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Not gonna lie I was pretty bummed out when I realised it was all school related but it turned out great!
First thing I pulled out, and probably one of my favorites, is this cool little bento and I can't wait to use it. It separates into 5 little pieces with a first and second compartment and comes with chopsticks!
Second was this here fancy ass tie and now I have to buy a suit to match it.
Next was a dry erase board from Assassination Classroom it comes with a white marker and different magnets for his face.
Next up is these little keychain things, don't really know what they are so I'm giving them to my beardie.
And we got another phone charm.
These cards brought me a huge dose of nostalgia and they earned their place with my manga collection.
Last was a new manga for me to spend money on I always thought this was a game.
And then is the monthly poster I don't know what anime it's from, but the second card has a brief summary of what's in the box. All and all this loot was great.
and the key chains are from fruit baskets
I just got mine today and there is a sale on past crates going on right now as well
I'll check that out right now thanks.
no problem!
that's a pretty neat way to use it and I did not know that it's good to know because I was trying to find out. thanks.
also, the posters aren't from any anime, they are like the company mascots
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