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Like a Flute “That's so hot aigoo” my friend says while fanning herself with her hands, “You are such a pabo Kim Mi Hi, tsk tsk.” I shake my head at her in mock disappointment. “um excuse me Park Ok Nari, but Lu Han has the body of a god and the voice of an angel AND THIS SONG ISNT HELPING!” Laughing you continue to finish the laundry. “Its okay act like a fool oppa!” laughing you grab the nearest shirt and throw it at her nailing her in her face. “fold now, fan girl later” I say while folding the last of my laundry “How can you not go crazy over this song WHEN YOU ARE DATING THE MAN!” you smile and walk off. Walking back to my room I remember the time I met Lu Han for the first time, it wasnt a pleasant memory at the time we dispised each other. Why? Coffee, Bubble tea and two ruined shirts were to blame. Flash back Walking into the coffee shop I go to the counter to order my usual caramel chocolate frap “Mi Hi-Ah the usual please!” she turns and nods to me while I walk towards my usual corner table that was always secluded, so that I could have my privacy while I write. Walking up I notice some one sitting there, they were wearing a black hoodie sun glasses and a face mask with their arms crossed it looked as though they were asleep. So deciding not to disturb the person you just sit down and pull you lap top out, not noticing the cup near it and knocking it onto the sleeping person who jumps while quietly mumbling curses in mandarin. “Ah! Mianhe! I didn't mean to! I didn't see it” I explain the stranger pulls off the mask and the glasses and I see a boy with girlish features but still holds that manly look to it. “YA PABO ARE YOU BLIND?” Lowering my head I mutter apology after apology “Ok Nari? Everything okay?” Mi hi walks up to use holding my frap when the guy grabs it out of her hands and throws it on me. “Ya why would you do that!” Mi Hi yells “Pay back she spilled my tea on me and woke me up and ruined my favorite jacket,” he gets cut off by some other guy in a suit “Lu Han-ssi it time to go to the photo shoot.” says the man “fine,” turning to me he says “I hope we don't meet again Ok Nari” end flash back After that day no matter where I went he was there. My work, the grocery store the resturants, even the book store I frequent. “Nari are you home?” I hear from the Tv room “Lu Han welcome back!” I hear Mi Hi greet him “She just went to put some clothes up, well I'll be going now! Later Ok Nari!” I walk out to see Lu Han waving good bye to our friend “bye Mi Hi” I say from the TV room entry way as she leaves I hear Lu Han chuckle “So I take that you like the song?” I look at him and walk towards him, when I got near I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a long deep kiss that left us both breathless. His arms wrap around me as he leans his forehead agaisnt mine “Ill take that as a yes” I smile as I drag him into the room by the collar, and smile slyly as his playful look turns serious and hungry. I smile and lick my lips before placing a kiss on his adams apple. I feel it move as he gulps and realizes what I want. “All you had to do was ask Jagi” he says huskily lust evident in his voice. And then I'm bouncing on my bed as he stands before me eyeing me like a lions eyes his prey. I pull myself to my knees and look at him while biting my lip and smiling before crooking a finger at him, and he pounces on me, his hands exploring every inch of my still clothed body, his lips attacking my neck. I pull away to remove his shirt and he removes mine as well, “Tell me what you want Lu Han,” he makes a noise somewhere between a groan and a growl as he pushes me on my back and makes a trail of open kisses up my neck nipping me along the way, a soft moan escapes as he finds my weak spot and suck at it harshly. “Blow me like a flute”
AHHHHHHH Im so sorry i was so scared about posting this so today i decided to finally post it xd sorry about the wait ~Tag list~ @SarahVanDorn @JarviaKlipka @ScarletMermaid @BabydolBre @KaeliShearer @twistedlove @SweetDuella @Sailynn @sinisterbangel @TheEnlightment @SassyMaknae @shelbyhusband @ThyaremyCreator
Loved it! 😂👏💕👍
@ScarletMermaid honestly I thought it was horrible lol
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thanks :)
Aww! It was really cute!
Loved it! 😄😄😄😄
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@kpopaddict16 You're welcome ^_^