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The 2nd song in the album, “Don’t Care” has a comfortable rhythm, how did you come up with this song? YH: I think this song gives you a warm feeling. I made it in an instant while I was playing acoustic guitar. I didn’t have much trouble creating it. It sounds almost same as in its initial/demo stage. JS: It is very simple. I thought it would be better not to change it so much from the original. I was happy to listen to it after recording because we were able to retain the original feeling. The lyrics tell you to believe in yourself. The phrase ‘I have my fans to support me’-is it correct to assume that Yonghwa san is trying to show how you feel? YH: Yes, that’s right. I wrote the lyrics really fast. The key words of “Lady” were “lady” and “baby”. In this song, I wonder what you meant by “I” and “You”. I don’t think it means just the relationship of two – “I” and “You” YH: Right, it contains the message that one is not just living on his own and he should be grateful to the people around him. JH: Yonghwa is playing the acoustic guitar in this song. I tried to record electric guitar as well with rough sounds and distortion, but we thought it didn’t fit and does not sound good. In the end, we was erased it. That’s a little disappointing. JH: It was! Well I kind of knew it might not work and discussed if “Is it better not to include?” with the staff and members. We decided to do it saying “But we never know if we don’t try”, and recorded it – it was a waste of time. LOL! But it shows that you are trying all possibilities thinking to of ways to make the songs better? JH: Right, we found out the acoustic sound goes well in the end. MH: I believe the point of this song is brass part. You can easily remember the melody of that part. It’s such a nice song that recording went smoothly. The sounds were great. YH: The drum sound was especially great! The 3rd song “Monday” is a cheerful song that incorporates elements of reggae. Although it is about depressive feeling of Monday morning, it is sort of humorous and not truly hating it. YH: The background of the lyrics is, although we are in different situation now, I know that for a lot of people like office workers, Monday is the start of the whole week and Sunday night is a little depressing. In Korea we have a program called “Gag Concert” by KBS, broadcasted on Sunday night. Each time I hear the ending theme back when I was student, I was like “No, school week starts again tomorrow”. JS: Yeah, it was like that during school days. YH: That is how I wrote the lyrics..thinking of that feeling. I feel the song has encouraging effect to think positive when you feel blue. Were you aiming for such an effect? YH: I guess so. I also included the word ‘time machine’ hoping I wish I could go back and forth in time. Please tell us how excited you are about participating in Summer Sonic 2013 and Rock in Japan Festival 2013 this summer. MH: I feel a lot of pressure. There will be so many band and many drummers in different colors. Among them, I feel pressured on what I can do. I try to be relaxed and think that we can just play our own music. YH: I am so looking forward to it. It’s going to be an interesting experience and because we have had a lot of live stage, I believe we can do well. JH: I am happy to join. I only play with pleasure and have fun as usual. That’s all I want. JS: I also feel I am going to have fun. It is my first time to watch or perform in Summer Sonic 2013, so I am happy and Rock in Japan Festival 2013 will be outdoors. We’ve done outdoor performance in Niigata and it had its own appeal, so I am looking forward to it. I am so happy to perform as 4 of us and hoping a lot of people can listen to our music and come to our live concert.