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As all of you know by now, The Winter's Tale is my favorite song and m/v. I just love the whole concept. The boys look good in their pastel coats and winter gear, but they look absolutely adorable in their Disney costumes. The costumes fit their personality well too.
For some reason, I really like cute concepts with BTOB, though I'm hoping their next comeback is dark and sexy. Anyway, another m/v I can watch over and over is Second Confession, but the PJ version. It's the little details I like....Sungjae's headband, MinHyuk's little ponytail, and the different colored sock the boys all wear.
I like all the Japanese videos so far. I don't think a lot of people know about some of the first ones though. My Girl is a beach concept, with bright outfits and full of humor.
For some reason, I really, really like Dear Bride. It gave Changsub another chance to shine as the lead, even though he didn't get the girl. The boys all look polished in their muted colors, sweaters, and jackets. They all really look like boyfriend material.
I will leave you with the one 'dark' concept BTOB tried.....Thriller. I'd really like to see BTOB do some sort of Halloween video this year.