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Your perspective Pairing: Jungkook X reader Warning: mature content
August 31st Everything is sorted for tomorrow. Everything. I've sorted who is coming, what time they will be there and what time I'm getting Kookie to be there. I'm gonna be the one to take him there later on in the evening. I took him back to his dorm on my way. "Jagi? Aren't you coming inside?" "Sorry Kookie, I said I'd see the NCT lot today and I need to organise with Woozi oppa when we are sorting out these songs" He pouted at me like a five year old, "but I wanted to spend time with you" "I'll be back in the evening you big baby, don't worry you'll definitely wake up next to me" He ran back from the dorm door and kissed me quickly, "see you later" I continued to drive and got outside the NCT dorm and texted Taeyong. He opened the door just before I was about to knock.
"Hey Tae!" "Hey Kenzie." "So who's home today?" "All the dream unit are out but the rest of us are here" "So all the old folks then" He slapped my arm lightly, "shut up were are your oppas after all" He led me into the main room and I spotted Hansol, Ten and Taeil all chatting. I even got to see my favourites from the group, Jaehyun, Johnny, Doyoung, Winwin and of course Tae. I know the others like Kun and Yuta were there but my favourites are based on the ones I'm closest to. Myself, Johnny, Jaehyun and Ten normally chat together in English. It also makes me laugh as the other guys don't know what we're on about.
Johnny: so what have you been up to? Y/N: mostly hanging out with BTS Ten: what staying at their dorm? Y/N: well... Yeah Jaehyun: you are really close to them after all Johnny: why don't you stay round ours? Y/N: there's so many of you, with BTS there's only seven of them! Ten: it's not like you can't handle us. Y/N: sometimes Jaehyun: sometimes? Y/N: it's a lot to handle Ten: you're telling us, imagine how Taeyong feels Y/N: yeah... He's a good leader though Taeyong: (Korean) I heard my name, are you talking about me? Y/N: maybe Jaehyun: trust him to not know much English other than his name.
The rest of the time we'd talk in Korean or try to help those like Kun and Winwin who are still learning Korean. They are trying hard to learn it, much like Ten actually. They seem to learn new words everyday. I taught him the word for transparent today, tu myeong han saeg. At least that's what I think it is, sometimes even my Korean is wrong. I assume that if it was wrong then Tae or Doyoung would correct me. Anyway, the rest of the morning the boys and I just chilled together, played a few games, you know normal stuff. Yet, it's always the boys that do the weirdest of things, like play truth or dare and take it to the extreme or... "Hey Kenzie." came a voice from the kitchen doorway. I told the boys if get a drink and then be back. I'd missed Jaehyun's dare but from his smell, it had obviously been to drink alcohol.
He wasn't one to react well to alcohol, it usually made him over confident. "Hey? Did you want anything?" The thought itself was innocent but the tone in his voice was more... Dangerous than before, flirty even. "What except from you?" "Ur... Jae that's just the alcohol talking" "So what if it is?" He rested his hands on my hips, still keeping us apart for now. "I think you should stop hmm?" "Why? You're a very pretty girl" "But you don't want this" "No, it's you who doesn't. You've got Jung cock and I'm not allowed you" Maybe if I gave him what he wanted he'd leave me alone... Or bug me more. I'd just like to say at this point that he tried to kiss me but I dodged his lips so he kissed my cheek. Taeyong even wandered into the kitchen to save me from him.
"I'm sorry about him, we only dared him to have one drink although it did have a very high percentage" "It's okay, I think I'll leave while he still doesn't remember anything" "Well it was good to see you. I'm sure the younger boys'll be jealous" "It's fine. I'll probably see them on stages in the next week or so" We hugged and I said goodbye to the other boys before heading to the BTS dorm. I didn't even need to knock on the door and Kookie opened it before I got the chance. What is it with these boys? He swept me inside and cuddled the hell out of my in the doorway. "Oi. Don't keep her all to yourself!" Jimin shouted from behind us. Kookie barely released me so I could turn and see him. "Jagi?" He whispered to me before I galloped over to briefly hug Jimin. "You two look good together. You're welcome" Jimin muttered in my ear.
"Shut up" I playfully slapped his arm and walked into the main room. I really wanted to just sit down. Unfortunately, Yoongi was asleep on the sofa and Taehyung was sat in the armchair. Was I really going to have to wake Yoongi up? I'd always been too scared in the past but surely he'd be nicer to me than the other boys. Taehyung just cheekily patted his lap, knowing exactly that I wanted to sit. In return, I just shook my head and went to kneel next to where Yoongi was slept. I heard footsteps coming towards the room and I shushed them. Jungkook and Jimin just stood by the door and silently watched me. I lightly shook Yoongi as a starter and then hummed 'Agust D' in his ear. He was stirring and that's when I spoke at my normal tone. "Yoongi~ I need you to sit up or go off to bed cuz myself and the other boys wanna sit on the sofa" "Fucking hell Y/N" he curled up more on the sofa and rolled over to face me with half opened eyes.
"Come on Yoongi, if you're that tired then go to bed hmm?" "Sometimes you can be such a fucking annoying bitch... But I love you anyway" He lazily got off the sofa and headed to his room and the boys at the door separated quickly and let him through. They walked in stunned while I took over the sofa. "Woah, you should wake him up more often Jagi" "Yeah. Yeah no move over" Jimin attempted to push me aside but I laid still. The only way he got me up was to sit on my stomach and force me to move over. "Oi. Don't sit on her!" Kookie protested. "Why not? Because you're the only one that can sit on her now?" Very suggestive and completely the wrong moment but I guess it was more acceptable as Tae and Chim were the two who wanted me to get with Kook.
Jimin shuffled over so that Kookie could sit in the middle. As he was about to put his arm around me, Jimin dragged him into his arms for a bit of an awkward hug on Jungkook's half. Jikook, adorable. The thing that I didn't realise was that Kookie still had an arm free. I only found this out when he dragged me down with him into a hug. "Don't think you get away that easy Jagi!" He whispered in my ear. Later on, Kookie headed to his room to get an early night sleep and told me to join him shortly. The room was literally me and my ex boyfriends before Kookie. Well... Between Jin and Kookie. The atmosphere was awkwardly tense if you ask me. Yoongi: so... Jin: how is our maknae treating you? Y/N: good yeah Taehyung: what better than us?
Y/N: ye-no-ye- what is this 20 questions? Interrogation? Jimin: can be if you'd like Y/N: not reeeaaalllly Namjoon: as your- friends and ex boyfriends, we do have a right to know Hoseok: a right? Namjoon: okay maybe not a right Jin: but we do wanna know Y/N: how much? Namjoon: as much as you're willing to say to be honest Y/N: that doesn't match up to what you wanna hear. I don't wanna talk about this at all. Jimin: aww come on Macky!!! Y/N: (scolding tone) Chim. Taehyung: tell us then you can go off to our little prince maknae charming Y/N: fine well you asked for it.
I let loose almost - almost - everything. "Well Jungkook was the first one to speak about love and when we both discussed love I ended up saying that I might love him more than I loved Jin. Me and him also made out in a changing room, luckily it was locked otherwise you'd have seen us having sex. We have had sex since that if you must know. He even told me once that he wanted me to moan so loudly that all you guys would complain. Anything else?" I spoke so quickly that none of them could interrupt but they understood every word. All their little faces were wide eyed in shock. Lol. I obviously told them more then what they thought I would. Without another word, I headed to Kookie's room. "You alright Jagi?" "Yeah but I think all your hyungs just lost their souls"
That part with Jaehyun
That shut them up real quick.
Hahahaha.....the boys are probably catching flies in those open mouths of theirs.
I apologise now I've just seen so many errors but I was in a bit of a rush to finish it so I'm sorry! I might correct them another time