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Mamamoo Releases Sub-Unit Tracks!!!
What's up guys, John here. Mamamoo has released the tracks, ANGEL and DAB DAB for thier new sub-unit groups. Angel is composed of the vocal line, Wheein and Solar. Dab Dab has the rap line, Moonbyul and Hwasa. The MVs are from their first solo concert which took place August 13 and 14.
Solar and Wheein sing "Angel", a slow, melodical song that talks about how their feelings are hurt and how they are not angels. I love the song. Their voices really complement each others.
Moonbyul and Hwasa performed 'Dab Dab'. This upbeat song tells men not to hesitate but rather embrace them like a masculine man. I love their performance, they were acting like their funny and goofy selves.
The group also made a completion about which subunit will be higher on the charts. The loser will recieved a punishment that has already been decided. It was decided by fans on a Vapp broadcast. Mamamoo choose “eating an entire dish of spicy ton katsu.” Credit to article here and here


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all of their voices are SO FREAKING GOOD
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