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One day it was one of BTS off days so they didn't have to work, just relax and do whatever they wanted. So they all gathered in their living room to discuss what should they do together. First Jhope suggested "Hey let's go swimming!" V also agreed "Yeah let's go hyungs! saying it with excitement jumping up and down like a fool. Jung Kook butts in cutting off V's little happy moment "ooO! let's play video games I feel like beating someone, who dares to face the golden maenae?!" popping up off the sofa so fast with his finger pointing to everyone looking determined. Jimin laughs out loud " yeah right kookie as if! you sure you can win? because last time I checked everytime one of us beats you in one of your little video games you cry like a baby" Everyone bust out laughing so hard XD Kookie has a suprised look on his face and looked at Jimin crazy "oOoo so its funny huh? It was so funny I forgot to laugh sorry" Everyone bust out laughing again, Jhope falling to the floor in tears pointing at jimin. Kookie continued "Don't let me get started on your height and how you don't have ANY jams so I don't think you need to try and go on somebody" saying with a little smirk and a little laugh. Everybody was still laughing hard then when they heard what Kookie said to Jimin . Everybody just stop laughing and said "Dammmnnn ooOOo" with their hands over their mouth then Suga "shit.. boy you just got shut downnn" Everybody of course started laughing again after Suga said that. Jimin was humiliated in front of his hyungs so he pretented everything was cool, he walked over to Kookie to see a disppointed baby with his arms folded and head turned the other way. "uhh Kookie ah ... I'm sorry baby I was just playing with you haha.. you know its a joke.. let's go take a walk to the park" he said with a smile on his face, with his arm around Kookie. Then Kookie looked at Jimin ,"Ya! don't think I'm going to forget what you said but for now I'll forgive you", Kookie said smiling, you can see his adorable little bunny teeth and his eye smile which made Jimin happy inside, blushing. You know thats his boo he love him some kookie♡ Anyway Kookie wanted to play video games and Jimin wanted to take a walk to the park . Then Jin, "Hey I wanted to cook for everyone and maybe watch some movies", he said with a smile on his face. Namjoon got up from the sofa to stretch, "that sounds nice and all mama Jin but how about later? lets go shopping! lets go buy some fly shit so we can get our swag on!", saying it all cool and smooth with his shades on. Jin started laughing at him "you are funny you know that? smiling bright at Namjoon, then gets up walks to him caressing his cheek while Namjoon just stand there smiling at Jin; it was one of those Namjin moments. Across the room there's a judging Yoongi with a disgusted look on his face while looking at Namjin. Yoongi rudely interrupted their Namjin moment "well excuse me you two act like no one is in the room, ew get a room geez!" with a nasty look on his face while everyone else laughs. Then Yoongi continues "Well anyway too bad I don't give a shit. You know me I'm going to go take a nap. PEACE!", throwing up the duces, walks out the living room, and goes upstairs to his bedroom. Jimin tried to stop him while he was walking away, "Wait Yoongi let's... " "SLAM!" goes Yoongi's bedroom door cutting off Jimin's words . Jimin had a dumbfounded look on his face. Namjoon then said "Man forget him right now, he's always saying he doesn't give a shit about this and that blah blah blah!", he said sounding annoyed. Jin looks at Namjoon with a concerned look on his face "Aw don't worry about it", giving him a warm hug. Jin then looks at everyone "Ok everyone let me cook for you all and let's just find a movie to watch for now then we all can agree to do something later after Yoongi wakes up from his nap.. you know he can be grumpy sometimes don't mind him ok?", with a smile on his face . Everyone felt that motherly love from Jin. So everyone decided to eat and watch a movie for now. Few hours passed they were done eating and watching a good movie in the living room. V then said "thanks for the delicious meal mama Jin", smiling brightly then hugs Jin then everyone else agreed and hugged Jin. Laughing and all. Suddenly Yoongi comes down the stairs from his bedroom just waking up from his nap. Stretching and yawning. "HEY YOONGI!" "HYUNG!" everyone yelled out, Kookie then said "you finally woken up haha" Namjoon runs over to Yoongi "hey man how was your nap? did you sleep well?", "yeah it was amazing!", Yoongi said smiling bright with his cute eye smile, everyone else laughs at him because everyone knows his love for sleep or being lazy. Then Jin ,"now everyone are you ready to decide what we are going to do today? let's figure out something quicky quicky!". Everyone is thinking hard what they can do together on their off day because its the only off day they have this week, sadly. Jhope breaks the silence "hey let's go to the carnival and have some fun you guys!", he said in excitement. Everyone else agreed . Namjoon then said "alrighty then! the carnival it is, lets go enjoy ourself while we have the chance because you know we have to practice our new dance choreo tomorrow and record our new song so let's go TURN UP! then everyone else laughs and say "TURN UP!". They walked out the door and got in the car while mama Jin gets in on the driver side and Namjoon on the passager side. Mama Jin then said "everyone make sure you are buckled up ok?" YES MAMA!" Everyone yelled. Ok well we are leaving now then Namjoon turns on the radio while they are taking off to their destination. Their new song Dope playing in the car and everyone is singing and laughing.

The End ♡

Did you guys enjoy reading episode 1? I know it looks a bit childish or fluffy?? I hope that's okay with you guys lol. Btw, I made this fanfic awhile back so it's not new to me, but it's new to you guys :) So I hope you liked it! Don't forget to follow this collection for more! Trust me, it gets better and better!
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