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In this modern era, the world has developed far beyond we had ever imagined! But we tend to neglect simple, humanity issues which are now a major crisis- sexuality! Not only me but there are many others just like me who can't confess or confront their parents regarding their sexuality!I have been with people who say that LGBT'S are a curse to this society where as some say they might be the reason for world peace! I am here to say that it's neither, it is something one must not be proud of nor ashamed! Many scientist claim it's because of genes where as some don't support this theory .Many say it might be the influence by the society and people. We still don't know what is it really but I definitely feel that people should stop accusing us and must give up going against us! We have had this enough! Let me not beat around the bush, I have a certain ways how must one not get psychologically disturbed about his/her sexuality. Firstly, tell someone u trust and will understand like your cousin or a friend.Then make sure not much people know because you kick end up getting bullied or teased.Also visit psychologists for further guidance and take help from people who do such community service. Tell your parents only if their understanding or when feel you are independent. That's me signing off! All the best!
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Hats off Chaitanya More .It takes guts to say in our country.Respect.May God be with you.Stay blessed.
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thanks bhau I understand Marathi