Jin was right there. Waiting outside his car, fidgeting with his phone. I just watched, I didn't want the situation to get worse.They looked like they were arguing. After that, he turned her around and slammed her on the car. She looked painful, but used that anger and slapped him on the face. Y/N's P.O.V. When I went outside the door I saw Jin. He was messing around with his phone. I didn't know he was going to come to Yoongi's house. He noticed me and called my name. "I'll take you to work honey~" He slowly creeped up to my nerves. "Don't you think it's too late to call me honey?" He smirked, "You try to be mean, but you're still cute." "Stop joking around. Why are you here?" I snapped. "Since you're coming out from his house from the morning, I guess you slept over his place... And looking at your full makeup, I guess you two are dating? Am I right?" I didn't answer. "I guess I'm right. I hope your "boyfriend" is watching this." He quickly grabbed my two shoulders and slammed me on the car. My whole body felt like it was vibating from pain, and shock. He slowly tilted his head and scanned me from head to feet. "You still look sexy as ever." And he touched my breasts. I quickly slapped his face and said, "Bitch." He made a hysterical laugh, and said: "Awww, y/n. I'm disappointed. I thought you would welcome me." I laughed out of shock. How could he say that to me? "Where's your other girlfriend?" He opened his eyes widely and smirked, "I don't have another girlfriend." I was surprised at how he was acting. "I'm so surprised at how good you are at acting. You should've become an actor. The thought that you tricked me underneath those eyes make me so mad. I can't believe I fell for those deceiving eyes." He looked like he was on his temper now. "Why? Did I reveal your secret? I'm sorry. I'm serious. I'm really sorry that I couldn't fall for you anymore, and I'm sorry that I wasn't blind to see that you were with that other bitch. And I'm sorry, you're such a piece of shit." He suddenly slapped me on the face. I felt my face buzzing with pain. I was able to feel tears cause it hurt so much. That's when I saw yoongi come out from the house. Yoongi's P.O.V. The moment I saw Jin slap my dear y/n, I couldn't help but go over. I ran over to him and punched him so hard that he fell on the ground. He looked up, "Oh, What do we have now? Small little ball of shit?" He had me now. "Get away, before you become dead." Jin got up and wiped his hands. "Man, that hit was a good one" And he quickly punched me on the face. He was too fast. I felt y/n moving. She moved infront of Jin and blocked him. "I can let you hurt me, but not him." Jin pushed her out of the way making her head hit the window, and the windows broke making her knock out. My anger was above the roof. I punched him so much that he couldn't even see anything. "That's what you get you little mother..." I hurried and carried her to the nearest hospital. The doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with her brain, but she had some glass shards stuck on her head. They did some procedures on her and they were done. After a few hours, she woke up. "...Yoongi?" I quickly grabbed her hands and kissed them. "You okay?" she nodded her head and said, "I'm sorry you had to go through that... You didn't deserve that. You didn't deserve that hit..." I felt her love reach me. she was so caring. Y/n suddenly got up and she told me to bring the first aid box to her. I brought it to her and asked, "Is something bothering you?" "Yes." I looked at her surprised. She giggled and said, "Your face silly!" I didn't even realize that I had a cut on my face. She motioned for me to come closer. "Our Yoongi's face is all ruined. I can't believe our handsome little Yoongi's face is like this" we both giggled. She put some medicine on my cut and it stung so squinted my face a little. our faces were so close to eachother, I could feel her breathing on me. she finally put the little bandaid on me and blew it off with a little kiss. And we stared at eachother for a while. I went closer to her face, and I kissed her sweetly. that's when the doctor came in. Y/n pushed me way far away then I expected. Really? At this timing? I quickly got up and ducked my head to the doctor to say hello. "Sorry, to bother your...um.. Business." "Uh... It's okay..." "I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better. You'll be able to go home after your medication is out." "Medication?" "Just some kind of cream you put on your head once a day." "Oh.." "Have a great night, and be safe." The doctor came up to me after talking to y/n. He whispered, "Keep up the good work kid. You won't be able to do that when you're married." I laughed a little and he left. "What was that about?" "Uh.. Nothing. Just about your medication." "Oh." We came out from the hospital, and we laid down on my bed. I cuddled with her. "Ha~ it's nice to be with you like this." "Me too." And I pecked her on the lips. She smiled and nuzzled her head on my chest. "I love you Yoongi." I felt my heart stop. Those sweet words became my motivation to everything. "I love you to y/n. I really do."