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A picture with Yewonnie (and) Juyeon-noona~~^^ thank you so much ~!!! when (someone?) said that Jewelry came(,) there was totally such a big commotion inside (the theatre) ~~~kyakya the picture is only with Yewonnie~~ (3 hours ago) With F(x)'s Luna ~~^^ It is tiring to do the musical while doing activities (for your album) ~~ Do tomorrow's Inkigayo well and~!!!! get number 1 ~~ I love you Gabriella ~ You've worked hard for the 2 performances today pats pats (4 hours ago) Thank you to Ye-eunnie and Juyeon-noona for coming to watch the performance ~~^^ there was totally such a big commotion when (someone?) said that Jewelry came at the end ㅋㅋㅋ thank you ~~~~~ (but I only took a) picture with only Ye-eunnie (4 hours ago) It was really nice seeing Sweet sorrow's Jinhwannnie-hyung after a long time ~~^^ Hongdae Goddess Jieun-noona is also pretty todayㅋㅋ Another goddess is Soy noona ^^ your profile is awesomeㅋㅋ totally thanks (to these people,) I gained strength ~~!!!! Everyone(,) I love you ~~ next time(,) please buy me foodㅋㅋ (4 hours ago)
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So cute