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When You Close Your Eyes💙💔 *Fairy Tail Spoilers*
Art done byトマトが食べれない❤ Translation done by Sarapyon❤
the woman is made of water she said herself she will live on in him i fully expect when this is done gray will get cut and juvia will pop out
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Lol idk if it would be that easy but maybe you are on to something
a year ago
-cries- I'm not believeing she's dead I believe Juvia, if Hiro can make Gajeel come back then so will Juvia....not going to give up on my theory...
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I know which main character is gonna die but I'm not going to spoil it for you.
10 months ago
omg I'm crying omg omg omg omg f. ck f. ck sh. I'm crying 😩😩
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I'm crying so much I need to get to this part I'm not there yet 😭😭😭
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its okay shes back now thanks to Wendy people 😁😊😌
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