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I heard Uncontrollably Fond is getting negative feedbacks from its viewers but this article really burned the drama and lead actress. It was more of a diss article than critic review.
Is this what happens when K-drama industry sets a high standard for its viewer? After the success of Descendants of the Sun almost every media outlet is comparing highly marketed dramas to the global-loved romance drama. August is a very competitive month for Uncontrollably Fond, Doctors and W. The big names such as Kim Woo Bin, Suzy, Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong Suk, and Han Hyo Joo were competing against one another through their characters in their respective romance script. However, Uncontrollably Fond seem to have it rough. So, I dipped my foot into the drama to see it for myself.

The first 10 episodes:

- The Relationship was draggy and the female lead seem to be confused everything thanks to the male lead and second male lead. - Despite the painful progress of the romance, the plot is still moving on. Secrets were slowly revealing and apart from the main leads there were developments in the supporting casts.


I think the audience is weary of the lead character wishy-washy romance. While in Descendants of the Sun it only took one episode (the initial episode) for the male lead to declare his love. I still believe Uncontrollably Fond is a decent drama. The acting might not be the best but I still want to follow through the story to see the ending. Whether or not it will be happy or tragic.
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Thanks guys! I love reading all your comments. After watching episode 16 today I really think the synopsis is a bit misleading. Originally, I thought it will be about two high school couples reuniting after losing contact. Hence, the title Uncontrollably Fond. I do think the title drama should be The Bucket List of Shin Joon Young. 😂
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same here I wasn't expecting a lot of things when I started watching the drama.
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I kind of think suzy's acting isn't all that great but this is a decent drama! It's not completely bad!!
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I am enjoying it. I get tat he's pushing her away because of his illness but they both have loved or each other. it moves and has a really good idea and plot and yea suzy acting is irritating to me but Kim woo bins is brilliant and really tugs at my heart tings and gives my feels a ride
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I'll have to check it out and see!
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I love that drama! I don't see how it's horrible! :O I mean the drama isn't confusing to me at all. I think people are just disappointed that the drama is something new, you know? Like it doesn't follow the same routine as every other drama in Asian culture
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