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Chapter 30
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Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Language
If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
Jimin POV
‘Fuck, fuck fuck fuck.’ Jimin was pacing his room panicking. He sat on his bed but three seconds later he was up and pacing again. He started chewing on his nails out of stress. ‘What is she going to do to [Y/N],’ he thought again letting out a heavy sigh. ‘But I can’t let anyone find out about our secret. I just can’t.’ He sat back on his bed again. Resting his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, he let out a heavy sigh. “I need a talk to Taehyung.”
Jimin walked into Taehyungs room and glared at him. He couldn’t help but feel angry. He wouldn't be in this mess if wasn't Taehyung messing around. Taehyung ignored Jimin standing in his room and this only made Jimin more frustrated. “Tae!” Jimin yelled. “Gah, why are you yelling? Get out if you're only going to yell,” Taehyung said rolling over on his bed ignoring Jimin.
“You need to stop this shit with Nana and whatever other flings you have outside of [Y/N].”
“She’s a sweet girl and you know she doesn't deserve your unfaithful ass.”
“Dude, mind your own business.”
Jimin walked over and grabbed Taehyung demanding his attention. “Put an end to this,” Jimin growled at Taehyung. Taehyung pushed Jimin off of him and got up from his bed.
“What the fuck is your problem,” Taehyung asked nearly yelling. “Why do you care so much Jimin? Are you fucking around with Nana too?”
“No, I-”
“Can't handle the fact that she would rather be with me?” Taehyung was trying to anger Jimin more.
“No, I could care less about Nana. I care about [Y/N]!”
Taehyung’s fist hit Jimin’s cheek so quickly he didn't have time to react. Jimin stumbled back and was hit by another punch from Taehyung throwing him in the other direction. The pain started to surge through his body. Jimin saw Taehyung’s third punch coming and managed to dodge it by tackling him to the floor. The two of them hit the floor with a loud bang. Jimin managed to get Taehyung pinned and yelled in this face, “What the hell are you hitting me for!?”
“Stay away from [Y/N]!”
Jimin rolled his eyes and let out a scoff. He felt Taehyung free is weaker arm and his fist making contact with his cheek once more, knocking him to the side. “What are you boys doing,” Taehyung’s mother yelled as she came into the room. She let out a screamed when she saw the blood and impact marks on Jimins face.
Jimin wiped at the small amount of blood coming from his nose. Taehyung jumped up and made another move to hit Jimin but Jimin kicked him in the chest before he could get to him. Taehyung’s mother screamed again and his father now entered the room. “What the hell are you boys doing,” Taehyung’s dad’s voice boomed. The boys stopped and looked up at him, both breathing heavily. “Hun, grab Jimin and get him cleaned up,” he said again. She did what he asked and helped Jimin stand. “You’re the fucking worst,” Jimin said then spitting on him. Taehyung’s mom slapped the back of Jimin’s head. “Watch your language young man,” she said. Jimin put his head down and followed her out of the room, “Sorry Aunty.”
Taehyung’s mom pulled out the first aid kit and sat it on the counter of the bathroom. Jimin stood next to her and let her work on his face. “I won’t pry about what happened but this better never happen again. Do you understand me Jimin,” his aunt stated as she disinfected the small cuts on his face. “Yes aunty. It won’t. It was a misunderstanding. I’m sorry,”Jimin responded as he felt guilty for egging Taehyung on. “I’m just as much at fault as Taehyung,” he said looking up at her.
“Oh I never said you weren’t. It won’t be happening again though. Do you understand?”
“Yes aunty.”
“Now finish cleaning yourself up. Your uncle and I are going to bed.”
“Goodnight aunty.”
She gave him a light kiss on his cheek cause small amounts of pain to go through his face. “Goodnight my sweet nephew. Be sure to apologize to Taehyung before you go to sleep. It’s best to not go to sleep angry.” She left the room and Jimin stared at his face in the mirror. With a light touch to his face Jimin winced in pain. “This will be difficult to explain,” Jimin said to himself, “But it can be covered with makeup. Maybe I’ll borrow some of aunty’s. She won’t notice.” He started rummaging through the first aid kit and continued to clean up the mess on his face.
Taehyung POV
Taehyung wiped the spit from his face and jumped up to hit Jimin again but his father stopped him. “Kim Taehyung!” his father yelled. Taehyung looked at his father in shock. His entire life he had never heard his dad raise his voice. “Sit down. Now,” his father demanded pointing at his bed. Taehyung sat down and glared daggers into the back of Jimin’s head. As soon as Jimin and his mother were out of the room his dad closed the door. “I don’t care what is going on between the two of you but it ends now. Apologize to Jimin and quit acting like a child.” Taehyung looked away from his dad and toward the floor. “Do you understand,” his father asked. “Yes,” Taehyung mumbled.
“I didn’t hear you.”
“Yes father.”
“Good, now to go sleep. I’m done with this.”
His father slammed the door behind him, Taehyung wincing at the sound. He let out a sigh and looked down at his hand. His knuckles were red from hitting Jimin and Taehyung was suddenly ridden with guilt. ‘I shouldn’t have hit him,’ Taehyung thought as he laid back on his bed drowning in the silence of his room.
Taehyung heard his door open and he sat up slightly meeting the eyes of Jimin. Jimin waved at him slightly and Taehyung saw how bad his face looked. “Shit man,” was all Taehyung could say. Jimin rolled his eyes at Taehyung. “Listen... umm... “ Taehyung started.
“Save it. I don’t want to hear your forced apology. I egged you on. But let me get one thing straight Taehyung. I don’t have a thing for [Y/N]. She’s just a very dear friend and that’s it. You’re being an ass and running around behind her back and it’s pissing me off.”
Taehyung looked down at the floor disappointed in himself. “I just panicked when you said you like her. She’s so great and I’m total trash it scares me that she will leave at any moment and find someone better. Someone like you.”
“She should.”
“Dude. Not helping.”
“What you want me to sugar coat it? You’re being a terrible boyfriend.”
“I know I know. I don’t deserve her.”
“You don’t.”
“But I love her.”
“You what?” Jimin looked at Taehyung shocked.
“I do. I love her. I love her so much Jimin.” Taehyung’s voice started to sound saddened and shaky. Jimin walked over to Taehyung and sat next to him.
“Then you have to stop all of this. How many girls are you seeing behind her back?”
“Three? Four? I don’t know. I just...”
“Holy shit. Seriously four girls? Is that including Nana?”
“Yeah that’s including Nana. She’s just the one I saw most often. The other girls were just like one time things but still I talk to them often.”
“Taehyung if you love her like you say you do, then you’ll listen and stop all of this.”
Taehyung nodded and stared at the floor. Jimin pat his shoulder and stood up. “By the way,” Jimin started. Taehyung looked up at Jimin as he continued. “You owe me dinner for messing up my beautiful face.” Taehyung let out a laugh and smiled at him. Jimin left the room leaving Taehyung to his thoughts.
He laid back down on his bed and released a heavy breath. The guilt he was feeling wasn’t for hitting Jimin but for lying to [Y/N] for so long. He’d been lying to her for about 7 weeks now and needed to stop. Taehyung picked up his phone and looked at the screen seeing he had text messages from both Nana and [Y/N].
From: Nana
Message: Are you coming?
From: Nana
Message: Don’t leave me outside alone. It’s scary
From: Nana
Message: See you tomorrow babe ♡^▽^♡
Taehyung made a disgusted face at the last message from Nana and quickly deleted all of her messages.
From: [Y/N]
Message: Hey! (/^▽^)/ Thanks for walking me home. I hope you made it home safe. Sorry I couldn’t call you tonight, my mom wanted us to have family time. She also mentioned she wanted to meet you... Would you be up for that?
From: [Y/N]
Message: I mean you totally don’t have to. It’s cool. I know it’s all of a sudden. ( ゚д゚)
From: [Y/N]
Message: Okay. I’m going to shut up now. Good night. (*゚ー゚)ゞ
Taehyung laughed cutely at [Y/N]’s text messages. He read them over and over again smiling to himself. His phone suddenly buzzed in his hand notifying him that he had another text message.
From: [Y/N]
Message: You’re probably asleep, but I still want to say this. I love you Kim Taehyung. (´•ω•`๑) Sleep well.
Taehyung felt himself stop breathing a for moment and stared at his phone. He read the message at least ten times over before he felt himself break into a smiling mess. ‘Would she still be awake,’ he asked himself debating on giving her a call. ‘She’s always calls me. I don’t think I have ever called her.’ He started to dial her number but stopped and shut his phone screen off. Taehyung rolled over on his stomach hiding his face in his pillow and groaned. “Why am I so embarrassed to call her?” He could feel his skin burn and his heart pounding at an inhumanly fast rate. Taehyung got up to take a shower to calm himself then went to bed shortly after.
Friday rolled around and you wanted it to end so badly so it could be Saturday. Even though you were incredibly excited you had made plans today to have a study group with Jungkook since he had make up tests from midterms. When he told everyone at lunch he had make up exams you felt so terrible because you had promised to help him with his studies. Jungkook insisted on you not feeling so bad because soccer was more important to him. Namjoon agreed to go to the study group as well to help Jungkook since you weren’t very good in certain subjects.
When school ended you talked with Taehyung a moment before he headed off to do something saying he would meet up with everyone later. It made you sad to know he couldn’t walk with you but at least you could walk with Namjoon to the school gate where everyone agreed to meet. As you and Namjoon walked out of the school building you got a text and stopped to read it.
From: Nana
Message: Hey I think we should talk. I want to apologize. Can you meet me in the garden near the science building?
It had been so long since Nana had last spoken to you so you were confused at her text message. “What’s going on,” Namjoon asked. “Nana suddenly texted me,” you said looking up at him still confused.
“What does she want?”
“She wants me to meet her in the garden near the science building.”
“That’s a weird spot to meet. It’s so hidden. Are you going to go?”
“I want to, but it makes me nervous for some reason. Something doesn’t seem right.”
“Well let me go with you. That way if she tries to hurt you or something goes weird I can maybe help.” You nodded in agreement and the two of you headed back toward the garden.
You walked through the garden in the direction of the science building. Your heart started racing in your chest because you were so nervous and suddenly stopped. Something wasn’t right. ‘Why would she suddenly text me like that,’ you thought putting your hand to your chest feeling your heart. “Hey [Y/N] are you okay,” Namjoon asked worriedly.
“I don’t know if I should go. Something is off.”
“It’s okay I’m here with you. I’ll protect you.”
Still worried, you nodded at him and continued walking through the gardens searching for Nana. You turned the corner and stopped. There, in front of you, you saw Nana with her arms wrapped around Taehyung, her body close to his and getting closer until their lips met. You watched as he kissed her back and as his hands explored her body. You dropped your things and stared at the scene before you, paralyzed. Namjoon caught up to you and stared at what looked like your lifeless body. You didn’t notice the tears that had started falling on their own. “T...Taehyung?”
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Jimin warned Tae......and he screwed it up. If I was her, I'd want to kill him.