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~ Math ~ Genre: Romance, Love at first sight, Highschool/au, Drama. A/N Note: For those who had a heart ache cuz of Chanyeol in 'you're weird like me, Kyungsoo X Readet' this is dedicated to you, also for my poor heart. I love you Chanyeol!! K/gf/n = Kyungsoo's girlfriends name ----------------------------------- "Pleaseeeeeee helppp meeee!!! i need to pass this or my mom will disown me" Chanyeol says flaring his arms around like a child. K/gf/n smiles at his tantrum looking at Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo ignores her stare knowing how she would pout at him urging him to tutor the giant. He wouldn't fall for that again. "Soo?" She says softly making Kyungsoo stiff as a brick wall. She was using his nickname, his weakness. "Can you please tutor Chanyeol" she asks as Kyungsoo looks at her taking in her pouting form. "Please soo?" She adds looking at him through her lashes. Khungsoo gulps down trying to regain the control he knew he lost the moment she said his name. "Yes! Please soo?" Chanyeol says, mimicking k/gf/n, doing the same pout making Kyungsoo hold back laughter. "Fine.." He finally huffs out Chanyeol cheering in joy. K/gf/n leans into Kyungsoo when Chanyeol wasn't noticing. "I'll make it up to you babe, i promise" Kyungsoo looked at her hooded eyes and nods frantically. He was going to tutor the heck out of Chanyeol, even if its the last thing he does. -Time Skip to After School- Chanyeol skips to Kyungsoo's house his backpack slung over his shoulder. He catches sight of his best friends house a smile crossing his features. He knocks on the door being greeted by Kyungsoo's older brother, Do Seung-soo. "Hi! Sorry for intruding but is Kgungsoo home?" Chanyeol asks as Seungsoo smiles letting him in. "He should be in his room" he adds before disappearing into the kitchen. Taking off his shoes he rushes up the stairs to Kyungsoo's room and bursts in without knocking. "W-what the hell man!!! Knock next time!" Kyungsoo stutters hurriedly putting on his shirt as Chanyeol plops on his bed. "Bro, I've seen you almost completely naked during practice. Theres nothing i haven't seen yet" Chanyeol says chucking at the flustered male. "And here i was thinking that Kyungsoo might have been straight" a female voice gains both of the males attention. At Kyungsoo's doorway stood a gorgeous girl. Her h/c cascaded down to her butt, her lips were beautifully plump and her e/c was glistening with amusement. This time it was Chanyeol blushing furiously. "Y/N!!!! Get out!" Kyungsoo says in an annoying tone. The girl quickly rushes out of there before Kyungsoo can reach her, her giggles ringing in Chanyeol's ears. He felt his ears burn up. Kyungsoo shuts the door and lets out a frustrated sigh. "Uhh..." Chanyeol says waiting for an explanation. "Is she....um your brothers Girl?" Chanyeol asks his throat closing in at the thought. Kyungsoo lets out a loud laugh before taking a seat on his chair. "No! Thats my Cousin, Y/N. She is going to stay here for a while for University." He explains sheepishly. "So, she's our Noona?" Chanyeol concludes feeling something in his stomach. Maybe it was butterflies. "Its just a one year difference but yes she is my Noona" Kyungsoo says shivering in distaste. "Now! Enough about her, let me teach you the beauty bend math" he says showing his sarcastic jazz hands. >>Half an hour The whole time Kyungsoo was blabbing about math Chanyeol couldn't keep the girl, Y/N, out of his mind. He remembered her hair, How soft would it be if he was able to touch it? He remembered her eyes, what if she stared at him with love the way he was staring at her? And then he remembered her lips, those fucking kissable lips! How would it feel, how would it taste against his? Would she kiss him with tongue? Would she grab his neck or pull on his hair? Would a whimper or moan slip out while they were in a heated make out sess- "Chanyeol!!" Kyungsoo screeches gaining his attention. "Y-yes?!" He says alarmed. "Are you even listening to me?" He growls softy already fed up with the red head. Chanyeol lets out a nervous chuckle. Kyungsoo gets up and walks to his door. "Ok lets take a 15 min break then back to work, sounds good?" He asks as Chanyeol quickly nods getting up as well. He follows the shorter male down stairs and into the kitchen. Y/N sat on the counter top eating from a box of ice cream. Chanyeol internally screamed as he saw some vanilla ice cream drip down her lips. "What are you doing? Where is Seungsoo?" Kyungsoo asks his hands on his hips. "He went out to get some groceries, we ran out of ice cream" she says her eyes trailing to Chanyeol. It was as if she finally noticed the giant as she gets down from the counter top and puts the tube of ice cream away. "I'm Y/N! Your Kyungsoo's partner right?" She says sticking out her hand. Chanyeol couldn't even process the words leaving her mouth as he stared down at her hand. Realizing she was waiting for him he quickly grabs it and shakes it, loving the warmth. "This is Chanyeol my FRIEND! I told you Y/N i have a girlfriend" Kyungsoo butts in making Y/N giggle as the two pull apart. "Oh? My wittle Kgungsoo is all grown up!!" She says in a baby voice playing with his cheeks as he tries to back away. "But for real, your not gay?" She asks genuinely surprised. "Yea he has a girlfriend!" Chanyeol pipes up. Y/N caught a hint of sadness that resinated within his eyes and believed him. "Oh! My apologies, so your his friend Chanyeol? Nice meeting you" she tries wanting to see that smile again, which happened as she too smiled. "Imma leave you love birds alone while i make a phone call to my GIRLFRIEND" Kyungsoo says marching out of there leaving Y/N and Chanyeol alone in the kitchen. "So....what are you here for?" Y/N asks going to the fridge grabbing orange juice. "I needed help with..er math" he replies taking a seat in the chair as she gave him a glass which he drowned within seconds. "So what are you studying?" He asks trying to keep his eyes away from her chest, her shirt did a poor job of keeping them throughly hidden. "Im taking law....its an interest of mine, well more of what my parents want for me...i want to get into fashion. Thats my passion" she says sighing and looking up into his wide eyes. "I know what you mean. My parents want me to take business so i can take over once I'm older but my passion is music" he says sadly to which she offers a knowing smile. "I understand...but listen to what i have to say, follow your heart Chanyeol. If your heart wants music, then reach for it! Follow your dreams, no one can stop you" she urges as he gets up and slowly walks to her. "What about you....why don't you change your path and follow your dream?" He asks lowly staring into her eyes. He felt his insides twist and him losing his self control. "I-i cant....i don't want to disappoint my parents" she mumbles staring at his lips unable to control her inner desires. Y/N couldn't believe how hot he was, how his sharp jaw and deep voice pierced into her mind. She wanted it. All of it. "Noona...you said earlier i should follow my dreams" he says leaning in. There lips centimetres away from each other, there breathing mixing together. The room seemed to only get hotter as Y/N waited for Chanyeol to continue. "What if i told you my dream as of now was...you?" He asks the tips of their nose touching. Y:N couldn't speak, all she could think about was his lips and how she wanted them on hers so badly. "I say...go for it Chanyeol" she manages to whisper. Chanyeol leans in, ready to capture the lips he had dreamt of claiming for a while. "Chanyeol! 15 mins is up!!" The sound of Kyungsoo pulls them apart as they nearly take a meter step away from each other. Kyungsoo walks into the room eyeing the flustered duo. "Uh....Okie come Chanyeol" Kyungsoo instructs walking up the stairs as Chanyeol slowly walks to the staircase. He looks up to see Y/N avoiding his stare but biting her lips furiously. He smirked to himself happy he wasn't the only one craving for a kiss. -Time skip to next day- "Good Morningg~~" K/gf/n says happily skipping to a happy Chanyeol and a tired looking Kyungsoo. "How was it?" She asks quirking an eyebrow. Looking at Chanyeol it seemed like it went great. "It was great! I met Kyungsoo's cousin and t-" "IT WAS AWFUL!" Kyungsoo bursts interrupting Chanyeol who pouts. "What? Why?" She asks as the walk closer to the building. "He didn't learn a thing! He is going to fail todays quiz!!" Kyungsoo says his eyes darkening. "Hyung i did learn! Im confident i'll do great!" Chanyeol says encouragingly. K/gf/n smiles as her eyes widen. Looking back she saw a car parked, and Y/N leaning against it. "Hey Kyungsoo, Y/N is here for you" she says waving at the h/c girl who enthusiastically waves back. "I didn't forget anything.....what id she doing here?" He sighs pinching the bridge of his nose. Chanyeol smirks seeing a card in her hand. He had purposely 'forgotten' his student ID card at the front of her room in hopes of her giving it to him, herself. Yes a lame excuse to see a girl, but it worked out didn't it? "I'll go see whats up! You guys go on ahead" Chanyeol says as Kyungsoo grabs k/gf/n's hands and rushes into the school. Chanyeol walks towards her clutching on to his backpack strap hard. God she looked beautiful. Her short shorts displayed her beautiful s/c legs, and her crop top was beautifully placed on her delicate shoulders. Chanyeol loved they view but hate how passing boys would gawk at her. "Hey Noona" he casually greets as she offers him a smile. "Whatcha doing here?" He asks not wanting to let her know he wanted her here looking for him all along. "Ahhh a stupid someone left there student ID in front of my bedroom yesterday" she says standing up straighter and taking a few steps towards him. "But this stupid someone is really lucky that i like them enough to bring it back to them" she says against his face as she nears him. Lips inches apart. "Is this stupid someone hot?" Chanyeol asks cockily making her giggle. "No...more like dangerously handsome to be honest" she says against his lips this time. Chanyeol was on the verge of just smacking there lips together, all this teasing had him riled up. "Here is you card" she says gently placing the plastic thing in his palm. His hand seemed to burn where he had touched him. He needed her. "I-is the stupid someone lucky enough to ask you something?" He asks sweating. He wanted to kiss her soo badly, it wasn't even funny. "Depends.....what is it he wants?" She asks tauntingly against his lips, in lightning speed he pulls her in for a kiss. The kiss was long, hard and rough and full of passion. He nibbled against her bottom lips as he grants her entrance. He explored her wet cavern, loving how their tongues swirled as electricity surged through them. He pulled away realizing his shortage of breath, her doing the same. "D-do you have anything important today?" She asks desperately wrapping her arms around his neck pilling his body against hers. Chanyeol holds back a groan as their bodies create a little friction. "I do have a math test this afternoon.....maybe you can help me study for that?" He asks staring at her with hooded eyes. "Get in, i'll show all that there is to know about math" she growls softly in his eats sending shivers down his spine.
yay a happy ending for channie lol
πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I'm dead lol I loved it. can you tag me please. Its a good thing I'm not older then Chanyeol because I would be even more dead. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚