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This will change the future of cameras and apps in the future.
@johnLee Perceptions will change over time. Soon we will be talking to our cameras via voice command. It's not that far off. Think about it for a moment. Google Voice Action already performs some basic phone functions for you so why not the camera?
Years ago I would have said who would use a camera as a phone?! But seeing people hold up those huge tablets next to their face makes me realize times have changed lol. Can't really picture someone holding a camera up to their face though, probably use a bluetooth earpiece.
@johnlee, @sofiamuller, these are APS-C sized sensor cameras, so it should be about in the same ballpark as those from Nikon and Canon. The main difference is that with this camera, you can virtually download camera apps and use them to shoot instead. &..probably answer a Skype call when you are using it too....:-)
Do you own one for yourself ? :)
It seems like every normal camera to me though
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