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My favorite thing about Ilhoon....well, I love his aegyo. He's the one that came up with the 'Cute Song' back in 2012 on an episode of Weekly Idol. From there, he's performed it many times. Hari then released the Gwiyomi Song in 2013.
Here are a couple of other clips of Ilhoon too. Isn't he just precious?
I like watching Ilhoon dance other group dances.
I like watching Ilhoon when they perform the girl group dances. He's so funny....and actually makes quite a pretty girl.
I love that Ilhoon hates skinship, yet he does a lot of it with his members and also members of VIXX. Leo and Ilhoon almost look like boyfriend and girlfriend here....(and you can really tell the height difference between BTOB and VIXX too)
It's not limited to Leo either. Even Ken can touch Ilhoon.
With Peniel....
With HyunSik...
with Minhyuk...
Of coarse with Sungjae....
We all know that Ilhoon can rap and sing....but I still think of him as a cute little cinnamon roll.
Don't ya just want to take him home???
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yes can I take him home? He makes such a cute girl😉
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I mean that they make prettier girl then me not you. I had to clear that up. ☺