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"Ban, what is your purpose in seeking the Fountain of Youth?"
"No real reason. If you live a lousy life long enough, maybe something good will come your way eventually."
"He really is a strange human."
"Just like this, these ridiculous days passed us by...
Just like this, seven days passed."
"When I listen to your stories, it's as if I'm on a journey with you, Ban."
"I wish Ban came to steal, not the Fountain of Youth, but me..."
"Then lets do that! Alright, lets make haste!
"I don't get along with humans that well. And besides, you really listen to what I have to say."
"We can't. I am happy though."
"Drink all of the water in this cup, You need to live! It's fine this way."
"The forest must have known, that you'd protect it."
"I was really happy, when you said, 'lets do that'."
"Hey Ban, can you say it again?"

Anime • Nanastu no Taizai❤️

7 Deadly Sins✨

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*spoiler* I was so freaking happy when Ban actually "saw Elaine later" even though she was sorta messed up but the way Ban looks at her can make anyone swoon