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↝ Queeny Here ♡ I am filling in for @StefaniTre, she is busy today, so I will post in her favor.

Today's Card will be in celebration of Our Very Own Baby Ghostie's feature film!

Ultimate Dance Class: Battle of Hip Hopera ♡

Original title "Seventeen" or "Your Youth"
❥ He joins with his longtime friend and Locking Dance Champ Jack Hsu (We have been married for years. Surprise everyone. I am a happily married woman)

*Cries from delusion*

❥ Anyway carrying on, Jack and Casper I am sure of it, are insta-spouses. They are just such precious guys on each other's media sites.

❥ This is your typical Dance movie, but I am highly looking forward for my boys to dance their shoes off.

Seeing as how Casper is in charge of Dance in Cross Gene alongside Sangmin.

Here are poster pics ♡

❥ Synopsis:

A 17 year-old boy, Xiang, who lost his mom at a young age, and who's dad abandoned him, grew up to be overtly cynical and mischeivous. In and out of trouble, he finally finds hip-hop; which in turn finds himself amidst the struggles he faces. He is brought together by hip-hop with other youths. They decide to enter into a competition; Asian Cup Street Dance Competition.☆ He meets his muse Yu Chen, a fellow student, and begins to fall in love with her. Her child-hood best friend Chen Jun is in love with her as well, so he feels threatened by Xiang. ☆ Chen Jun challenges Xiang and his troupe to the Battle. Whoever wins the competition, ultimately Wins the maiden Yu Chen; putting their love lives on the line.

➺ Yu Chen (Mann Weng)

Xiang's muse & Love interest to Chen Jun. She grew up in the traditional Peking Opera Troupe, but Hiphop is where her heart is at. Two boys pine for her love, but doesn't know which one to give her heart too.

➺ Xiang (Chu Xiao Xiang/Casper)

Passionate High-schooler, cynical in nature. Spent childhood in and out of trouble. Found Hip hop, began to go through self discovery.

➺ Chen Jun (Qiuhao Qi)

In love with Yu Chen, but she has feelings for Xiang. Is an artistic prodigy, hailing from a family of natural born artists. Can play piano, dance ballet, arrogant, and singer. Xiang is his biggest rival in both relationship matters and dancing.

➺ Fan Li Xiu/Rice (Xukai Hao/Jack Hsu)

Xiang's friend that starts their group, "Power Express". Blunt, straight to the point, oozing adorableness (kinda biased here. Afterall he is the hubbs), outgoing, and outspoken. Causes mischeif, that results in both laughter and tears.

➺ Yan Yilin

Singing and dancing, sweet, cheerful, weird, Her Choreography is strong, but she also the head of the electrical Express, Idolizes Yu Chen White & Rice like her, but she's in love with Xiang. Yu Chen and her are very good girlfriends, Coming of age because of their misunderstanding of reality, the friendship will be put to the test.

➺ Han Vietnam

Super dance strength, he is very calm and slightly gloomy. Dance is an opponent for him. Cannot be ignored, Chen Jun, a team which only allows him convinced. Chen Jun's second hand man.

➺ White (Huangshu Wei)

Calm and Gentle, also mild mannered. He bickers with Rice often, but they are good friends

➺ Fish (Lai Yu Wang)

Impulsive, isn't a fan of school. Often fights at school, but then dance with the determination not afford to lose Xiang was his thorn in the side, they often battled in dance-offs

This share mutual dislike grievances from outside the war, spread to the Asian Cup Street Dance Competition, so they band together.

❥ From seeing the trailers, I am so ready for the movie ♡ Cannot wait to see Casper dance till his heart's content.

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Is this part of the K.ONE series? Looks interesting!
OO I don't think so actually! But that's a good question! Yes, I am so ready for it