What kind of meeting do people have in their bedrooms? Weirdo!” She grumbles to herself a bit more before switching the channel to invest her thoughts in a drama.
The next day, Sailynn woke up early to get ready and left the apartment. Confusing Jojo for her out of habit actions when Sailynn usually wakes up late morning or early afternoon if she can get away with it. Jojo spends the day continuing her binge on dramas, picking up the habit of glancing over at the clock once the hands extended to six o'clock in the evening. “Aishh, this child.” The front door swings open, creating a clacking sound as the doorknob smacks into the wall with Sailynn barging in, grocery bags under both of her arms. “Yaah! You're going to make a hole in the wall!” “Sorry! The elevator was broken so I had to haul this up the stairs!” Sailynn whined. “Why do you have so much food? I just went out a few days ago,” Jojo said as she got up from the couch to meet Sailynn in the kitchen. “It's for a picnic!” Sailynn beamed with joy. “A picnic? For who?” “For us!” “Us? You didn't ask me out on a date. I never agreed to this,” Jojo teased. Sailynn rolls her eyes. “We're going on a picnic with the guys tomorrow because Jin wanted to have some fresh air.” “Why doesn't he just go outside?” “Ugh, fine. Don't go. Jin and I split the cooking so that's one less person to feed-” “Oh shush, child. I know you want me to go. And I will. Only for the food. But I will go.” Sailynn grins, “Good. Now leave before you poison the food with evil germs.” “Yaah! So mean!”
“Oppa! This is the last time I'm cooking this much food in such short notice! I almost chopped off my fingers!” Sailynn whined, holding up her fingers. Jin laughs as he opens the trunk of the car, “It was unexpected for me too, but next time I'll give you a heads up.” “Don't be a wuss. You almost cut yourself because you were watching a drama with me,” Jojo stuck her tongue out. Sailynn pouts. “Oppa, Jojo wouldn't help either.” Jin grins at Jojo, “then she can't have my food.” “Yaah! That's mean! Don't listen to this evil maknae!” “Stop teasing her, it gives me a headache when she yells,” Yoongi says, walking past Jin with a box full of drinks. “But hyung, teasing Jojo noona is fun!” Jimin replies, following Yoogni closely behind. “Not when she's after your soul with a pitch fork and horns!” Sailynn giggled. “Are you calling me a devil?” Jojo glared at her. “No,” Sailynn smiled innocently. “Listen here you little shi-” “Sailynnie!” Hoseok appears from the other side of the car. “We brought the baseball stuff like you asked!” Sailynn quickly ducks behind Hoseok, glancing back at Jojo to shoot her a playful wink as they took off towards the open field. “She's gonna get it when we get home,” Jojo mutters. “I believe murder is a crime, trust me, I've looked into it,” Jin chuckles. Jojo shakes her head and smiles, “if only it were legal for elders who have disrespectful dongsaengs.” “Who are you going to murder?” Namjoon asks, showing up with a few bags in his hands. “Sailynn,” Jojo and Jin answer simultaneously. Namjoon grins, “of course.” Kookie pops up besides Namjoon. “Hyung, where do I put these?” “Take them to Yoongi. They're setting up under the tree.” Kookie nods then glances over to Jojo and smiles, “Hi noona!” "Hi Kookie," Jojo beamed. "How are you today?" "Good, how about yourself?" "I'm good too." "That's great." "Yeah!" And with that, he leaves to find Yoongi. Jojo notices Namjoon and Jin exchanging grins, creating curiosity to stir in her head. “What's up?” “Nothing. Our maknae is just becoming a man before our eyes.” Jin replies with a smile. “Ok?” “Come on, let's get this out there so we can eat. I've been hungry since last night,” Namjoon commented. Under the cool shade of a tall oak tree, they all settle down on the spread out blanket and pass the dishes. Kimbap, sandwiches, pinwheels, and even spicy rice cakes are enjoyed between them, filling the atmosphere with warm and pleasant vibes. Taehyun sprung alive and picked up the baseball bat, challenging everyone to a tournament. As everyone else got up, Jojo stayed behind and stretched her legs out, enjoying the breezy day out while watching a comedy play out right before her eyes over deciding teams and positions. “You sure you don't want to play?” Jimin called out to Jojo. “Nah, I'm good. Plus, this will even the teams out.” “She's just afraid of me,” Sailynn laughed. “That wasn't funny but I'll applaud you for the effort,” Jojo clapped. “Keep score then will ya?” Yoongi shouted, making Jojo hold her thumb up. The game begins, the hyung line versus the maknae line, Sailynn filling in at the fourth member in the maknae line. Jin bats first, making it safely to first base after sending Jimin chasing after the ball. Yoongi steps up to the plate, blunting the ball softly enough to make him reach first base and bumping Jin up to second. Hoseok takes a successful swing, leaving Namjoon to bring Jin home with the loaded bases. “Joonie!” Sailynn calls out. “What?” “Beautiful day out isn't it?” “Yeah, what of it?” “Nature is a beautiful thing don't you think? Elements blending together, creating the necessities to form the life of an intelligent organism. Do you think Darwin would have discovered the secrets we're barely discovering today, faster than anyone in the world if he was given a chance to be here right now?” Namjoon straights up and stares at her, the look of awe flashing across his face. “You're right-” “Namjoon! She's trying to distract you!” Jojo shouted. “Bat already!” Jin adds in. “Don't mess this up!” Yoongi hollered. “Okay! Okay!” He swings at the ball, hitting it on the soft spot in Jungkook's direction. Everyone froze to watch the laughing golden maknae reach out and catch the ball perfectly in his hand. The hyungs grunted, then ran to Namjoon to smack him. As Namjoon yelped in pain, and the rest of the members laughed, Sailynn looked over to Jungkook, noticing his arms wrapped tightly around his waist. She runs over to him and grabs his hand to swing it over her shoulders, drawing the attention of everyone else. “I'm not hurt! I think I ate too much and pulled something,” Jungkook laughed. “Sit out until you feel better,” Jin replied. “Jojo noona, come take Kookie's spot!” Sailynn yelled. “Okay, I guess-” “No no! It's okay, I'll be back in a bit.” Kookie waved Jojo down as Sailynn helped him settle beside Jojo. Sailynn smiled, “take your time, okay?” “Okay, thanks noona.”
“Are you sure you're okay? Kind of took us by surprise there,” Jojo said once Sailynn returns to the playing field. “Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing can destroy me,” Jungkook grinned. “Really? Because I think that got disproved one inning into the game.” Jungkook chuckled, “I didn't want to play anyways. It would upset the hyungs if we won by a landslide.” Jojo smirked, “such a confident maknae you are.” “Confident? Nah. I wish I was more confident like her.” “Like who?” Jungkook points at Sailynn. “Sai noona is a good person. I think that's why we're close, because we're the same age but she's more open and says whatever she needs to say. I want to be comfortable like that.” Jojo bursts out laughing. “No no, you're asking for a death wish. She's evil. Probably the evilest maknae I've ever met. So evil that she-” Ruckus from the field distracts Jojo and Jungkook; the hyungs trying to distract Taehyun while he pitched made Sailynn argue back. “See? Evil.” Jojo finishes. Jungkook grins. “You two get along like me and the hyungs get along.” “Do we? I keep thinking she's after me with a pitch fork and horns.” “Are you calling her a devil?” Jungkook says chuckling. Jojo shrugs with a wide smirk on her face. They watch as the maknae line scored three points after Jimin batted a home run while the hyung line yelled at Yoongi for sitting down instead of being up and ready. The members and Sailynn fully fixed in the game with the Jojo and Jungkook watching every second. “So why did you come over the other day? I thought you'd never make it out of that fluff hole.” Jungkook blushed. “Ah, that. I asked Sailynn unni to help me with some things.” Jojo raises an eyebrow. “Help? The members couldn't help?” “They could have, and they have. But I needed a different perspective, so I asked Sai noona.” “What's going on? Are you okay?” Jungkook nods. “Everything is fine, I just have a lot on my mind recently. I want to do things I've never done before so I'm weighing out the pros and cons.” “Oh. Well, don't over work yourself too hard and feel free to talk to me too. You know I'm here.” Jungkook presses his lips into a thin line and clears his throat. “Can I ask you something then?” “Sure.” “What happened between you and Yoongi hyung?” Jojo's jaw dropped. “Nothing. Nothing happened between Yoongi and I. Nothing did and nothing ever will. Why?” He shrugs. “I thought you two would hit it off.” “Nope. All we do is bicker and to this day, all we do is bicker.” “But you and Sailynn noona fight.” “Yeah but that's different. We fight because she likes to annoy me and I like to get back at her. Yoongi and I- just trust me, nothing happened.” “Good.” Jojo scrunched her eyebrows together. “Why do you ask?” Jungkook smiled, “Just because.” “Just because? That's not a good enough reason-” He turns away from the game and leans in to plant a soft kiss on Jojo's cheek. “Because I like you.”


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Our little Kookie is becoming a man!!!!!! I need him to stay a baby!!!!!
and on another note.. I Am Not In Denial..... lol I dont see Yoongi like that and you dont need backup geez lol... but get ready. i know a Dragon and a Panda who are gonna have a lil fight over an evil maknae
again just have to say i am loving this war.
can I say JAW ON FLOOR!!! DAMN DONGSAENG! you have outdone yourself again!!! I AM SOOOOOOO!!!! WELL! IM. JUST... JUST! OK!!! can't wait for the next one!!!! it's 11:30PM here, and a workout is calling my name at 7a!!! great job, great job!.
Such an adorable baby! He's too young for me but I appreciate just how cute he is, though he needs to stay a baby! I'm such BTS trash that as each member showed up, I'm all "ooo, let's follow him!" And them playing baseball? So hot! That's totally one of my weaknesses.
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#unnielovesyou 😁
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