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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 9 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
Junmyeon's POV Two weeks had passed by and with each day she turned more and more into herself. Junmyeon tried to get her to talk to him but she kept away from him. She wouldn't let him touch her, a few times she'd let him kiss her but she strayed from his touch when his hand met her waist. If he tried to have sex with her she'd tell him she was tired and, out of respect for her unspoken wishes, he left her alone but he always asked her to keep her bedroom door cracked. He kept his wide open and listened out for her, he was worried she might cut herself again. After the day she broke down crying, he tried to figure out what it was that triggered it; he knew it had something to do with Jackson from what she was mumbling but he had no idea what he said to her to make her that way. Since he had, she had pulled away from him. She had told him she trusted him that day, Chanyeol said she didn't even say that to him. He knew the significance of her saying she trusted him which was why he was left confused. She seemed to lock up even more inside herself this past week. Chanyeol tried talking to her and she simply waved him off, she walked home without him and she refused to talk much to anyone unless she had to. He was still wondering if she'd go to therapy but at this point he didn't know what good it would do. Anytime Jackson became a factor she turned away, if he was violent she closed up. Junmyeon didn't want to press her if she didn't want to talk about it but he also didn't want her bottling it up inside. By now, touching was a no go; he knew she'd just stray from him. He couldn't kiss her or make love to her to distract her from the world long enough to get her to relax. If he tried to force it he'd only end up being like Jackson. He had no idea what he was going to do. He had to fend off his mother from coming over to the house especially when she wanted to hang out with Y/N. He loved that his mother thought so highly of Y/N but she couldn't see her while she was like this. Yixing and Yifan, his father's best security, had kept a close eye on her. If she left the house she was going to Uni and then coming home. She went to the store a few times and then came straight back home. Yixing said it looked like she was being followed. Every move she made another group of men had been on her trail. She seemed to have sensed it too. They both knew that Y/N was aware of them watching her, despite never having actually met them, she knew Junmyeon asked to have her watched incase Jackson did something to her. It was when they told him she went to doctors that he wondered what was going on. She had been sick for a bit, a few times he heard her in the morning throwing up. He'd try to bring her food or tea to help her but she wouldn't talk to him. She looked- broken. Whatever Jackson had done broke her and her eyes revealed it. It had been proven even more difficult when her parents froze her account to pay for her classes. They had reported fraud or something like that. He wasn't sure how they were able to do it but now she apparently had no way to pay for her last set of classes. This was the first time in the past two weeks she had come out of her room to sit and watch TV with him. She still kept her distance and she only looked forward at the TV but he could tell she wasn't watching. Her eyes shifted down so she was looking at the floor. "Was the TV too loud? You don't have to stay out here if you don't want to." Junmyeon said. She shook her head, she looked like she was trying to speak but the words wouldn't come out. Junmyeon lifted a hand to touch her then thought other wise. He loved her so much and all he wanted to do was comfort her but she wouldn't let him, at least not the way he knew how. He didn't know another way to make her feel better. He shut off the TV and stood up, "Y/-" he was about to say something when there was a knock on the door. She looked at the door confused and Junmyeon headed to answer it with her following behind him. He answered to see an older woman and an older man standing at the front door. She was in an expensive black and white pantsuit and he was in a jet black suit. He looked very mean and the woman's face was tight as she looked at him then past him and into the house, "Mom, Dad." He heard Y/N say behind him in shock. Her mother stepped in with her father following behind, passing Junmyeon as if he didn't exist. They made their way into the house and stopped in front of her. Junmyeon closed the door and walked around them while hearing her mother say, "Well I hope you're proud of yourself." What the hell kind of way is that to greet your daughter? "How did you find me?" she asked. "Jackson's mother called us. Why do you think I canceled your account? Are you stupid? A deal was made for you to be his wife and you go and get engaged to another man?" her father said. "I have every right to want to marry someone else. You signed away my future to the devil without asking me-" she started out. "We secured your future." her mother cut her off. "You mean your fucking future. I was a damn bargaining chip, my entire life has been spent being molded into what you wanted me to be so you could use me. You want to freeze my account fine, I don't care, keep your filthy money but if you think for one fucking second I am going back to Jackson you're out of your mind." She said furious at them. Junmyeon had never seen her get like that before. She was pissed, he made his way closer to her as she continued to speak, "All I am to you people is a tool. I thought by you letting me go to school where I wanted meant that you wanted me to be happy but it was just a way for you to get me to stop complaining right?" She lifted up her shirt to show her scars on her stomach and at that point Junmyeon wanted to hold onto her. He didn't move but kept his eyes on her, "You see these right the ones that aren't even covered by the tattoo, Jackson and the both of you made me into this. I am done feeling like a weak victim because of you. I am done letting you and whoever else in this fucked up world control me. I am not going back to Jackson." "That's where you're wrong bugs. You're going to honor the deal we made. You are Jackson's." Her father said. That nickname made her shiver slightly. He remembered Jackson calling her that once. She didn't shiver when he said it but maybe the nickname alone reminded her of him. She shook her head, "No. I'm not going back, I will never belong to him." "You're putting our future in danger, your future." her mother said. They didn't see it? Maybe they did and ignored it, she was angry, she was scared....she was tired. He wanted to tell them to leave. He wanted them to leave her alone but it seemed like she needed this to come from her mouth. He inched closer to her so she knew he was by her side. She looked down and placed a hand on her stomach where her scars were, "I'm only putting your future in danger. A few years back if I had swallowed those pills before you got to me dad what would you have done? If I had ended my life back then what would you have done to honor your fucking deal to Jackson and his family? Use that fucking brain of yours and figure out another way to satisfy your deal. I'm not yours, I'm not Jackson's. If your future gets fucked that's on you I will be fine." She looked up, "I have to be fine, I have to be strong and I have to end this madness now or neither me nor my child will survive." "What?" all three of them said in unison. "You're pregnant?" her mother said. She looked back at her mother with hard eyes. That was the way she would end it. She broke her tie from them. "Your deal is already broken if a child comes into the picture, if that child is not related by both parties the contract breaks right? That little safety clause Mr.Wang added so that you two wouldn't screw him over. I went back through it. I had a few lawyers look through it too." "You need proof of the pregnancy first." her mother said. "You'll get it in the mail soon. My suggestion is go home and wait and watch your world crumple and fall. Start walking in my shoes because it's going to take about twenty plus years to for you to catch up." she said. Junmyeon had been listening to all of this and didn't know if she was lying to break the contract or if she was telling the truth. She was on the pill and they hadn't had sex in a few weeks, maybe it was less then that. He was confused at this point and got lost in his thoughts trying to figure out if she were telling the truth. What snapped him out of his thought process was the sound of a slap. He looked up at Y/N who's hand was to her face Junmyeon quickly wrapped his arms around her, "Y/N. What the hell is the matter with you?" he shouted at her father. "You are not my daughter." He said furious. Junmyeon saw her mother grab onto her father and hold him back. Y/N chuckled in Junmyeon's arms and she looked back at her parents, tears brimmed her eyes as she gave them a dim smile, "I never was to begin with. I was just your toy. Now get out." she said. Her voice was hoarse, he was trying to calm her down. "This isn't over." her mother said. "Yes it is, I am fucking finished with all of you now get out. Get the Fuck out. Get out of my house. Get out!" With each word she got louder, trying to drown out the tears coming through her eyes. "Get out!"she yelled. They had already started making their way to the door until they were out but she was still screaming for them to leave. Junmyeon wrapped her in his arms. Her face buried in his chest as she was still telling them to get out. Perhaps it was more than just their physical presence she was trying to will out of the house. She cried hard, at certain points it sounded like she had stopped breathing then she would suck in air to regain what she wasn't taking in. He lifted her face gently, "It's okay baby they're gone. It's okay." She was still crying when she looked up at him she shook her head, "It's not. I was nothing to them all this time. I wasn't their daughter I was a tool to them. I did everything they asked of me and they still didn't love me." she cried. "I love you Y/N. I love you baby girl I will never let them near you again. You did so good standing up for yourself. You're so strong and so brave. I love you Y/N. Calm down baby. I love you." Junmyeon said. He pulled her back into his embrace and then picked her up. He walked to her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. He held her close not attempting anything else except to let her rest in his arms. It took sometime but her tears finally calmed, "I'm sorry." she said. "Sorry about what?" "I don't know how, I just forgot to take the pill. I guess when I came back from the beach I didn't think to take them again. I got distracted." "So you went to a beach when you ran away." he said. "They keep me calm, I like beaches." "I'll take you to one tomorrow. Busan has some nice beaches." he said. "Aren't you upset at me?" she asked. She looked up at him, "About what?" he asked. "Because I'm pregnant, I wasn't lying to them Junmyeon." she said. Junmyeon sighed and stroked her hair, "I love you and you obviously didn't make the baby on your own. I don't know how to feel about it honestly but I know how I feel about you. I'll take care of you both, I'm not upset at you." he said. He kissed her forehead. He would never dream of leaving her to raise their child alone but he honestly didn't know how to feel. How would she handle being a mother? Would he be able to handle being a father? He loved her but what did this mean for their future? Should he just go through with marrying her? He wasn't ready to be a husband but he wasn't going to leave her either. He didn't know what that meant though? What should he do? Right now all he could do was hold her close. He offered the warmth of his body to her and she fell asleep in his arms. His hand made its way to her stomach. A baby. That was why she went to the doctors. What would Jackson do when he found out? The way she broke down after her father disowned her. She really believed a piece of them loved her. She was hoping so desperately that there was something inside of them that loved her but they had proven to her that she meant nothing to them. If she didn't behave, if she didn't do as they asked they would get upset at her. Her father had slapped her, her mother had basically threatened her. He held her tighter, all three of them were unpredictable.... Junmyeon woke up the next morning with her out of his arms. The water from the shower sounded like it just stopped running. A few minutes later the door opened and released hot steam into the room. She was dressed in shorts and a white T-shirt. She was fixing her hair in the mirror, "Y/N, how are you feeling?" he asked. "Well I didn't throw up today so that's a plus." she said. She turned to him and walked out of the bathroom. He reached out for her and she slowly made her way into his arms. She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked down at him while he looked up at her. "Are you sure you're okay? All this stress and anger can't be good for you or the baby." She sighed and her eyes shifted to the side, for a second she looked like she was contemplating her next words. She looked back at him and said, "You need to get dressed, there's some place I want to show you." she said. "What is it?" "Just get dressed and pack your things it's only for a day." He looked at her confused but then got up and got ready. What was she going to show him? Y/N's POV After Jackson's threat scared you half to death, you put some distance between you and Junmyeon. There were two facts about your life that you now understood: you were in love with Junmyeon and you put him at risk as long as Jackson was around. You just needed an opening a way to disappear from the world. You thought Junmyeon would tell you when his father's security was going to start looking out for you but you didn't notice anything except for Jackson's men hanging around. So either Junmyeon's men were watching you or Jackson's boys weren't making a move yet because Jackson didn't order them to. The suspense was killing you, you remembered being able to walk around freely in Busan without having to worry about being followed. You made your outings brief and stayed away from Chanyeol as much as you could. Jackson could come after everyone you cared about. Things only got worse when you found out that you actually were pregnant. You didn't think it would happen but you didn't realize you had missed seven days. Still you didn't think you'd get pregnant. The only reason you kept coming up with excuses to not sleep with Junmyeon was because you had stopped using the pill incase you were pregnant but you didn't want to tell him that and asking him to use a condom when he thought you were using the pill would only make him question you. You didn't want him upset at you. Your parents coming over last night had caught you off guard. You expected a phone call from them threatening to take the beach house next if you didn't go back to Jackson. Either way you had made up your mind, you weren't going back to Jackson. They could freeze your account all they wanted, you had a separate account they didn't know existed and they couldn't touch anyway. You had been putting away bits of money in there for a while you had enough to pay for school and survive. They had spent your entire childhood making you into the perfect prodigy. You had so many different skill sets you were sure you could get a job that would help you survive. Even if Junmyeon wanted nothing to do with the baby, you could survive, you had to. The way they treated you was nothing new but the lack of love or concern in their faces when they saw you, no compassion in their voices the only concern came from the concern of their futures...They didn't love you not a bone in their body gave you a single inkling of love from them. You had always been and probably always would've been their toy. That was more heartbreaking then anything. You were happy that Junmyeon had told you he loved you and that he held you until fell asleep. You could tell he was confused about the baby and you were too. Honestly you weren't even aware of that baby clause existing in the contract until you started searching for loops holes. Everything got voided if you got pregnant or if he got another woman pregnant. As a family business joining forces, if an illegitimate child that wasn't related to both parties, there was a risk that the child could take over either family business despite no blood relation. Your child could posses more power over Mr.Wang's company and if Jackson had a child then that child could posses more power over your father's company simply because you two were married. You didn't want that life for your child anyway, as much as you loved Junmyeon, you weren't going to allow anyone to hurt your baby. So if Junmyeon wanted to leave you...he could leave. Words couldn't describe how happy you were that he said he still loved you even after finding out about the baby. A slight uncertainty ran through you when he said he didn't know how to feel about it but you understood. So many things were happening at once in such little time you were amazed he hadn't ran off by now. You wondered if Jongin would've even dared to put up with all the shit you were going through at the moment. Junmyeon had gained your trust though, he had gained your love and so you had one thing left to do before you left. You guys caught a plane to Gyeongpo beach and arrived before the sunset. You took Junmyeon to the beach house; you knew your parents were going to get rid of this place now that you destroyed their contract so you needed to get your things out of there. You brought Junmyeon along because you wanted him to see it. All your photos, your equipment, the place you felt safe at. He looked around, "So your family is just really rich." Junmyeon said looking around at the small beach house. "Yup. This was the place I came to after Chanyeol and me ran into Jackson. No one but my parents know about this place. They'll probably sell it now, I used it as my safe haven when things got too stressful. I took photos here to help me relax." "They're all black and white." he observed. "Yup, color pictures are too loud. Black and white is subtle and calming and relaxing." you explained. He stopped at a particular picture of an older gentlemen with a few missing teeth. He was smiling brightly though and looking at something in the distance. You had the picture framed and hanging on the wall. You liked that picture but your favorite was on the other wall. The sun setting and looking as if it were on top of the water. A single cloud in the sky that had a gray shadow, the waves crashing down on the beach. You couldn't tell from anything in the picture but it was windy that day. You were sitting on the sand when you watched the waves come down. You had never been more relaxed in your life. "Y/N you're really amazing, you know that." Junmyeon said. You gave a small smile, "Thanks." You saw him standing in front of your white cloth and you walked over and positioned him just right. You grabbed your camera holding it up to him, "What are you doing?" he laughed. "Making memories." you said softly. You snapped a few pictures of him before placing it down and taking him out the back door to see the beach. You two walked along it, your feet getting wet by the low tide. The sky had turned pink and orange while the sun was going down. The clouds looked fiery and brilliant, breath taking. Junmyeon took a picture of you looking out at the water. You smiled at him and he came closer to you pushing the hair blowing in your face behind your ear. He came close but was hesitant to kiss you. "It's okay." you encouraged. It was okay, if that was going to be your last night with him he could make a mess of you all night long. His lips pressed against yours and his arm pulled you into his body. He kissed you deep his lips hurting yours but you didn't fight it. You moaned into his mouth and he pulled back, "Shit baby girl your going to make me lose myself." he warned you. "Go ahead, I want you." you said wrapping your arms around his neck. He groaned with hunger and lifted you into his arms He made his way back to the beach house and he set you down on your feet. He pressed you up against the wall gently and kissed you slowly. The sound of his heated breaths cutting through the silence of the room. His hand glided over your body until he stopped at the front of your shorts. He unbuttoned them and pushed them down quickly while maintaining his rough kisses on your lips. You never wanted this warmth to leave you but for now you knew it was the best thing to do. Jackson would get the news that you were pregnant and that the deal was over. You'd give him time to calm down before you attempted to come home. Home? What place could you call home now? Junmyeon's hands ran up your shirt and unlatched your bra. He pulled his hands out to grab the hem of your shirt and pull it off of you along with your bra. The cool air embracing your naked breasts. He pulled back to look at you, his eyes moving slow on your body. Then a slight hint in his eyes, like he was wondering if he should be touching you. Like everything that had been going on, maybe it wasn't right for him to give in to you, like maybe you didn't know what you were asking him to do. You were very aware of what you wanted though, you wanted him to keep his hands all over you. You sighed when you slipped your fingers past your underwear, your other hand on your breast squeezing, messaging, fondling with your nipple. Slight moans and whimpers escaping between your lips as you showed him what you wanted. He looked shocked by your boldness, the very fact that you were coaxing him to come to you and make you feel good. Your fingers moved faster and you pulled at your nipple gently, "Junmyeon." you moaned only lightly but with no other noise in the room it sounded louder than it was. You could now see his chest rising and falling as his heart rate picked up. He reached for your hand pulling them away from your body. You whimpered bucking your hips into him. "Please." You encouraged. "You want me baby girl?" he asked "Yes Junnie. Please I need you." you begged. You pressed your fingers to his lips painting his lips with your wetness. He licked his lips then your fingers before raising your hands above your head and pinning them against the wall. His hand moved down and a finger latched around your panties and yanked one side down. He repeated the samething on the other side while his mouth moved from one nipple to the other sucking and teasing. You wiggled your hips to get your underwear to fall down and once they were he went and kissed you while he pushed two fingers inside you, his thumb working at you clit. You moved forward, your back lifting up from the wall so he pressed against you to get you back against the wall. You moaned into his mouth your hips still moving and your legs getting weak you broke the kiss to whine his name. His lips made their way to your neck and he let go of your hands. You pushed him off of you panting and he looked at you with uncertain eyes wondering if he'd hurt you or gone too far. You grabbed him by his shirt and flipped around pushing him against the wall. You unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down getting to your knees, "Hold on baby girl, don't do that." he said. It wasn't like it was the first time you had him in your mouth. Your hand worked to get him harder then he already was. Your tongue grazing the tip of his dick in light glides making him moan uncontrollably. He wanted to resist you but he couldn't. Once you had him in your mouth you could hear him getting louder, his hand grabbing your hair as your head bobbed up and down on him. "Baby girl stop." that was his warning for you that he was close. You hummed while you continued your licks against him. "Fuck baby," his other hand met the other side of your face and pulled you away from him. He kissed you and helped you up from you knees. You rolled up his shirt while he kissed you and pulled it over his head. "Your beautiful mouth shouldn't do dirty things like that." he said. "Didn't you like it?" you asked innocently. He smirked, "I loved it baby girl, I love you." he said. He pulled you over to a chair and sat down and you knew exactly what to do. You straddled him, at first rolling your hips against him. His hand slipping between your hot bodies and his fingers teasing your clit. That made you start bouncing on top of him. He moved in close to kiss you as you did. His lips moving every where they could get. "Oh, Fuck baby girl you're amazing." he groaned. "Junnie." You could hear him groan at the sound of your voice and he bucked his hips up hard just as you came down on him. You released what sounded like a gasp and a scream at then same time. "Shit baby I'm sorry. You don't like it rough." he said cupping your face. You shook your head, "It's okay, keep going." "Are you sure?" "Myeon I need you. Make me cum, take me, kiss me do whatever you want to me." you said rocking your hips again. You pressed your forehead to his, his heavy breathing matched your own. Both of you were a sweaty mess, his hand reached your hips as they continued to roll against him, "Shit what's gotten into my baby girl?" he moaned. "You." you responded. The voice you let out you didn't recognize as your own and it only turned him on more. He stood up and turned you around. He bent you over so your hands were on the chair in front of you. He pushed inside you slowly then pulled out just as slow. He let his tip trace against your folds and hit your clit before he went back inside you slowly but ending with a hard thrust. He pulled out quickly and rubbed against you again. "Junmyeon stop teasing." "What do you want baby girl. Say it." "I want you." "Want me to do what?" "Fuck me." you begged. He chuckled before he pushed inside you again. He was careful but used a bit more force this time. He moved at an even pace and his hand snaked around your waist to rub your clit. He leaned over your back and kissed your neck. Your moans filled the room echoing and bouncing off the walls along with the sound of your bodies hitting each other in hot passion. You could feel yourself getting closer, you wrapped your hand around his head keeping his cheek against yours. He continued to whisper dirty things in your ear, "Go ahead baby cum for me. I want to make you feel so good. Let me hear you." he said. Your voice came out in all different types of ways and with one last thrust mixed with his hungry words and his fingers rubbing you, you screamed his name and tightened up cumming around him. He had pumped two more times inside you before he released inside of you. He rode down both yours and his high, his fingers still working at your clit before he finally stood up straight and pulled out of you. You turned around and sat down on the chair tired. "I need to pack up my things." You said. "You can do that later baby girl." he said. He knelt down between your legs and crossed his arms on your lap. He laid his head down on top of his arms and you looked down. Your hand ran through his hair. You didn't want this moment to ever end. You wanted to be with him forever. Was running away a mistake? You couldn't ask Junmyeon to fight all your battles for you though. You always summed up love to mean that you'd do anything in the world to keep someone safe from harm, you'd put their needs before your own. Jackson wouldn't stop you knew he wouldn't especially since you were pregnant and despite being drunk he knew exactly what he was saying when he threatened you. Junmyeon's eyes were closed and it looked like he had fallen asleep but then his eyes crept open. The soft petting of his hair continued until he raised his head to look at your stomach. He placed gentle kisses on your stomach before he said, "You're wrong." He looked up and you looked at him confused, "About what?" "This tattoo, you think you're not strong enough but baby girl you're still here. You're still fighting, you've told off your parents, you've fended off from Jackson. The bravest thing you've ever done is let yourself fall in love. You have more strength than you realize Y/N. If you tried swimming up that waterfall I think you could beat the current. I think you'd find your balance and your happiness. I think you could be happy with me." "I am happy with you, more happy than I thought would be possible." "Do you love me Y/N? You've never said it to me, it's okay if you don't know yet but-" "I love you Junmyeon." you cut him off before he could continue. He smiled at you and you could swear he looked half embarrassed. "I love you too." "It's starting to get cold, let's out our clothes back on." you said. Junmyeon nodded and stood up. He walked over to the wall he undressed you at and tossed you your clothes. You both got dressed as he said, "What do you think it'll be?" he asked. "What?" you asked. "The baby, boy or girl?" he said. You stopped for a second to think, "Hm, I think a girl." "Me too, I bet she'll be really beautiful." Junmyeon smiled to himself, "What if it's not a girl? What if it's a boy?" "He'll be so cute?" he said turning to you. You laughed and started to walk up to him when you saw a body coming in from the side of the house. "Junmyeon!" you shouted startled. He looked back but by then the men had opened the door and grabbed onto him. They were Jackson's men, they had followed you two. What were they waiting for the perfect moment to strike? Were they watching you two? Is that why they were coming for you now, did they yell Jackson and he finally gave an order. While one kicked Junmyeon to the ground the other held the gun up to Junmyeon's head. "Stop!" you screamed. You stepped forward and he held the gun to you. You stopped in your tracks. Shit. What were you supposed to do now? "Jackson has a message for you." one said. He held up his phone and played a voice message from Jackson. "That was really stupid of you Bugs. You went and got pregnant by him? Very very stupid. Now, you're going to come see me face to face in China at the JYP hotel. If you don't come my men get to open fire on your lover boy. Make your decision quickly princess, I don't like to wait." The message ended and Junmyeon struggled to get out of the grasp of the one who was holding him. "Y/N don't do it." he said. "If I don't you'll die and they'll take me anyway... You can't defeat the devil." you said. You turned to the one with the gun, "I'll go with you." you said. "Y/N don't." The one holding Junmyeon let him go and grabbed you. The one holding the gun to you then turned the gun to Junmyeon. "What are you doing?" you said. "Boss' orders." "What the hell I'm going with you leave him alone!" you were starting to struggle. "He wanted him dead either way, and he wanted you to watch." he said. No. No No No "Junmyeon." you cried. "It's okay baby girl." "No stop it please!" you begged the one the gun. Bang! The sound of a gun shot rang through the room, your eyes shut and you heard a body fall......
Nooooooooooooo *hangs head and quietly sobs* please don't let him be dead. I am gonna go ham on everyone. I knew his threat was real but seriously I'm gonna whip his ass like he stole something!!! We are gonna then reenact the scene from Taken where dude is strapped to the chair and being tortured with electricity!! I won't kill him just yet. I will let him deal with the pain of not knowing and fear. If met him see how beautiful me and Junnie's is so he can see what he can NEVER have!!! I will have my vengeance if Junnie is dead!!! Everyone will feel my wrath!!!
Aaaaaahhhhhh please be the guards body, please be the guards, body, tell me either lay or Kris shot the bodyguard down pleeeeeease, oh god
no no no no no. fuck u Jackson. ima take that same gun and shot ur dick off. where the hell is Yixing and Yifan. gosh damn it those two i swear. aaahhhhh. Junmyeon. no no no no
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lair lol
I'm telling all of my friends about your story. I hope you don't mind. it's just so good. I love it!
I don't mind at all thank you πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜
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