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I Hate How Much I Love This.

Oh snap. That was a sick and 100% scientifically accurate burn.

Do you guys know any other cool animal facts?

A new born kangaroo is the size of a jelly bean.
An octopus also only lays eggs once in its entire lifecycle...at the end, then she'll die a few months after her eggs have hatched...poor sad momma octopus...😢🐙
That really made my heart hurt! 😭
@ButterflyBlu - Yes, it makes mine too...the octopus is one of my most favorite animal beings on Earth...♡♡
Yeah the octopus dies from starvation and exhaustion from protecting her eggs to make sure her babies can live
An octopus has 3 hearts, I could be wrong
where she go will she come back ;_;
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