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Chapter 6

Marking the Territory Kurim went ahead and took the guys order. She was surprised they were eating their ice cream quieter than usual. It seemed there was a dark cloud hanging above their heads but Kurim couldn't pinpoint the cause. "Are those guys always that weird?" Jungkook asked. "They're not weird," Kurim said exasperated, "they're just...must be going through...something." "All of them?" Asked Jungkook with a raised eyebrow. "Well...they seem to have a very tight, knit relationship," said Kurim. "I know what's going on" Jungkook stated, sure of himself. With a tone of skepticism, Kurim asked "what?" "They're jealous" "Of what?" Kurim replied with an incredulous expression on her face. "Me" Jungkook stated. "Please?" Kurim said rolling her eyes. Out of nowhere, Jungkook pulled Kurim into a hug. At the same time all the small talk coming from the guys table ceased. Jungkook could see the guy named Yoongi had suddenly stood up and was struggling with two of his friends trying to make him sit down.
Jungkook smirked and made sure Yoongi saw the smile on his face. But that smile on his face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by and aching pain in his stomach. Kurim's heart was racing. What the hell did Jungkook thought he was doing. She released herself from his sudden embrace and, as sudden as that hug had been, she made sure to caught Jungkook by surprise when she punched him right in the stomach. "What do you think you're doing?" She said reeling. Jungkook was bent downwards trying to caught his breath. He knew Kurim wouldn't like that hug but he never expected her to sucker-punched him in the stomach. "I was trying to make a point. Looks like your boyfriend didn't like that hug either" Jungkook said while looking at the boys table. Kurim turned to see Yoongi had got free from Jin and Namjoon's grasp. He was walking to the counter with a murdering look on his face. "Everything okay, Kurim?" Yoongi asked while turning to look at Jungkook. Kurim saw the look of anger on Yoongi's face. He looked like he was about to maul Jungkook. "I'm fine, Yoongi, don't worry. I can take care of this idiot all by myself" she said while elbowing a recovering Jungkook in the stomach. Yoongi smirked seeing Jungkook going down once again holding his stomach. "Aren't you too friendly from someone who just started working here?" "If that's what you're worried about, don't be, me and Kurim go a long way back. We went together to high school" Jungkook said triumphantly. Yoongi shot a questioning look at Kurim. To the disappointment of Jungkook Kurim shook her hands vigorously denying such accusation. "That's what he says, to be honest with you, Yoongi, I don't even remember him." The smile long gone came back to Yoongi's face, "Okay, if you need any help we're sitting right there, all you need to do is ask." With one last look at Kurim and a warning look at Jung Kook's direction, he walked back to the guys table, whose relief was apparent in their faces. Jungkook saw the air of confidence with which Yoongi was walking back. It really irked him the wrong way. He turned to see Kurim staring at the guy while a smile formed on her face. He had set up to prove Kurim that the guys were jealous of him being there but now that he had the results, he wasn't too happy about them.
I had finished this chapter yesterday but I wanted to wait until today to post it. Right now is officially September 1st in Korea. So we're celebrating Kooki's birthday! 🎉 🎉 🎉.
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