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So...I'm seeing all these picture from last ISAC and latest one
And the tweets
I love when these two groups get together.
And now I'm just sitting here thinking and wondering
When are the gonna make a series like roommates with just got7 and BTS. Cause I need it. It would be the best, funniest, dumbest show ever! Like do you realize the shenanigans that would go on in the house!
Like wy hasn't this been done already?!?!? Cause I'm pretty sure it would be the most watched show in the world! So come on bighit and JYP lets get this thing going!
omg roommates bts and got7 style would kill as soon as the opening sequence played!!!
Omg those ratings would go up in flames the show would be that hot
that would be a good idea a show with bts & got7 (GOT7BTS) they will have the craziest rating ever..lmaoo!
Bts and Got7 should do showtime together like mamamoo and gfriend it would be the best.!!!😍😍
I agree with you ❤️
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