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Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 9 Continue reading? Part 11 Day 1 of Kookie bday post.
"Kookie...I have to tell you something...." "What?" I took a deep breath. "So where do you think we will be in 2 months?" I asked "We'll still together." He smiled "What if I am not here?" "What are you trying to say? You aren't leaving are you?" He asked. "I...I am. I can't stay, I have my mom back home." "So In what 2 months we break up?" He asked looking at me. "Well you can decide now. Do you want to still date even though I'll be leaving the country in 2 months? Or do you want to break up now?" "I don't want to break up period." He grabbed my hand. "Please just stay with me. We can try long distance." He smiled and pulled me towards him. "I didn't know what you would say, and I'm kind of glad you said that." "What? Doing long distance relationship?" "Yeah." "Well if we only have 2 months of physical contact let's not waste it." He smiled and raised his eyebrows twice. "Kookie!!!" "What?" "Sorry you'll have to wait for that type of thing." "Ha maybe in a month you'll be ready for that, but I meant we have to spend as much time together as we can. We can kiss...and stuff...and if by chance we end up going farther great but I'm not expecting that." He smiled "Yea don't expect it...I'm not that kind of girl." "Ok that we have that settled. What movie are we going to watch tonight?" He asked and then we discussed what movie we wanted to watch. Over the next week like he said we were always by each other's side. Megan was still upset at me, but she didn't know that we had talked about me leaving. "Hey I'm spending the night at Kookies." I yelled running towards the door. "Sarah wait." I stopped and turned to Megan "What?" "I take it you haven't told Kookie yet." "Actually I have told him already. And we both discussed where we are going to be in 2 months. Don't worry about us and just have a good time with your boyfriend." I wanted to be a bitch but She was looking out for me a kookie. "Ok. I just don't want you getting hurt." "Meg, if I ended it with him I would be more hurt than doing long distance." "Is that the same with him?" "Yes, which its crazy since we haven't known each other that long but we are attached. It's like you a Suga." "Yea it's a weird bond that formed." She smiled and started laughing. "Ok now I'm going since I don't want to lose anymore time with him. " "Alright see you later." She said as I ran out the door. I felt a little bit better after talking to her. Once I got the Kookies place I didn't even have to knock. The door flew open and Suga walked out. "Oh Sarah you're here. Kookie's in his room." He walked past me and I made my way into his room. I was quiet walking in. He didn't even realize that I was there. He was laying down with his hand covering his face. I jumped on him straddling him quickly. "Woah!" He said moving his hand from his face. "Hi. What are you doing? I thought we were going out tonight?" I smiled at him "We are, I was just resting." I leaned down and took his lips with mine. I placed my hands on his chest to hold me up a bit. He placed his hands on my hips. After what felt like minutes we pulled apart. "I'm excited, are you sure you won't tell me where we are going?" I asked tracing shapes on his chest with my finger. "Nope you aren't getting it out if me." He leaned up and tried to kiss me but I backed away. "Are you sure.. I'm ok with no kissing unless you tell me." I smirked and he did as well. He kept coming forward and I kept going backwards. He caused me to fall off the bed and he landed on top of me. "I win." He said and kissed me. "That was cheating!" I whined "Nope you just didn't realize what I was doing." He kissed me again. I giggled this guy just was too much for me. He was still pinning me down when the door flew open. "Wow kookie's moving along real fast." Jhope said "What! He better be using a condom." Jin said peeking out behind Jhope. "We are not doing anything bad." I said trying to move out from underneath him. "Looks like Kookies not letting you go." Jimin said "Kookie!!!" I whined "Guys get out of here." Kookie said still laying on me. But this time his head was laying on my chest facing the door. "Oh yea we came into to tell you the cars here." and then they keft. "Alright date time." He said and got up and he pulled me with him. "Am I dressed ok?" I asked spinning for him. "Perfect." He said and pulled me towards the door.
I had to post today since it's officially Kookies bday...I hope he's having a great the posts on Twitter kept coming and I was dying of happiness. Now I know this chapter is short but that is because the next chapter is going to be long which I will update sometime after midnight so that it's the 1st here and in Korea...gotta post twice for bdays lol
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