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Humans are responsible for most of the Greatest tragedies in history Both to nature And to themselves We label ourselves as Cancer to the Earth And we can only get worse I admit, I can see how bad we are I know what kind of things we do to our own And if we are capable of doing such atrocities Then what's there to stop us from doing it To other things Many humans have given up on humanity Yet, for some reason, I cannot Even with the things done to me Or the things I have witnessed done to others Even if I tried Why is that? Maybe because I keep Finding a reason to believe Whether it be as big as helping A state in distress Or as small and simple stranger responding To another's sneeze with a "Bless you" These things make me believe in humanity It makes me believe that deep down We are good.
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'Course we are good. Thats just a consequence of blind order following and brainwashing. Also called madness and vanity