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I've been attacked
WTF what am I going to do with these boys!!! Seriously like they need to wear leather pants more often holy hell...And Minho attacked me first I saw his thrust and now I feel violated. It didn't last long though because my baby Key saved me...can we just take a moment to love these boys in leather pants!!! My heart can't take it with them...
My husband looks good, no matter what he wears. T_T
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Taeminnie! omg I love this! they all look so good. Minho and his stripper hip thrusts nearly knocked me out. Taemin's solo dance was like yas! hey is my favorite Diva. I loved Onew and Jonghyun with that long note oh my goodness!!
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oh sweet mother of God! I died and have been revived again!
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OMG! Onew looks so sexy 馃槏
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@MelissaGarza they all are hot hot hot *fans self*
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