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So who has watched it? Isn't it exciting? The whole cast is great. I don't understand why IU is getting bad reviews but then the only other show I watched her in was Pretty Man with Jang Keun Suk. BaekHyun.... I don't think he needed to act. He spends most of his time with 8 other guys, so he seemed pretty natural being a part of a large family with lots of brothers. Kissasian has it on their website and it's free to watch. Here's the link>>> Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
I'm loving this show so much that I have watched the current episodes twice....I so love historical dramas and Lee Joon Gi OMG he is just too beautiful!!!
oh my god Lee Joon Gi is so good looking, I love/hate that mask lol
I'm watching it and so far I love it. I think IU is doing great, I don't know what people are complaining about 😑. The treatment of Wang So (Joonki) makes me wanna cry 😭. I still don't get why they treat him like that.
I know right? He seems to just want his parents attention. His mother, ugh the way she treated him, made me mad