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The invasive actions of some sasaeng fans have sparked attention and criticism. SM Entertainment artists and employees recently head to Hawaii for a 20th anniversary workshop. Unfortunately, some sasaeng fans have invaded their privacy by taking photos of members of EXO, Girls’ Generation, f(x), NCT, and more. These sasaeng fans have followed the artists around and even entered the lobby of the hotel they are staying at. While there is nocriticism of fans taking photos of the celebs at the airport, many are appalled that the fans have invaded the hotel area. Considering that this workshop is a sort of reward vacation for SM employees, many are upset that they are being bothered by these instances of invasive behavior. Having left on August 28, the trip for around 350 employees is expected to last five days.
God. Just leave them alone. Stop invading their privacy.
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@Starbell808 No one is blaming all Hawaii fans. Other states never get concerts or kcon. It's not just Hawaii. People are saying that saesang fans should leave them be because they work hard and deserve a break.
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@KpopLifeu i know that some are not. and i know that the other states sont get this stuff too. and yes i know they need a break. but its not really a vacation to be honest its a work shop for the whole sm as a company. sorry us Hawaii people dont like when we are put down and the people who say it dont know the truth.
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@KpopLifeu thank you though.
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@Starbell808 I never even considered that people from Hawaii could be the ones stalking/harassing SM artists. I just assumed it was "fans" who went there specifically to stalk them, possibly coming from any number of places. I'd guess people who actually live there are no happier about it than SM because it sounds like it should be reallly disruptive and unpleasant for anyone who happens to be nearby.
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@fallchild i dont think it was disruptive. its kinda new cause we kpop fans here dont ever get this out here. yes we get tons of other famous people visit. hell the President is back home. and that causes traffic. but hey we dont complain. and i was saying u said anything or anyone. i say in in general to all the others out there that will or may not say it.
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