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Hello peoples, chapter 35 is here. We're back to the main storyline. The next few chapters are part of the last story arc for my little (maybe not so little) story. So it's almost over. Tears to be had and all that. I can now tell you that there are 37 regular chapters. Because of the feedback and how much people seem to like the story, I wanted to thank you guys by adding an epilogue of sorts to hopefully make everyone feel better (not spoiling the ending). I'm sure you're all very happy for it to come to a resolution anyway, lol. I hope it turns out the way you want it to. For now, here's the chapter.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in the few future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 34
Word Count: 3477
Warning: Contains mild language
Narrator POV
For the next two weeks, Namjoon kept trying to convince Yoongi to hear him out. Two of their new music videos had just dropped and A.R.M.Y.s were clamoring for more. The guys didn’t want to disappoint so they worked their asses off to send the next one out. This allowed Yoongi an easy escape from Namjoon. Every time Namjoon tried to talk to Yoongi, Yoongi would say that he had a song to check again, he had to practice, he was going to sleep, that he had something to work on. It annoyed Namjoon to no end. Namjoon felt that if Yoongi would just give him a chance to explain, that everything would work out for them.
Namjoon heard through Jin, who he was certain was dating Nina, that Nina was trying to convince Rose to talk to Yoongi. Namjoon started to directly message Nina in order to find out specifics. According to Nina, Rose was drowning herself in work. Rose was going several days without sleeping and was only intermittently eating. With everything piling up on BTS, Namjoon barely had a chance to breathe, let alone check on Rose. And he felt horrible about it. He texted her, but she always said the same things: ‘I’m fine’, ‘Just caught up in work’, ‘Don’t worry’, and ‘Of course I’m eating’. He knew that she didn’t like to lie, so she was probably justifying her small snacks as ‘eating’, and working all day and night as ‘caught up in work’.
Yoongi was eating because the other members forced him to eat, telling him he had to keep himself together for the fans. But the dark circles under his eyes were more prominent than everyone else’s and they were getting to the point that it was starting to become harder to cover with makeup. Namjoon was worried for the both of them. This didn’t keep Yoongi from avoiding Namjoon. He knew the younger one wanted to say something about the conversation he overheard, but Yoongi didn’t want to hear excuses. He’d heard enough.
‘Every time I’m around him, it hurts. Every time I look at him, it hurts. Every time he speaks, it hurts. Every time I hear him on the damn radio, it hurts. I had to take all BTS songs off my iPod because I couldn’t stand to hear his voice! So please, just stop. I can’t do it anymore.’ Then sobbing. Yoongi wished he’d known about how she felt before he’d gotten so broken up about her. Before he’d gotten his hopes up again.
There was a knock on the bedroom door and then it was opened. Namjoon walked in. Yoongi sighed as he sat up and started towards the door.
“I’m not here to talk about Rose,” Namjoon said. Yoongi stopped, waiting for him to continue. “Just don’t forget about the party.” There was a party for BTS’s upcoming album release. The company decided to do the party early because after the release, the boys would be swamped with everything that came with releases.
“Of course not,” Yoongi rolled his eyes. “It’s our party. We have to be there.”
“Just...try to make sure you get some sleep before then. It won’t be good for pictures to show you looking like a zombie, the way you do now.”
“Whatever. You don’t need to nag me. I’m older than you anyways.”
“Yeah, well you don’t act like it,” Namjoon said quickly before walking out. Yoongi’s temper flared up. He wanted to tell Namjoon off but he knew that it would just invite more conversation. And that was the last thing he wanted. For all he knew, that could be Namjoon’s plan. Yoongi cursed Namjoon under his breath before going back to his desk. Break time was over.
Rose and Nina’s house
You’re still going to the party, right?” Nina called down the hall.
I’m too busy,” Rose called back and turned her attention back to her laptop. The novel was almost finished. She was both anxiously awaiting and dreading the completion of the novel. On one hand, her first full novel would finally be finished. On the other hand, there would be less distractions from the problems at hand. Of course, the recent events, while giving her an excuse to work diligently, were causing problems with her novel. Nina had commented on the darker path the story had taken. Rose had noticed it already. But she was going to try her best to make sure that ending was a happy one. Now, if only that could happen in real life...
Don’t give that excuse! You need a break. And you did a lot of work to help them on their album. BigHit is expecting to see you there,” Nina said leaning in the doorway.
We’ll see.” Rose glared at Nina.
Not ‘we’ll see’. You’re going to go. It’s not fair to the rest of them that your avoiding Yoongi means avoiding them.” Nina’s crossed her arms and glared back. Rose rolled her eyes, but she knew Nina was right. And she felt the same. She missed hanging out with the rest of them. They had been too busy to hang out anyway, but she felt a little guilty knowing that she probably would’ve avoided them even if they weren’t.
I know...I hate it when you do that.”
Do what?” Nina walked to Rose and leaned back on the desk.
Tell me something I already know and make me feel stupid about it.” Nina ruffled Rose’s hair.
Yeah, well, if you were a genius all the time, I probably wouldn’t like you as much.” Rose pushed Nina. “But for real. You’re really smart, but when it comes to yourself, you’re a bit of an idiot.”
Oh, thank you my amazing friend,” Rose replied sarcastically.
Hey, sometimes you need a reality check. Just be glad I’m so nice about it.”
Yeah, yeah, yeah.”
But, back to the issue at hand, let’s pick out a dress.”
Friday (Day of the party)
Friday arrived too soon for Rose and not soon enough for Nina, Jin, and Namjoon. Nina was coming to the party as Rose’s guest and Jin was excited to finally see her after so long. Namjoon was anxious to see Rose after everything Nina had told him. He was worried about how she was after not sleeping or eating. Jin and Namjoon kept Rose’s coming to the party a secret from the other guys. They didn’t want to give Yoongi time to find a way out and they knew that if they told the other guys, that one of them would slip.
Rose was worried about having to see Yoongi. If he hated her as much as she was afraid he did, this would not be a pleasant party. She managed to get some restless sleep the night before so she hoped that her dark circles would not look as bad as they had looked for the last month or so.
Start getting ready,” Nina yelled from her room.
Yeah, yeah, I’m getting to it.” Rose walked to Nina’s room. The door was open as Nina picked out accessories to go with the dress. It was an informal party, so they didn’t have to wear evening dresses, but they still wanted to look nice. “Hey, Nina.”
Hmm?” Nina turned to Rose.
Can you help me with this later?” Rose indicated to her dark circles.
Y’know, one of these days, you need to learn how to put on proper makeup.”
Rose rolled her eyes. “I don’t need you to trying to convert me over to cosmetics, I just need help this once. You know I’m not good with cover-or-whatever-the-hell-it’s-called.”
Nina laughed. “Alright, girlie. Get everything else together and I’ll help you with it.”
And just so you know, I’m not doing a full mask of makeup. Just this part.”
Whatever. Just go get ready.” Rose turned to the door. “Oh, can you close the door?” Rose groaned and grabbed the door handle, closing it behind her. “Thank you!” Nina called.
Rose went to her room and grabbed the dress she’d chosen. It was a knee-length dark blue dress with light and dark silver strands weaved through it, making small designs. The shortness of the dress was made up for by the top part. The top sat barely off the shoulder, with 3/4-length sleeves. Rose also grabbed a pair of nude-colored nylons to help hide the scars on her knees. She was about to pick accessories for the dress when she realized she was already wearing a necklace. This whole time, she had been mindlessly taking off the necklace for showers and then putting it right back on. She stared at the reflection of the dreamcatcher pendant in her closet mirror. Tears threatened to fall so she quickly unclasped the necklace and threw it on the bed.
An hour later, both of the girls were ready to head to the party. The party started fifteen minutes previous and the venue was only a ten minute drive from their house which meant, in Nina’s eyes that they would be fashionably late. In Rose’s eyes, they were just plain late. But Rose knew that Nina purposely took a lot of time in order to make them late. After some bickering, the two of them got into the car and Nina drove them to the party. It was a fairly large venue. After YG’s Foreign Flower’s speech about companies working together, all the major entertainment companies were sending their bands to celebrate with each other. Rose hoped that there would be enough people to make it easy to avoid Yoongi.
Rose’s wish came true. When Nina and Rose walked into the reception hall, they saw it was packed full of people. They spotted members of Exo, GOT7, Big Bang, MonstaX, f(x), and B.A.P. And that was just by the entrance. Some of the groups saw them come in and greeted Rose and were introduced to Nina. Nina had been studying hard, so her Korean was vastly improved, though she still had some trouble. The girls made their way through the crowd until they stumbled into Jin, Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jimin grouped together. Jin and Nina smiled at each other and Nina slowly made her way over to him.
“Wow. You girls look really nice,” Jin said. Between the background music and other people talking, Jin had to raise his voice to be heard. The other guys smirked.
“Yes they do, lover boy,” Jimin laughed. The other guys and Rose laughed. Jin and Nina stayed quiet with blushes on their cheeks.
“Yah, stop teasing them,” Hoseok said, nudging Jimin.
“Jin, I’m thirsty. Can you show me—where the drink area is?” Nina whipped her head towards Jin.
“Yeah, sure. Of course,” Jin replied and quickly directed her away from the group. The people who were left laughed.
“Noona,” Jimin said, his face turning serious. “Are you okay?”
“Y-yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” Rose answered nervously. She didn’t know how much the other members knew.
“You’re paler than the last time we saw you,” Jimin replied.
“And you’re thinner,” Hoseok added, voice laced with concern.
“And we can tell you’re hiding panda eyes,” Namjoon remarked. “More so than usual.”
Rose fidgeted and pulled at the ends of her hair. “I just—had a lot of work. I’m putting the finishing touches on my book and I’ve just been a little OCD about it. You know, a little bit Howard Hughes. But don’t worry, Nina’s been on my case already. After I’m finished, everything will go back to before.”
“Noona—“ Hoseok started saying something, but Rose’s attention was caught by the silver-haired man she saw slowly getting closer. He didn’t seem to be heading specifically towards them, just wandering, but she got nervous anyway.
“Hey, umm, I just saw someone I remembered that I needed to talk to,” Rose said hurriedly and took off in the opposite direction.
The boys were confused for a moment until they heard, “Here’s where you guys have been. Manager’s been looking for you.” Yoongi looked at them boredly.
They started following Yoongi. “It’s too bad,” Jimin said. Yoongi looked back at him. “You just barely missed Rose-noona.” Yoongi steps faltered. He refused to look at them while he tried to steady himself.
“ here?”
“Of course, she helped us a lot on this album,” Namjoon answered.
“Of course...” Yoongi muttered. “Namjoon, can I talk to you?” Hoseok could hear the anger in his voice. Yoongi gestured to Jimin and Hoseok where the manager was. He started walking to a far corner that was empty. Namjoon followed. Namjoon knew that Yoongi was going to be mad at him, but he didn’t care. His hyung was acting like a kid.
As soon as they reached the corner, Yoongi started in on Namjoon. “You knew, right? And you specifically kept that from me?” Namjoon crossed his arms and nodded. Yoongi became angrier. “Why?” he demanded.
“Because I knew what would happen. You would find some excuse to not show up or try to get her uninvited.”
“Yeah, well, she did say that she couldn’t stand being around me anymore. That my very existence hurt her. So why would I want to be here? And why would I want her to be here? So she can get hurt more?” Something clicked for Namjoon. Yoongi wasn’t just angry at Namjoon or Rose, he was angry at himself. He felt guilty.
“That’s why you don’t want her here? So she won’t get hurt?” Namjoon confronted. Yoongi froze when he realized what he had let slip.
“That’s not—that—“ Yoongi stuttered. “Let’s go, manager-nim is probably wondering why we’re not there.” Yoongi quickly walked back into the crowd.
A little while later, an announcement was made. BTS went to the stage and said their ‘thank you’s before telling everyone to continue enjoying the party. Rose felt her heart catch in her chest when Yoongi took his turn at the mic. She thought he looked more pale and tired than usual, no doubt due to their recent crazy schedule. But it still worried her. For the next hour, Rose chatted with various people, making sure to move whenever she thought she saw Yoongi in the crowd.
Hey, can I borrow your phone for a bit?” Nina rushed up to Rose.
What for?” Rose asked pulling her phone out.
Mine’s about to die and I still have people I need to take pictures with. I’ll have you send them to me later, okay?”
Yeah, sure.” Rose handed over her phone. “Hey, what’s Jin doing about all the fangirling?”
Nina blushed. “He was a little jealous at first, but I think now he just finds it cute.”
Told you he’s a good guy.”
Yeah, whatever.” Nina bumped Rose. “Thanks for the phone,” she said before disappearing back into the crowd.
Rose was still smiling at her silly friend as she turned back around. Her smile dropped when she saw the person standing in front of her. Yoongi. She’d spent the whole time being careful, she stopped paying attention for a minute and this, of course, had to happen.
“Yoongi...” his name escaped her lips. Yoongi quickly recovered from the surprise and put his bored mask back on. He started to turn away. “Yoongi—“ Yoongi froze as he waited for her to continue. “I’m—I’m sorry.” She said quickly and disappeared into the crowd. Tears threatened to spill from Yoongi’s eyes. He quickly left the reception area to head to the men’s bathroom. He wanted a moment to gather himself before he really did start to cry. He went into the fortunately empty bathroom and washed his face with the cold water. He stared at himself in the mirror as he mentally talked himself down. He took a few deep breaths and left the bathroom.
Yoongi almost ran straight into someone. “Sorry!” he said quickly, holding the girl so she could get her balance back. He recognized her as one of the backup dancers for one of the music videos.
“No, that’s okay, oppa. It was an accident. Actually, it’s funny, I’ve looking for you during the party. Then when I head to the bathroom and immediately run into you.” The girl smiled at him flirtatiously. She was really pretty. Exactly what he would describe as his type: shorter, but not too short, cute, small face, curvy in all the right places, which he could really see due to her provocative dress, younger than him, with a musical voice and laugh. Exactly what he thought was his type. Except...she wasn’t ‘her’. But that should be irrelevant. He couldn’t have ‘her’. With BTS’s busy schedule, Yoongi never really actively pursued a relationship. Rose was a surprise, an anomaly. But...maybe harmless flirting could provide him with a distraction from her. At least for a short time.
“What a coincidence,” he quickly switched to flirtatious mode.
The girl, whose name he just couldn’t recall, smiled at Yoongi’s responsiveness. “I just wanted to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to work with you so...closely.” She leaned up and kissed him lightly on the cheek. And that’s when he saw her. She had just stepped into the hallway, heading to the bathroom.
Rose saw the kiss and felt her heart shatter. She knew Yoongi wasn’t hers, he was Suga, and he could get any girl he wanted. Just like she’d always thought. She just never thought she’d have to actually watch it happen. Yoongi was frozen in place, his eyes fixed on Rose as she quietly went back to the reception.
Yoongi’s voice was caught in his throat. “I’m sorry. I—I need to talk to someone.” The girl looked at him with confusion. He barely glanced at her as he stepped around her. He practically ran to the reception door. Yoongi’s brain told him that he shouldn’t be doing this, he shouldn’t be going after her. But, in the brief moment that their eyes met, she looked hurt. It looked like she was about to cry. He had to ask her about it. Why did it look like that? It shouldn’t look like that. Unless...there was no way that Namjoon could be right. Yoongi heard from her own lips that everything about Yoongi hurt her. So why...
Once inside, Yoongi immediately started scanning the crowd looking for Rose. She must’ve moved away quickly. Yoongi picked a direction and started his search. He moved through the crowd frantically. Whenever anyone tried to pull him into a conversation, he apologized and said he was in the middle of something. This continued until someone grabbed his arm. He turned to them and came face-to-face with Namjoon.
“What’s wrong?” Namjoon asked with concerned eyes.
“I—I—I was looking for someone,” Yoongi said, his eyes still scanning the crowd.
“Rose noona?” That stopped Yoongi.
“So it was your fault.” Yoongi’s eyes shot to Namjoon’s.
“What do you mean? What happened?”
“Noona said she wasn’t feeling well and that she needed to go home.”
“And you let her?” Yoongi raised his voice. Namjoon gestured for him to quiet down.
“Hyung, she’s an adult. I didn’t let her do anything. She did what she wanted. And what’d you do to her anyway? She looked even more sick than when she got here.”
Namjoon cut Yoongi off, his anger finally starting to show. “If you’d cared at all, you would’ve seen her and known that something was wrong. She hasn’t been eating or sleeping...and it’s because you’re both stupid.”
“Who are you—“
“Are you going to go talk to her?” Namjoon prodded. Yoongi was conflicted. While he debated with himself, Nina and Jin walked up.
“Have you guys seen Rose?” Nina asked.
“Yeah, she just left,” Namjoon answered, his eyes still not leaving Yoongi.
“What? Why?”
“She asked me to tell you when I saw you. She said she wasn’t feeling well and left.”
This girl...” Nina muttered. “She’s walking home then? ‘Cause I have the car keys. Oh shit, and the house keys. And her phone. This crazy girl.”
“Well, she left in a hurry.”
Damnit, I’m gonna have to go after her,” Nina sighed. She turned to Jin. “Sorry—“
“You don’t need to leave,” Namjoon interjected. All eyes turned to him. “Hyung’ll do it.”
“I what?” Nina smirked suspiciously, pulled out Rose’s phone, and unclipped the house keys. She thrust them into Yoongi’s hands. “Wait. I didn’t say—“
“It’s your fault. You should take care of it,” Namjoon whispered furiously in Yoongi’s ear. He pulled out at face mask and handed it to Yoongi.
“Thank you!” Nina said and quickly pulled Jin away. Namjoon nodded towards the door.
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell manager-nim that you weren’t feeling well. But you should hurry, she left almost 20 minutes ago.”
This time I liked Jimin starting trouble, lol. And Yoongi...the holes you dig, though this time it seems to have caused things to head in the right direction. I wonder how it'll work out. Two chapters and an epilogue left...
Thank you all for reading my story and this chapter. Thank you to everyone reading, liking, commenting, clipping, and following. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters (what few are left). I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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Ah Yoongi, for someone so bright, you are so dense. Now getting Rose to listen will be interesting too.....both are too stubborn for their own good.
@JaxomB ain't that the truth. On both accounts, lol