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... ... ... I love her voice so much *sigh* like i can't
An apology from me to you all.... I haven't been on and that's bc i got my phone taken away and now I only get it until a certain time bc i was stupid, lol. Anyways I really hate school . But I am sorry for not explaining earlier, plz understand. I'm not able to give Say Something a happy ending bc it just doesn't seem right to me so sorry to hurt your feelings (not really... its angst). P.s. I'm infecting my whole house and almost everyone I know with the kpop disease and it's not even on purpose B.A. Squad: @resavalencia @MelissaGarza @VeronicaArtino @LemonLassie @vipgirl5 @MichelleIbarra @StefaniTre @CrystalGuerra @RKA916 @Michelle305 @StefaniTre @DalyRomero @minimanim3 @CrystalGuerra @JaxomB @SugaOnTop @AvisSpirit @SugaMint @Animezkpopgirl Advanced Group: @MrsJungHoseok @kanatm @hanheeyoung1126 @shellyfuentes70 @HopeYoongi