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College started. Don't worry, I'll get my shit together. :D! ~To Chapter One ~~To Chapter Two ~~~To Chapter Three ~~~~To Chapter Four Genres: Mafia (that's a genre, right?), Romance, Action Warnings: Rated... let's say 15+ for violence, adult themes, and language... and then 42+ for adult scenes. No worries, young internet dwellers; I will provide a trigger warning for any explicit scenes. Fires away~
You loved burning candles. When you were younger, you often had a tendency to sneak through the mansion after night-fall and collect several from the dining hall. Then, you’d set them up in your room, in rows or circles, and light them with matches you found while scavenging the utility closet. It was always calming to you, the warmth and aromatic scent. It made you feel years beyond your young age. You would always wonder if you retained the habit from your mother’s side, someone who you couldn’t recall in the slightest, but it hardly seemed a characteristic your father would possess. She was a woman with no description, a shadow that always lurked behind with no real detail defying her. Your father never told you about her, and you didn’t ask. But maybe the candles you burned and the fires that warmly illuminated your room were her imprints. And that’s why you always liked them. Fires. Because they made the mansion feel like a home. ~~~ “—yone wake up!” “Find the Boss and get him to the safe-room!” “Everyone move!” Your eyes shot open and you immediately kicked the covers off your legs. A stampede of footsteps passed your room, a parade of silhouettes against the smoky, orange glare beneath the door. You cursed and made for the exit, whatever was happening wasn’t good, and before you could reach for the handle, the wooden slab opened up. Jackson stood in the in the frame, eyes narrowed and focused on you. His hair was unruly and his attire, dressed down, and you tried to look past it, failing. Damn. Now’s not the time. “Let’s go.” You said nothing in return, nodding once and following him down the hall. There was a sudden burst of gunfire somewhere on the first level, various yells on all ends. Smoke clogged the air and your lungs, your vision met with gray gusts puffing towards the ceiling from the bottom floor. The mansion itself was three stories of intricate architecture; a single grand staircase connected the floors, each floor having an array of halls like a fancy hotel, a rectangular shape with an opening in the middle. There were railings on the sides of the walkways, the doors and walls opposite, so one could easily peer over and down to the first level. The first level you assumed you were heading to. “It’s an ambush.” Wang declared, his jog slowing as you rounded a corner. There was no doubt in your mind it was the Mins, but you couldn’t help your confusion. “Something’s not right,” You breathed, your pace picking up as his did. There were many older and younger members of the Family who were all headed for the safezone, a vault-like room in the basement that could only be accessed using a stairwell that was on the other side of the mansion. It was likely mob men were already joining the battle on the first floor, something unnerving as that meant you’d be nearing it on your way to the lowest level. It wasn’t as though an ambush seemed excessive for the Mins; they were ruthless and merciless as all hell. What bothered you was how idiotic a move it was. They knew the L/Ns overpowered them. They knew since the last mob war, the mansion was built to withstand fires. It didn’t make sense to you, unless they had something else in mind. “Watch out!” Jackson grabbed your hand and tugged you to the side, shielding you against the wall as an explosion of flames kissed a nearby closed door. You felt the heat lick your exposed skin, a gasp coming from your lips. “What the hell?!” Another molotov sailed over the balcony, the crash of the glass and spread of the flames leading you to one conclusion; they were launching them from the first floor. “These bastards must have great pitching arms,” “Come on!” Wang tugged your hand, leading you at full speed as more gunfire sounded. You were scared to look over the railing, but when you did, it was a sight you should have expected; you saw four L/Ns ducking behind furniture, reloading their pistols, and dozens of Mins steadily approaching, unphased by their own work of fire encircling the first floor. “Fuck! Jackson we have to help them!” He didn’t look at you, his lip twitching because he wanted to agree, and you knew it, but he released a grunt and raced harder down the hall. “We can’t.” You were torn by the realization he was right, and that it was his priority to get you to safety; you knew nothing would change his mind. “Dammit!” You cried out, bullets of a sub-machine gun spraying, splinters of wood flying as the L/Ns on the first floor had their covers blown to pieces. Wails of agony sounded, and you resisted the pain in your chest, tearing your eyes away from the scene and watching on ahead. The two of you were nearing a back stairwell, following a herd of L/Ns as they staggered down in a hurry. You let some people pass in front of you, elders who you only recognized from Family portraits, but Jackson urged you on. There were terrified screams, smoke rising from lower levels and causing a fit of coughing from people all around. You gasped as you slipped, your lungs burning from the intake. “They fucked with the chemicals!” You breathed out, tears streaming from your eyes as they stung every second they were open. “Damn mollies have some type of tear gas!” Someone else called out, and you tried holding your breath. Jackson righted you again as you tripped on another step, demanding everyone get a move on. When you got to the second floor, there were a series of shouts, but you couldn’t see the commotion over the heads of the Family members before you. But suddenly, Wang stopped you by your shoulders and roared, “Everyone get down now!” The Agent’s voice echoed and you found yourself flying back, losing your balance as you tumbled to the carpet. Lead tore through the air, the barrel of an uzi mercilessly aimed at the front of the crowd, unloading bullets until they all were crashing down. “Y/N, come on!” Jackson demanded, something shrill in his voice. You looked away from the massacre, your palms numbly pushing yourself to your feet. You should’ve known they’d be waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Jackson hauled you over the rail, a five foot drop, and followed suit. A line of flames danced carelessly in the air, but you took off, not heeding the burning sensation as you leapt through it. “We have to get to the other staircase!” You shouted, sweat dripping from your brow, a rasp in your dry throat. “They might be waiting there too!” He followed, not minding the flames as he joined you on the other side. “Then get out your goddamn gun!” You didn’t stop to wait for him, and he didn’t respond. The two of you had separated from the other members, parting for another way to the lowest level. Repeated gunfire was constant, the smoke rising from spots on the carpet where molotovs hit. There was one more floor to go until you were really a part of the fight, and you bit your lip in anticipation. As long as you had Jackson, though, you knew you’d be alright. “Here!” You skidded to a stop in front of the stairs, wasting no time to sprint down them. “We’re almost there!” You called out, turning to eye Wang before noticing he had his weapon trained on a figure ahead, firing twice. The Min crumbled to the ground, his blade falling from his fingers. You grabbed the stiletto as you passed by, the owner’s blood dipping beneath your fingernails. And then, you were there; the first floor. “Stay close to me!” Jackson called over another explosion. He cupped your hand firmly and dragged you along. Your bare feet were pounding against the floor, your panting heavy and choked as you inhaled the nauseating chemicals wafting around in the air. “Do you know where we’re going?” You asked, squeezing his palm. He nodded, though, did nothing more. You could easily find your way to the vault, but it was a pleasing surprise to know he managed to be able to as well. It almost seemed so close, yet so far. Another corridor, you rounded, but rammed into Jackson’s back as he had stopped suddenly and began firing his beretta. Then, you sensed movement from behind, and you turned, narrowly dodging a ferocious swing of a metal pipe. You kicked the Min’s knee until it cracked backward, a heavy grunt leaving your lips as you dove into him with an elbow drilling into his throat. He gurgled a few times, falling beneath the sudden weight, and you took the opportunity to stand and stomp a bare foot into his trachea, so hard you felt the bone crunch beneath your toes and the skin go loose. “Y/N!” Jackson hollered, whipping around, the whole exchange only lasting a second or two. He went wide eyed and studied the scene before him, but you brushed off the look on his face, removing your bloodied foot from the wheezing man and moving on. “Let’s go.” He said nothing, eyes determined, and reached for your hand once more. Your feet burned, your hair was soaked in sweat, blisters had formed on your arms from the flames, but you pushed on. You didn’t much care about your own safety; it was everyone else who you wanted to ensure made it to safety, Jackson even. But all it took was turning around a corner and you were reeling back into Jackson’s chest. “Shit!” Another narrow escape, the bullets whizzed past your ear. You faintly heard a Min shouting a cease fire in between the shots, but you dismissed it and turned around, knowing that hall would not work. “Wait!” Jackson pulled you to a stop before you carelessly rounded another corner. “Fuck, we’re surrounded!” Your eyes widened, and true to his words, you found yourself backed into a wall with two groups of Mins fast approaching. But why weren’t they shooting? Jackson stepped in front of you, beretta aimed back and forth between both parties. Something was definitely not right about this. “What the hell do you want?!” His back vibrated with his words, tone angry and demanding as though he was about ready to raise hell on them. No one answered, instead, they all continued creeping forward, crooked, little grins on all their faces. What the hell? Then, an abrupt explosion sounded from the balcony above, lead pelleting and peppering the Mins before they all went crashing down. “Get the hell out of there, you two!” You immediately recognized the voice, daringly taking a peek up at the L/N to confirm your suspicions. “JB!” “I understand I am unbelievably bad ass,” He stated coolly, cocking the shotgun so shells flew in smoke trails in the air. “But now I’m saving you, so do me a favor, and get the fuck to safety!” He sent you his famous smirk, and for the first time, you didn’t find it annoying. Then, he unleashed another spray of bullets, a storm of shrapnel ricocheting into the chests of the straggling Mins. They piled onto the floor, and you spared JB one last look before Jackson pulled you out of the mess. You were almost there. So close. With just one more hall to go until you reached the hidden stairwell leading to the underground level, you picked up your pace. You couldn’t see anyone, Mins or not, except Jackson leading you. The air was so thick with smoke it almost looked as though it was volcanic ash, like the fires of Pompeii had somehow made their way into the mansion. You knew you would faint if you were exposed for another five minutes. And as many familiar faces you saw dead on the ground, there were far more unrecognizable ones that obstructed your view. The Mins had shed more blood. The L/Ns would not go down without a fight, and you grew faintly proud in that moment, continuing a steady, quick pace. Finally, with a gasp, you crossed through the doorway hidden in the shadows of a narrow corridor. Wang slowed to cautiously move down the steps before you, and you followed suit... until a hand wrapped around your neck and launched you backward. The strength of the culprit was almost unreal. Your fingers flew from Jackson’s as you released a whistle of a wheeze, thrown back into the hall. There, you saw a figure standing before you. His eyes were sharp and meticulous, taunting you with charcoal orbs; lips spread in a grin that made even the joker look elementary. You coughed and tried to stand to your feet, the tall man approaching you and whipping out a butterfly blade stained with blood lust. You wheeled back, knowing your bodyguard was sure to tackle the man any second, but the Min showed zero signs of awareness of the Agent behind him. Instead, he merely crept forward, the butterfly dancing between his fingers. Sure enough, you heard rushed footsteps coming from the stairs, and a wisp of blonde blurred in your vision. “Bastard!” And then you saw it; the look in the Min’s eyes. Like he knew something was about to happen. Throwing caution to the wind, you screamed, “Jackson stop!” But he didn’t. And another figure dropping down from the second level was all it took to bury the Agent against the floor. He groaned out, your eyes widening in shock and fear and guilt because you knew you should have seen it coming. “Wang!” Your eyes stung but you refuse to close them. The man cackling deeply on top of the blonde was a bit shorter than the other Min, but when he stood, height didn’t matter because he was still towering over you, his boots digging into Jackson’s back as the latter tried to collect the wind knocked from him. “Ohh, she’s cute!” “V, admire her later. She’s still our target.” They spoke without care, the V one jumping off and joining his Family member at his side. You gulped as your back hit a wall, burned fingers catching the follicles of the rug. “Jackson!” You cried out again, worry lacing your words. His only motion was slow, unstable movements, like he was fighting a sleeping spell. “He’ll be fine, don’t worry. Now, would you like to come with us?” The tall one smirked and pointed the tip of the blade at the crevice of his lips. “Fuck you.” You spat. He chuckled and kneeled down before you, his knife working dangerous patterns in the air until the cool of the silver met your throat. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” His voice had dropped into a husky whisper, and you shivered in disgust. He rose with a sigh, twirling the hook of the weapon around his index. “Unfortunately, even though we are immune to these chemicals floating around in the air, you’re not. And we need you alive.” “Hey Namjoon, this guy’s still twitching. Should I just end it?” You gasped and lurched forward. “No! Please!” Namjoon glanced between you and the unconscious man with a mischievous smile. Then, he stepped away, giving you a full view of the horror before you. “Go ahead.” V smiled wickedly, eyes twinkling like he was a fucking psychopath. And he probably was. He brought out a thin, steel wire from his coat, something like a guitar string, but you knew it was a hell of a lot sharper than that. “No!” You screamed. “Jackson get up! Jackson!” Your frantic cries brought tears to your eyes, and you wearily heaved yourself up against the wall, your vision growing foggy. The so-called V stepped a foot on either side of the fallen man, the man you had spent so long just trying to humanize and grow closer to. You were angry and frustrated, because you wouldn’t be able to fight them off. You weren’t even sure if you could walk in a straight line anymore, the chemicals in the air stirring up a haze of disorientation. The heart in your chest felt as though it was being torn into pieces with every inch closer the wire was to Jackson’s neck. But with one final burst of strength, your voice broke through the barrier of the smoke, echoing down the halls. “I’ll go!” V stopped. Namjoon turned. Jackson was still motionless. You held yourself against the wall, the fire in your eyes ablaze like those around. “I’ll go,” You repeated, quieter. “Willingly. I won’t fight. Just don’t touch him.” You were probably going to pass out anyway, but the determination in your words was prominent, and seemingly, effective; Namjoon smirked, shrugging towards V who backed away from Wang with a sigh of discontent. You exhaled heavily, collapsing back into the wall. And true to your words, you didn’t even move as the two Mins approached you. You didn’t even look at them. Your eyes were glued to him, and him alone. So glued, in fact, you didn’t even notice Junior was standing in the stairwell doorway with daggers in his eyes. It was only when Namjoon had pressed his pretty butterfly blade against your throat you realized you were still conscious and something was happening. “—drop your gun or I’ll slit her throat.” Wait a second. Junior wasn’t a gun kind of guy. He opted for blunt force objects or knives. But he was standing there. Then... You gasped. “You wouldn’t fucking dare.” Jackson weakly trained his beretta until it was glaring at the spot between Namjoon’s eyes. He was still on his stomach, hand shaking ever so slightly as he aimed. There was no doubt in your mind he wouldn’t make the shot accurately, while Junior was watching the exchange intently. “Jackson,” You breathed out, tensing when Namjoon drew a drop of blood. “I’m going to go with them.” He was only half conscious, but when he realized what you said, he met your eyes in question. “What?” Concern, fear, worry. You never saw those expressions on him. Not until that moment. A tear ran down your dirtied cheeks, and you let V wrap an arm around your waist to hoist you up. “Don’t shoot. You’ll miss.” You didn’t give him a chance to respond. “If you shoot, they’ll kill you. Please don’t die.” Your face had grown increasingly wet, your vision increasingly blurry. The shine of the flames surrounding you reflected in your eyes, your fists clenching as you resisted running up to him or fighting the Mins. But you knew you had lost. He watched you from his spot on the ground, evident devastation in his eyes. “Y/N...” His voice was quiet and pleading, but you shook your head, stepping back as the arm around your waist pulled you away. You were too weak to struggle. He was too weak to fire. His gun fell from his fingers, and you knew he was going to black out again. You saw it in his sad eyes. You glanced knowingly at Junior, silently begging he take care of him, to which he nodded and remained tight-lipped. With his eyelids fluttering, trying to fixate his vision, the Agent watched you go. “Y/N... don’t...” His voice shattered your heart; it made you want to go crazy. Like it had all been a nightmare you were about ready to wake up from. But the fires were too real. The pain inside of you, too real. With a sob, “You have to save me! Jackson! You have to—” You choked on your words, Namjoon quietly chuckling in disbelief at your side. Your raspy voice quieted. “...Save me.” Maybe he registered your words before fading into darkness. Maybe he didn’t. But whatever the case, you trusted Special Officer Jackson Wang to obey his orders. ~~~ Junior waited until the three had been consumed by smoke. It would only be minutes until the fires would be put out. Maybe ten. Maybe fifteen. He could last in the chemical smoke, but Jackson damn well couldn’t. The right hand man brought an arm around the Agent, easily lifting him and supporting his weight. The remainder of the L/Ns easily made it to safety. He was sure the numbers of lost lives wouldn’t be too grave, but they would all be honored exceptionally. It had occurred to him long before confrontation with those two devious Mins that the attack had all been because the girl. Everything, because of her. He was still perplexed. Angered. Why did that want her, anyway? Y/N. She didn’t need to be dragged into the problems of the Families. The Mins lost more lives, taking the stupid risk. But they got what they wanted, so who was the real loser? Junior nudged Jackson up so he could place his arm around his neck. Then, he drew his bowie at someone approaching from the right. It was at first just a shadow, then a familiar shadow. “Gee, never did I think a man could be so uptight.” He relaxed as JB limped towards him, famous smile unfaltering despite the obvious favoritism of his left leg. He looked worse for wear. “Where’s Y/N?” He questioned, peering around. Junior only shook his head, gesturing for JB to help him support Wang’s dead weight. “Well fuck, all that work I did and she still manages to get captured? I even took a goddamn bullet for her.” “Man up and help me carry him.” “Alright, alright... It’s just a flesh wound, by the way. No need to be so worried about me.” “Stop talking.” “Okay, got it.” He grabbed ahold of Jackson’s other arm, swinging across his shoulders as he bore the other half on his good leg. Junior paced forward, out of the smoke, and they both cleared the floor and headed down to safety, wondering what was going to happen now. More so, what was going to happen to her.
Dun Dun DUN Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo You were kidnappedddddddddddddddddd Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Ah whatever, see what happens next chapter. Your fate totally rests in my dangerous, calloused hands. My Cosmos~ @TheEnlightment @MariaMontoya1 @Starbell808 @KristinaCaron @MaritessSison @Anna5221 @warrior1319 @mrsax2018 @Animezkpopgirl @AngelaDarkness @TaraJenner @taetaebaozi @KoreanDramaMaMa @tinathellama Cheers~!
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