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this song is really amazing i love this song oppa loves this song 2 oppa talked abt this song in his msg here it is "You must be surprised as soon as seeing my 'Gentle Man' performance... -- Truly, I like it myself. ㅋㅋ too much self-praise? (That's what I am feeling no matter how you agree with me) Or not at all...Besides don't you know I prepared 'Like Before' choreography???? It's just me who know that. ㅋㅋㅋ"(kim hyun joong oppa ) from his official site . YESZZ WE DEF AGREE W U OPPA U R DEF A GENTELMAN I CAN'T WAIT 2 C UR PERFORMANCE LOVE U OPPA :) <3 MORE FROM OPPA ABT THIS SONG "I will try to make up for that with 'Gentle Man' if you are upset with ('Your Story') MV--;;; huh...ㅋㅋ"(KHJ OPPA) OFFICIAL SITE Actually this song was suppose 2 be the title track hehe oppa really love dis song "I've been working on this song since last year, and I wanted to make it the title track. But, then, PSY came up with his own 'Gentleman', and I had to think about different titles. But, none of them worked out." He added, "I had to quit making it the title track, He continued, “Eventually the title song ‘Your Story’ was born. It worked out for the better since it is a better song.”(khi oppa) high cut interview . oppa i love dis song and your story solo much ur album is just great :) oppa can u please mv of this song please make it it seems like u r working if u r i can't wait for it love u my Gentleman oppa :) <3 :-* U R DEF MY GENTELMAN OPPA LOVE U SHOO MUCH OPPA CAN I HAVE U HEHE REALLY LOVE U SOO MUCH :) <3 <3 :)
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@stephikiins yup oppa did an amazing job and gave an awesome performance :) <3
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oppa is just amazing and perfect in every aspect of life!!!!!!
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@stephiikins i posted a new card on oppa's performance pics and the audio check it out and story of oppa 's kindness gesture :) oppa is the best :) <
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@saharjalpari9 thanks, i will check it out
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i had to order the album from i finally found it and i can't wait to get it!!!!!!
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