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She was one of my all time fav charatures in fairy tail so in REALLY hoping that shes not dead for reals like the gajeel situation but then i found this.... *spoilers ... kinda*
Unsure if thats from an interview or just a rumer but eaither way.... WHAT IF JERZA IS NEXT!
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gruvia all de frikin way
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wait what about Jellal and juvia?
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you gotta read the manga :) @AmeliaMorgan
a year ago
nooooooooo wrong in so many ways Gray belongs with Juvia not Erza ewwwwwww 😭😭😭😭 I SWEAR Hiro YOU BETTER BRING JUVIA BACK OR ELSE IM GETTING ALL THE GRUVIA FANS ON YOU💢 😡👿
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no way is that true they don't even have a part shere they were always feeling like that or together more than GrayxJuvia
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