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By popular demand, here is a virtual date with Hongbin! Enjoy!
First off, I think he wouldn't stress too much about how he looked. He knows you think he's gorgeous, so he's relieved he doesn't have to try so hard with you.
Next, he'd be the person that would send a taxi for you to bring you straight to where he wants you to be. He'd have the date loosely planned, because he knows things can change in an instant and he'd love how you're ok with that.
The taxi would drop you off at the Dongdaemun Market, where he'd be waiting for you on a bench. After paying the cab fare and greeting you, he'd take your hand as you both stroll from one vendor to the next looking at all the pretty things and picking what you both would like to eat.
After deciding what yummy street food you wanted, he'd take you by the LED rose garden and sit on a bench eating and feeding each other while enjoying the beautiful lights.
Of course all good things must come to an end... but not before he makes a last minute decision. He puts your arm in his, and walls you to a building near the market. As you go in you realize it's a Noraebang! You sing and dance together and he laughs at your cute rendition of "Gr8 U"
As the date draws to a close, you feel so energized just being with him, but also sad to have to part ways. He would see the disappointment on your face and decide to let you ride with him to his company dorm before sending you home. You'd chat and hold hands in the cab soaking up every ounce of his presence before it's gone.
He'd pay the cab driver for the ride and prepay your ride home and ask him to wait while you say your last goodbyes. You'd let go of his hand and wave to each other as he walks through the gate you can't follow him through. Before you get into the car you hear him call your name, and you see he's climbed the fence and is waving you over to him. He surprises you when he leans over the fence and kisses you. He hops down and runs back in before you can even respond. But you get into the cab with a huge smile in your face.
Once you're home you check your computer for emails and messages before bed, and see that he sent you a video message. You click on it to see he sent it while you were on your way home. he said he missed you already, and hopes you didn't mind the kiss, and hopes to do it again soon. ------------- Soooo.... did you enjoy that virtual date with Hongbin?? Let me know what you think in the comments below!
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So cutee
Yes!!! That's a perfect date!!!!!
OMG! So squishy and cute and all full of fluff and Hongbin dimples! Mandy, I can't wait for the rest.
Ravi is next. prepare yourself Helipoo.
That was so cute. could I be added to the taglist please?
absolutely! and thanks! ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed that.
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