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Let's Play: The Interview Game!

Welcome to the Funny Community game - the Interview Game!

We see each other a lot in comments, and we have some great conversation, but how well do we KNOW our fellow Vinglers?

Well, here's a chance to interview them - and share a little information about yourself!

Here's how to play:

1. I will start by asking a question. The first person who comments answers my question, then ends their answer with another question intended for the next person.
2. The next person will answer the question in the comment above then end with another question! (Make sure you tag the interviewer in your response to keep the game organized!)
Think of questions that are funny, interesting, or just general like 'What's your favorite movie?' or 'Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream?'
Let's see how long we can keep the Q&A chain going!

Question for the first commenter: What's your favorite kind of cookie?

Looll😁 how did I end up with that qst. I don't know the names of the houses, but I'll take Harry Potter's house. Black coffee or creamy coffee?
My favorite place I've never been to is Australia. Which hogwart house are you?
creamy coffee summer or winter?
@InPlainSight definitely hawk!! skirt or pants
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