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So I think this will be ending within the next few chapters maybe?

Y/n Pov

“ So what did your brother have to say?” Jiyong smirked as we came to a stop pulling me out of my thoughts. “ Oh nothing really.” I sighed recalling the words he spat. “ Really?” He inquired as a smile spread across my face. “ Really Jiyong-ssi.” I chuckled quickly climbing out of the car headed for his house trying to hide my fear. ' He said not to trust them, but what if he was the one I shouldn't trust' The same question danced through my thoughts since the words left his mouth. “ I really am alone aren't I?” I sighed as the words slipped through my mouth just as Jiyong caught up. “ You aren't alone if anything else you will have me by your side.” He smiled draping his arm around my shoulder as he was fumbling with his keys. “ Such a comforting thought Oppa.” I snickered stepping out of his reach letting his arm fall to his side. “ Hey I was being serious if you need anything at all just let me know okay?” He pouted hiding his face as he opened the door before sulking away. “ Is every guy seriously like this or just the ones I know?” I caught myself laughing as I made my way up the stairs. Before I knew it time had flown by once again as I stayed busy from early morning until late at night. I hardly had time to worry about anything besides if I was going to mess up my line on set, or if I was going to fail. “ Noona are you even listening to me?” I heard a voice mumble pulling me out of my day dream. “ Sorry Chan what were you saying?” I laughed slightly as he grunted clearly annoyed with me. “ I said we are coming to Japan next week, and If you aren't busy I want to see you.” He squeaked definitely embarrassed from admitting such a thing. The other's were clearly listening to his conversation as you could hear loud awe's coming from all around. “ Yeah I would love to see you Chan, but remember the others can't be with you....” I sadly sighed into the phone as it finally hit him. “ Noona I didn't forget that, but I figured you could use some time to relax all you have been doing is working.” He teased before yelling into the phone excited. “ That's right Noona That show comes out today doesn't it!” He beamed full of pride as a laugh escaped my lips. “ Hey y/n who are you talking to so late?” Jiyong sighed rolling over rubbing his eyes. “ Ah sorry Jiyong-ssi I will step out so you can sleep.” I tried as I headed for the door, but was quickly pulled back. “ I don't think so missy hand me.” He demanded placing the phone to his ear. “ Hello?” He sleepily said without releasing his hold on me. “ Ah okay here is your sister back sorry.” He grunted handing me back my phone, but still refusing to let go. “ Noona does he really have to be in the same room with you?” I heard Chanwoo grumble quietly so the others wouldn't hear him. “ You know the answer to that Chan.” We both sighed at the fact that Jiyong hardly ever leaves my side for ' Fear of communication with the others'. “ Come back to bed.” Jiyong started whine trying to pull me into his bed. “ Wait you are sleeping in the same bed?” Chanwoo yelled a little too loudly as the others all quickly asked questions. “ The hotel we are at only have a room with one bed available, but don't worry we are leaving for new one tomorrow.” I tried to calm his worries, but Jiyong took my phone again. “ I am sorry, but I am stealing your sister now to use as my personal teddy bear goodnight Chanwoo!” He laughed into the phone hanging up, but not before I could hear his yells of protest. “ He is so annoying sometimes.” He smirked quickly removing the battery from my phone tossing it to the floor. “ Jiyong-ssi please stop this you more than likely are giving him a heart attack.” I sighed trying to grab my phone only to find Jiyong pulling me into his arms. “ I said you were going to be my teddy bear.” He pouted refusing to let me go no matter how much I protested.

Chanwoo's Pov

“ I am sorry, but I am stealing your sister now to use as my personal teddy bear goodnight Chanwoo!” He laughed into the phone as I quickly jumped up. “ Don't you dare touch her!! Sh*t” I spat as the line went dead as I quickly tried to dial her number back only getting a dial tone. “ Hey man everything okay with your sister?” Yunhyeong asked placing his hand onto my shoulder as I huffed. “ I don't know her phone is off I swear if...” I started, but quickly looked towards Bobby not wanting to give anything away. None of them knew Y/n was my sister, or that I have been talking to her every night around them just so she could hear their laughter and voices. “ I am sure she will be okay.” I finally said taking my seat before asking a very dangerous question. “ Do you guys want to watch a new Japanese drama? My sister recommended it.” I smiled as everyone quickly agreed taking their seats around me. After about 20 minutes into the show was when everyone lost their minds. “ Wait is that?” June asked looking towards Jinhwan who looked just as confused as everyone else. “ But how? There is no way is there?” Donghyuk said baffled as they all looked back towards the screen. “ That is really her look at the small freckle under her eye. No doubt about it that is Y/n.” Bobby confirmed what everyone else what thinking. “ So that is why she was sent to Japan...” Hanbin said letting his words sit in as everyone took the news differently.

Y/n pov

I have yet to hear the end of the little stunt Jiyong pulled the week before no matter what I did I couldn't escape his grasp to call Chanwoo back, and quickly fell asleep due to exhaustion. “ Did you finally escape your baby sitter?” Chan mocked from the other end of the phone as I scoffed. “ Yes I told him I had to work today, and borrowed a few things to from some co workers so I am free.” I giggled waiting for him to be proud of me. “ Speaking of where are we meeting?” He hummed not really familiar with Japan. “ I know just the spot no one ever goes there I will text you the address.” I sang happily as I skipped my way towards one of my favourite cafe. My face lit up at the sound of the bell signalling the door being opened. “ Chanwoo! Over here...” I yelled before my eyes went wide from shock. “ Hey I was right Chanwoo was running off to meet a girl!” Yunhyeong's laughter sounded through out the entire shop. “ Wait you guys followed me?!” Chanwoo spun around to the other pulling me behind his back. “ Chan this isn't good.” I stuttered as he took my hand in his. “ Wait no one is allowed to date remember!” Donghyuk all but yelled causing us to both erupt with laughter. “ Date her that is nasty she is my sister man.” He smiled as everyone finally caught on before rushing to meet me. “ She is really shy guys.” He tried to cover for me, but it instantly failed as soon as my name was yelled to pick up my coffee. “ That is funny your sister has the same name as Y/n.” Jinhwan said as all eyes went to me as they yelled for me once again. “ Ah yes thank you very much.” I bowed towards them grabbing my coffee before slowly making my way back towards them. “ So your sister has the same name as Y/n, hey when is your birthday?” Hanbin asked looking towards me as sighed. “ Idiots.” I muttered undoing my mask as they all gasped loudly. “ There was a reason Chan was alone remember we aren't supposed to have any form of contact.” I stressed as they all looked between me and Chanwoo. “ Wait since when do you have a brother Noona?” June asked clearly not caring about the rules they compared the two of us. “ Well she has always had a brother, she just never knew about it.” Chanwoo said through clenched teeth as Bobby only stood their in disbelieve. “ Wait Chanwoo said something about his sister not having anyone, but him does that mean?” Jinhwan said as they all looked towards me once again. “ Well.” I sighed running a hand through my hair stressing. “ Her parents died a week before she came back from the states, but our boss didn't want to tell her that.” Chanwoo sighed stepping in as the others eyes instantly fell. “ Wait if yg knew that why would he take everyone who cares for her away?” June said as they finally understood why Chanwoo was so protective. “ Guys I haven't been alone Chan here has been a big help, and all of your stupid conversation I overhear.” I laughed as the scrambled to remember what had been said. “ Wait what happened a week ago that Chanwoo was yelling saying don't touch her?” Bobby finally spoke unable to take his eyes off of me. “ Ummmm Chan?” I panicked looking up towards him worried. “ He is your boyfriend not mine.” He hummed stepping away, but took hold of my hand for support. “ It was Jiyong.. ever since coming to Japan he never leaves my side. Then the other night he decided to play a trick on Chanwoo by saying stupid stuff and taking my phone.” I said keeping most the truth out of it but just then my phone went off. “ Yes Jiyong-ssi?” I sang into the phone shocking everyone by my tone. “ Ah yes the shoot ended early so I went out with some friends for Coffee.” I lied before my I looked towards Chanwoo eyes full of panic. “ What do you mean they all went missing?” I faked glaring towards them. “ I didn't know they would be in Japan.” I sighed pinching the bridge of my nose. “ No he didn't tell me Jiyong don't start with me again.” I huffed as my face turned red just as Chanwoo's hand started rubbing my shoulders. Everyone seemed frozen unsure how to process what was going on. “ Kwon Jiyong I am warning you.” I huffed while Chanwoo had to stifle a laugh at the others who looked clearly shocked, but Chanwoo was used to hearing these kind of conversations. “ You can't just lock me in a tower and expect me to be happy all I ever do is work. I can't even have a proper conversation with my brother anymore. So yes I am going to enjoy my coffee without my babysitter I will see you later hopefully you find them without anything happing.” I stressed the last part looking towards the 6 idiots who stood there frozen as I quickly ended the call. “ It never gets old hearing you go off on him.” Chanwoo finally lost it clutching his sides. “ Wait you talk to him like that a lot?” Yunhyeong gasped looking towards me like I was his new hero. “ But you should all leave before they find us together.” I motioned towards the door. “ But we miss you.” Jinhwan said as his voice cracked. “ Oppa I miss you all too, but I don't want to think what will happen if they find out we were together.” I sighed as tears started filling my eyes as they all pulled me into a group hug except Bobby and Hanbin who stood off to the side. “ Hey kid.” Hanbin started lightly placing his hand on my shoulder before quickly pulling me into a hug. “ I am sorry.” Was all he said before turning away heading towards the others leaving Bobby standing there awkwardly. “ Hey.” He smiled while scratching the back of his neck. “ Long time no see.” I smiled holding my hand out towards him before he crashed into me. “ I have missed you so much.” He sighed into my neck sending shivers down my spine. “ I have missed you too Jiwon.” I laughed as we started to spin around. “ I hate not being able to talk to you what if we grow apart?” He said pulling away slightly unable to meet my eyes. “ What are you saying Jiwon?” I gasped as he laughed nervously. “ Don't worry about it okay? I hope to see you again soon, but we should go.” He smiled sadly pinching my cheek before bending down to kiss my forehead. “ I love you.” I said as tears formed in my eyes. With a smile Bobby quickly patted my head and headed towards the door without a word.
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GD is such a brat. I love him though. And if he needs to cuddle with someone this noona will happily volunteer.
I'm ready for the next part ☺
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