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Hey yo wussup! I'm back with chapter 5 of 'Bad Love'!! It gets really real xD I hope you guys like it. 》Part 1《 》Part 2《 》Part 3《 》Part 4

Happy Reading!

Chapter 5:

-Change of Heart- Suddenly, when he reached his home, a girl was sitting on his porch waiting for him. He looked up to see her and stopped in his tracks and took out his ear buds. "Hey Yoongi, long time, no see". Before he could say anything, she ran up to Yoongi and gave him a hug. "I thought I'll never see you again", she said smiling. Yoongi pushes her away, "What the hell are you doing here Go Anna? What do you want?", Yoongi said sounding irritated. "Damn!.. a girl can't come visit her ex to see how he's been? I miss you that's all.. I just stopped by to see what you been up to. I haven't seen you since middle school Yoongi. Don't you miss me too?","no", he said then walked away from her, trying to go in his house, but she stops him, walking in front of him to block his way. "Listen, I know I did you wrong before.. and I'm sorry ok? I didn't mean to hurt you like that Yoongi.. I really did like you", "move. I don't want to hear it. I don't give a shit.", trying to avoid her again, she stops him, he sighs heavily, she continues, "I just want another chance.. please! I just want to be with you", she beggs. "Haha.. ya.. Go Anna, do you think I am a joke? Do you seriously think I will take you back? You're hilarious! You're wasting your time coming over here, go back to where you came from!". Anna looked disappointed. "So do you love someone else then?", Yoongi was taken aback by what she asked. She wouldn't leave him alone about this so he decided to sort of lie to her. "Yeah.. so what if I do, that's none of your concern. We been done. You should of thought about what you've done. You didn't even tell me you had a boyfriend! What kind of person are you?! Why am I even explaining myself? I don't got time for this, go home Anna!", Yoongi yelled. She yells back at him, "No! Who is she damnit?! I want to know!". Yoongi couldn't take it anymore, he yanked Go Anna by her shirt, pulling her closer to his face, "You are nothing to me. I can't stand you anymore. I don't want to be around you anymore. I don't love you anymore. What part of leave me alone don't  you understand?! Leave now before I do something I'll regret." Yoongi finally released her. Go Anna eyes started turning red, her tears building up, and she bust out crying. She then runs away with her hands over her face. 》Yoongi's P.O.V:《 Damn finally she's gone, she wouldn't leave me alone. I can't believe she still remembered where I stay. She got some nerve coming over here to try to get me back so easily, no it doesn't work like that. And what the hell was I thinking telling her that I loved someone else?? ........ Wait.. do I? *he's feeling all weird and tingly inside* Eh what am I saying? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yoongi finally goes inside, kicking off his shoes at the door, and headed to his room upstairs. He goes over to his desk and sat down. "Ugh.. let me get this stupid homework over with.. I don't feel like doing this! Stupid teacher gives out homework everyday!". Yoongi was irritated but he started doing his homework. There was so much on his mind, he could barely focus. Thoughts of the past came back to him, when him and Go Anna was dating, and the incident with Yoongi and Ravi having the same girlfriend. He remembered how that went down and it was ugly. It seemed like ever since she came and visited , those memories were brought back to life. He suddenly stopped writing and threw everything off his desk to the floor, "AISH!!", he yelled in frustration, breathing heavily.

Next day at school:

Hours passed by, you were gym. Everyone was running around, playing, while you searched for Ailee. You finally found her sitting against the wall with her earbuds in. You walked up to her and waved to get her attention. She looks up and smiles at you while she takes out her earbuds, "hey y/n! what's up?", "We need to talk..", about what? You're scaring me", "It's nothing bad silly, just come with me for a minute". So Ailee gets up and follows you out the gym. The gym teacher calls them out, "Ya! Y/n and Ailee! Where do you think you're going " ,You two look back at the gym teacher,  "To the bathroom! Uh it's an emergency!", you said. "Next time ask me ok?","ok!", you two said and walked out to the hallway. "We're going to the bathroom?", Ailee asked. "No, to the rooftop", "omo! I never been up there before", "I have, last year when I ate lunch up there by myself", why did you go on the rooftop to go eat by yourself", "Because the lunchroom was too noisy and then it got violent so I left", "ohh I would have too!". So you and Ailee finally made it to the rooftop. "Wow it's so beautiful up here, you can see everything from up here!", Ailee said with excitement. "Yeah I know", "So what did you want to tell me that's so important we had to come up here?", "uh..umm..", you didn't know where to start off. "Well... get it out already!", Ailee said hitting you on the arm. "Ow! Okay okay.. last week at school, I had to take some test booklets to some other teachers downstairs and it was a tall stack of books so I could barely see. I was walking down the stairs and I missed one step, about to fall but.. Yoongi caught me in his arms.. we stared at each other for good minute. But then something weird started to happen to me..","omo! What?! What?!", okay pipe down will ya!.. anyway my heart started to beat so fast and I started blushing..", you said looking down at your feet, smirking a bit. Ailee looked at you suprised but she was excited, she grabbed you by your shoulders and shook you like crazy, omg omg! Gencha?! Wooow so do you like Min Yoongi now?? Heyyy I knew you did!", "Ya! I do not like Yoongi...", you said trailing off. "I don't  know this feeling but I been this way since last week.. I don't know what's gotten into me lately.. Ailee I think I'm sick!", you said in a whiney, cute tone.  "Aw you're not sick honey! You're experiencing something called "love", she said smiling, making a heart out of her hands. "Ya! No no no! That's so not true.. but I hate Yoongi.. how can I like him?", "giirl people do change you know.. it's called a change of heart. Maybe you and Yoongi should get to know each other more then maybe you two will stop bumping heads. I'm pretty sure he's not that bad once you get to know him forreal". "I don't know Ailee..", you said feeling uneasy. Ailee put her arm around you, "look, you'll figure it out soon. If you really do like him, don't hold back okay? It's okay, I'm not judging you. Honestly, you two would make a cute couple". "As if!", you both started laughing. "Let's go back to the Gym, before we get in trouble, I don't want to hear his mouth!", you said.  "Yeah he has already called my mom yesterday, so annoying!, let's go!". You and Ailee went back to the gym.
it's lunch time now. So you are standing in line to get your food. The line was moving a little slow and you started to grow impatient. "Ugh.. could this line go any faster", you thought. Suddenly, a random student cut in front of you. You got more irritated. You tap the boy's shoulder and he turned around, "excuse me, but I was standing here first", he started laughing at you "uh no you wasn't, I was here first", "Um can't you see the line is in the back?! So move!", "no!", "You just cut in front of me you idiot! So get away from me!", you yelled at the boy. You grabbed him by his shirt, trying to get him out the line but he smacked  your hand away. "Hey man don't be touching me! I don't know you witcho ugly ass!", the boy yelled out. Everybody in the lunchroom was looking at you two. You looked around, as you were so embarrassed. Then suddenly, Yoongi butts in. "Aish! So noisy! Can you please shut the hell up?", he said to the boy. The boy looked at Yoongi crazy. "Who tf are you talking to like that bruh? This have nothing to do with you", "Obviously I'm talking to you dumbass!, you clearly just cut in front of her, I saw everything. I was behind her the whole time". You were shocked because you didn't know Yoongi was behind you, you suddenly felt nervous. "So? and? What are you going to do about it? Beat my ass?", everyone was looking and whispering. They started to gather around, with their phones ready to record. "Yeah I might have to but if you walk away like a good boy, I won't have to hurt you", Yoongi said with a smirk. The boy laughs, he pretends like he is about to walk away but instead he swings at Yoongi, heading for his face. Yoongi dodges his attack, and punches the boy hard in the face. The boy falls down, holding his face. Then Yoongi kicks him in the stomach. The boy screams in pain, holding his stomach. Yoongi bends down to him to whisper something in his ear, "Don't you ever in your pathetic life test me, if you think I'm some kind of bitch, you got another thing coming. I'm the wrong one to fuck with. And if I ever see you bother y/n again, you'll wish you were never born, you got that!", then he walks away. You had your hand over your mouth, shocked as hell. You started to laugh a bit. The boy got up and left the lunch room holding his stomach. Everyone around was talking and laughing about it. Everyone went back to eating lunch and talking. Eventually, you got your lunch. You went to the table in the back where you saw Ailee, Yoongi, and his friends. You walked over there and sat down. You sat next to Ailee and Yoongi's friends was on the other side of the table. They greeted you and you greeted back. You guys were eating and then they brought up what just recently happened. Jimin: Man.. Yoongi hyung really showed that bastard! Who did he think he was talking to Yoongi like that! Namjoon: Yeah it happened so fast. I was confused at first like what's going on? Then I saw that boy get in Yoongi's face. That's when I knew it was about to be some shit. Jin: I saw everything! I saw when he cut in front of y/n. That was rude as hell! If I were you y/n I would of slapped his ass! You: LOL! I seriously wanted to.. you just don't know man.. Ailee: That's why I hate people in this school because of people like him! So fucking immature. Taehyung: Honesty, hyung I thought I had to jump in.. I was going to rip him to shreds! * dramatic hand movements* Everyone laughed at Taehyung  ㅋㅋㅋ Yoongi: I can handle myself.. thank you very much Jin: okay smart ass. Don't forget we are your best friends, we will always have your back Jung Kook: Yeah, hyung you don't have to handle everything on your own, we are here for you. Hoseok: I'm pretty sure it would have been another way to solve that issue without fighting... Hyung I was worried.. Yoongi: Why? You don't have to worry about nothing. I can hold my ground, I'm not a pussy. Jin: damnit Yoongi, watch your mouth, it's females at this table! You: lmfaooooo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's cool... I guess The rest of the boys started laughing too. Yoongi just waved  Jin off. It became quiet again. Then you broke the silence. You: um.. Yoongi Yoongi: mhm? You: Why did you save me back there? Everyone from the table looked up, interested in the convo. You: I just want to say thanks for having my back. Yoongi: I didn't save you, he was being annoying af so I had to shut him up. He then got up from the table, threw his trash away, and walked out the lunchroom. Everyone just looked at each other. You looked down and smile. The boys left too except for Jin. "Y/n", Jin calls you out. "Yeah Jin?", "Yoongi may act all cool and badass but deep down inside, he is a big softy. Trust me, me and the boys know because we have known each other like forever. But if you want me to be honest with you, I think Yoongi likes you low key.. you see that he protected you from that boy. But he bothers you all the time which makes me think he likes you! I think you should talk to him more huh..", Jin said smiling at you, then he walked away. "See y/n I told you..", Ailee said. You just sat there quietly, taking all that in, what Jin just told you.
So you're walking home by yourself again because Ailee said she wanted to try-out for the volleyball team after school. From a far distance, Yoongi is following you, to make sure you get home safely. He does this everyday now. The boys don't know about it yet. He is walking with his hands in his pocket, just thinking. 》Yoongi's P.O.V:《 I follow y/n everyday after school. It's only because I'm making sure she doesn't run into any trouble. It's unlike me to do things like this. I don't know what's been up with me but I think I'm changing. Suddenly, I don't dislike her so much. I find myself thinking about her most of the time. I don't think she's ugly, I think she's... beautiful. I don't know why I used to bully her so much, I just enjoyed doing it because it was fun. It was fun to watch how mad she would get at me, how she cursed at me, honestly it was all cute to me. Anyway I should really stop following her before her or the boys end up finding out. But I can't.. 》Your P.O.V:《 I don't know if Yoongi knows it, but I know that he follows me everyday after school just to watch over me. No boy has ever done that for me before. To be honest, I think that's really sweet of him. It's weird now, I don't have that "hate" feeling towards him anymore. It seems like he's starting to show me the real him. He can be sweet, protective, and funny sometimes. But he's still an asshole. These funny, tingly feelings I have.. I think I like Yoongi. My heart beats so fast everytime I think of him. How do you go from hating someone to liking them? But do he feel the same? I wonder if I should make the move first... no no no... I don't have the guts to.. tehehe.
You finally made it home. Yoongi was standing there in front of your house. "Should I make the first move? Should I tell her and the boys how I feel about her? Naah the boys would tease me! Ugh nevermind!". He then walks away to go home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So Yoongi and his friend's decided to meet up at the park to hang out and talk. They are sitting on the table and the bench, eating snacks. Hoseok: So hyung, what's the occasion? Namjoon: Yeah man you said you wanted to talk to us about something. This is unlike you to call all of us out. The rest of members agreed. Yoongi: Well.. okay if I tell you guys, promise me you won't laugh or go crazy Jung Kook: okay we won't Hyung Jimn: Yeah you know you can trust us. We won't tell a soul either Jin: No one is going to laugh.. go on Yoongi: Okay... I been doing a lot of thinking lately, trying to figure out myself, my feelings, and I have realized for so long, all this time, that I..

What did he finally realize?! :O You'll find out next week in Chapter 6!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and thanks for taking the time to read my fanfic ♡ Until next time, Annyeong! P.S if you're wondering what happened to Ravi, no worries, he will be back in Chapter 6 :D
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He realized that he loves her 😍