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(Omg look how he goes from bedroom eyes to goofy tooth grin in 0.0000074 seconds.) Ehem... I know you all love and appreciate this precious ball of cuteness and all of his goofy antics. So do I! But let's take a moment to appreciate when this fluffy McGoof ball gets serious and his manly side takes the wheel and lets his sexy out. Enjoy the Changsub feels!!
Chill sir. Take your manly chest, piercing eyes, sharp jawline, and tattoos to a chair and take a seat. Take several.
All that swag. He haz it. Asdfhlhfsf but can we please talk about how amazing he looks in a white button up?!
Changsub + Suspenders = all the yes.
So .... did you catch the feels?? I'm judging you so hard if you didn't. Lol XD Just kidding ;) Either way, you can't deny, each and every one of the BTOB members are sexy and charming in their own way! Now, I'm off to bed. Sleepy me stayed up late to bring you feels. ^^ Happy Wednesday Melodies!!
Changsub does have his own kind of charms that are uniquely cute 😛
@MandyNoona lol ok thank you I really want to have him though
@twistedlove he is trying to make all of us question everything lol. and absolutely! I'll be glad to add u!
excuse me mister beautiful can I have you for a little while please I promise I'm a good girl and I will be gentle with you lol anyways can you add me to the list please?
Excuse me sir, I'm gonna need you to put on you brakes right now. please & thanky
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