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“Lady” sounds like a dance music from the 70’s. What kind of image did you have in mind when you started composing this, Yonghwa san? YH: I started working on Lady sometime in March or April. I aimed at making a song with a taste of oldies and at the same time meeting our style. Considering today’s music trend of going back to the oldies, we wanted to follow that wave. Initially, there were two types of rhythm line but we ended up with this discotheque style. I had trouble choosing which rhythm fits better because the other one had a more rock sound. MH: That version sounded nice but very difficult to play. I think the current version is simpler. JS: I still think this song is one of the most difficult songs to play. While I was recording the bass part, I tried to communicate (with others?). It took longer than expected. It was quite a challenge to finish recording this song and yet, it was so fulfilling when I was done recording. YH: It took us till 5 in the morning! JS: The rhythm was really difficult. JH: I thought it was a great song from the first time I heard it. It is different from our past songs because it sounded stylish and trendy. I also found the rhythm of guitar very interesting. The lyrics were a bit different than our past songs and fit the melody well. What did you focus on when you were writing the lyrics, Yonghwa san? YH: The melody has a slightly sexy image and I wanted to match the lyrics to it. JH: We also tried to sing it in such a way since the lyrics is so sexy. YH: Most of the songs we have released in Japan had themes of dreams and such. I wanted to change it this time. Do you mean you wanted to challenge something new? YH: Not that I intended to challenge, but it ended up this style of music since I just followed what I felt like making these days. I see. It was “lady” at the time when you are longing for her from afar and then changed to “baby” when you got closer to her. It was impressive that you described the beginning of the relationship with the contrast of just those two words. YH: As you mentioned, “lady” and “baby” are both used in the chorus. While I was writing the lyrics, I thought it would sound great just to hear those two words even if you’re not focused on listening to the lyrics of the song in its entirety. I also thought it would fit the image of the song’s theme perfectly. Do you mean you chose the words that can be felt intuitively without having to go to great lengths to explain it? YH: That’s right. MH: I got really curious what he is going to write about as soon as I heard the song. Then, he pulled out something really different from the past that fits the melody so well. I am always amused to find interesting points of this song’s lyrics or theme or whenever Yong Hwa writes new songs. So, where do you feel joy when you play this song as a band, the charm? JH: The song’s melody is really good and I enjoy playing the cutting rhythm of the guitar.