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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this drama jumps right into the fun and opens with the most hilarious bed scene ever. Even the ghost tonight wasn’t all that scary so this might be the one episode people can watch with hardly any fear. Maybe it’s cuz I live recapped Best Love, but these two leads are giving me similar vibes. They work off each other so well that it doesn’t even seem like acting. I just love how she opens up to him and her words take effect and he actually changes how he thinks and his behavior before his brain has time to catch up and stop him. Same thing for her. Stuff that never bothered her before now she sees through his eyes and she understands what he said is true. Some of the stuff he says and the manner in which he says it might be harsh, but I still appreciate that it takes that sort of candor for it to take root in her. With every encounter, she is breaking down his defenses faster than he has time to rebuild and he is giving her sound advice that she has never gotten about her ability. If these two can come to some sort of agreement, I bet they could help each other in ways they never imagined. Not just to heal his old wounds, but to prevent anymore pain in the future for both of them. I cant imagine two more vastly disparate people who shouldn’t be together that actually need to be than these two. Their personalities are like a kaleidoscope of colorful bits and pieces that look like chaos, but once they come together, there is undeniable beauty. *I can’t wait till Joong Won falls in love with her. I hope it’s him first and not her. I want him to suffer and be tormented with that truth – that he has feelings for her now. That he misses her touch and even welcomes it instead of flinching away. Maybe he will even regret how harsh he was towards her. I know four episodes isn’t enough time, but just from seeing how he watches her and gets moved by her stories, he has no clue but his heart is already going through something that is the start of longing. Pretty soon it will become more and then this man is going to fall so hard for her he won’t even see it coming.
I was confuse on the preview for episode five, do you know what it was that was happening? :3
I want to watch this drama