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Chapter 20 ************** I pulled into the driveway of the cabin. While TaekWoon was sleeping, I went and did some sightseeing. I tried some food and went shopping a little for tonight. I wanted to make sure that I had everything in order. I wanted to treat TaekWoon. Turning off the ignition to the car. I opened the door to the car and shut it while I opened the trunk to get my stuff. I walked up to the door and it opened before I could open it myself. "Ms. Areum, welcome back." He said letting me walk through the door. "Hello Mr. Lee" I said. This morning we came to agreement that instead of him calling me Mistress Areum, he can call me Ms. Areum and I call him Mr. Lee. Calling him Butler Lee felt weird to me since I was a slave all my life. Mr. Lee took the bags from my hands and set them in the other room, where as I went to the kitchen. I looked through the cabinets and fridge to see what was in stock. "Ms. Areum?" Mr. Lee asked. I jumped and looked at him. "What are you doing?" "I wanted to make TaekWoon food when he wakes up. You don't have to cook for us all the time. You can go out tonight and enjoy yourself, I'll take care of everything tonight." I tried to convince him but he didn't seem to want to. So I gave him my best puppy face. "Okay but may I help you?" He asked as I nod. We then started the top notch meal for TaekWoon. I smoothed out the wrinkles of my dress as I took the dishes out and set them on the table. Mr. Lee left before TaekWoon woke up. I was busy rearranging the table and lighting the candles when a voice spoke up and scared me. "What is all of this?" His soft husky voice questioned me as I turned toward him. My stomach fluttered as I saw him in a shirt that exposed his chest and was tucked in his pants. His hair was parted in the middle. He took my breath away as he stood there. "Areum?" "Y-yes" I stuttered as his lips pulled into a smirk. "What is all of this?" "I-I-Its for y-you, I wanted t-to do s-something special f-for you." I was stuttering again. He walked to me and wrapped his arms around me and looked me in the eyes. "I love it that I can still make you stutter but your killing me in that mini dress." He said with a smirk on his face. He leaned his face close "shall we skip dinner and just get straight to love making." He whispered in my ear as his hand guides my leg to wrap around him. He pushed us up against the table as he nipped at my neck. I threw my head back and ran my fingers in his hair. His hands trailed up under the dress and slide down the lacy panties I was wearing. "TaekWoon the food is on the table" I moaned. I was pretty sure he would take me then and there if there wasn't food on the table. He picked me up and captured my lips in a deep kiss as he used his super speed to take me to our room. I was thrown onto the bed as TaekWoon stripped himself and I took the dress off. Our lips meet again as he hovered over me. We both ended up rolling on top of each other to give each other pleasure. The room heated as things heated up more. His and my pants and moans filled the air. His member thrust into a pleasure spot as I had an organism. It felt as we were one together. I knew we were both close to our climax. With a couple more thrust, we were both cumming. TaekWoon stayed hovering me. He moved a piece of hair and kissed my lips before bringing them to my neck. I felt his fangs puncture my skin. He was drinking from the wounds. I was panting hard as everything was getting blurry and and black. As I was close to my last breath, I felt a warm liquid run down my throat. I drank the liquid and blacked out into a coma. ~Lei P.O.V~ It was ten o' clock at night and the family favorite cafe was closing in an hour. Ravi was trailing behind me as I opened the door to the cafe. My combat boots made a sound as  I walked on the floor to the other side of the room. There sat my brother Cory with Kisu. They sat at the table, engaged in a conversation as their mugs stayed on the table, untouched. You could tell that the drinks were still warm because of the steam rising up. Pulling the seat back from the table. I sat myself in the chair as I looked at my two older brothers. They seemed to not be able to take their eyes off of the visible bruise I had around my eye and the busted lip that I tried so hard to cover both. "Lei what happened to you?" Cory asked as he looked back and forth from Ravi and me. Cory's hand was slowly clutching into a fist. I quickly put my hand on top of his and shook my head no. We had a staring a moment for awhile till he pulled back his hands and looked some where else. "Is he abusing you Lei?" Kisu asked. "No--" I sighed and pressed my lips together but stop because it hurt the part of my lip that was cut opened. "No its his otherself, its unbalanced with my spiritual energy. That's all, I promise" They didn't seem to want to say anything or to believe what I was saying was true. I turn to look at Ravi. He was sitting in the corner of the cafe with his feet propped on the table as he watched us. Turning back to my brothers, I cleared my throat. "Can we please get to whatever you wanted to tell me?" I asked them. I was getting inpatient with them. They looked at each other, in a moment of silence. Cory sighed. "Dad died, well more like killed. It happened when we went to kill that guy but didn't." Cory said. I felt my throat tighten and my chest having a sharp pain, that felt like someone was stabbed me in the chest a thousand times. They were letting the words sink in my head. Playing like a scratched up record cd repeating the same part over and over. I choked on my saliva as the tears spilled down my face. I lowered my face to the table. They both seemed to move closer to me. Rubbing my back and hugging me. They said a few things in my ear to calm me down but it only made me sob even more. I know I wasn't close to my dad as how close I was to mom, Sungho and Daeil. But hearing those words about my dad being dead, I cried. He loved me and showed me the things I needed to know to kill a night creature. Once I was able to control myself, Cory and Kisu stepped back to let me have my space. I whiped the salty tears off my cheeks whole sniffing my snot back in my nose. "Did you do the durning ritual?" I asked as they both nod. I frowned and looked at my hands. If  I didn't go with Ravi then I would have been able to see the burning ritual. "Don't beat youself up because you weren't there Lei." Kisu seemed to know what I was thinking of. "I'm not" lying to him but I knew he could see through my lies. "Yes and I'm deaf." Giving me a sarcastic reply as I chuckled at it. "Anything else?" I asked them. Cory nod. "Seeing how I'm oldest Son and became the leader, I need to know if your fighting alone or with us?" I took a sip of Cory's tea and looked at him, Kisu and then turned to Ravi. He his red eyes board into me, giving me flutters in my stomach and my heart beating fast. "I would like to work with both, me by myself and somedays with you guys." Giving them an answer as I looked away from Ravi. "Okay then." Cory pushed the chair back and stood up along with Kisu. "I'll keep in touch with you" He started his way to the front door but stopped to look at Ravi. His jaw and fist were clenching as he glared at Ravi. "You? If you lay one hand on my sister, I will personally murder you. The only reason I'm not right now is because someone told me that I can't change Lei mind about you." With that he walked off. Kisu nod at Ravi before chasing after our brother. I sat there with Cory's tea in my hand. I heard scraps on the floor and heavy foot steps coming towards me. I looked up to see Ravi was now sitting in the spot that Cory was sitting in a minute ago. "Kitten?" "Hmm?" I responded back to him as I looked into his eyes. "I'm sorry" 
So this is the last chapter of Leo and Areum. Thank you for reading and letting me come all this way. With out you my readers I wouldn't be able to go far. Spoiler for Ravi's and Lei's book. ^_^ Thank you again for reading. ❤❤❤ JKONICS: @kpopaddict16 @MaritessSison @MomoChamie @RandomName  @sarahdarwish @Animezkpopgirl  @Jaysbae13 @SuniWilcox @HurdKpop @MayraYanez @conversehigh @AmberRelynn  @SindyHernandez @AvisSpirit @CLAKPOP @AngelaDarkness @Eliortiz13 @MeghanJorgina Starnights: @Kpossible4250 @KAddict @Princess2425 @OliviaEdwards
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