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Actor Kim Hyun Joong has one major regret from his days starring in the popular South Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers" back in 2009: he didn't use his celebrity at the time to meet women. In an interview Thursday on the Korean Broadcasting System television program "Happy Together," Kim, who raps for the boy band SS501, described how at the height of the popularity of "Boys Over Flowers" he had trouble comprehending just how big the show had become. "At the time, it was such a busy time and our interaction with the public was limited, so I didn't really feel any different," Kim said. "I feel the popularity now, however. I now realize how popular the show was." His disconnection from the hype the show was earning, led Kim to what he believes was his main mistake from that time of his life. "I regret not enjoying it at the time," he said. "I could've been introduced to better women." Kim's performance in "Boys Over Flowers" earned him both the "Best Actor Award" at the 2009 Seoul International Drama Awards and the "Popularity Award" at the 45th Annual PaekSang Arts Awards. Kim left SS501's record label DSP Media in 2010, and began his career as a solo artist, yet he is still a member of the group. Earlier this month, the star, whose third solo EP "Round 3" was released on July 22, appeared on the Seoul Broadcasting System TV variety show "Barefoot Friends." His "hat dance" earned Kim major praise from the panel of celebrity judges including alternative hip hop groups Epik High and Dynamic Duo and production team Duble Sidekick. The judges also praised the SS501 member's rapping.