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On my quest to becoming an accomplished music aficionado (especially with the fact that most bands I like or want to see live only perform in 21+ venues and I am currently 20, BUT only for FOUR! MORE! DAYS!! Time to empty my coffers and take out small loans of a million dollars dedicated to my favorite bands and groups), I have been searching for gems on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, as well as the "Related Artists" on Spotify! It is my pleasure to say that I've found a few over the past few months that I'm absolutely charmed and impressed by!
Dylan Brady... GODDAMN! This song right here is a freaking sexy-a** song. Pardon the language. Kind of lol This song, Coming Down, was immediately added to my "Two tickets to Pound Town, Please ;)" playlist.Plus, male crop top? He totally rocks it! And he's a long-haired bro! So props for that! "It’s real between you and me. It’s all talk when I say those things. I think I love you, but I’m scared to say it, but it’s all true. I love you..." is his soundcloud. He has a really unique style and I love it. Worth a listen! Definitely different ^.^
A little under two weeks ago, August 19th to be exact, after months of teasing, EDEN FINALLY!!!!! released this album, i think you think too much of me, and I swear it's the best 27 minutes of music I've heard in a long, long time. This man, Jonathan, is extremely talented and real and raw. Insane music videos too. Easily one of my top artists of this decade. He's going far. "You don't know how to let go. Who said this must be all or nothing? But I'm still caught below and I'll never let you know. No, I can't tell you nothing, 'cause I'm a fucking mess sometimes. But still I could always be whatever you wanted, but not what you needed, especially when you been needing me, 'cause I'm a fucking mess inside and I'll say what I don't mean just cause I wanted. Or maybe I need it. I swear lying's the only rush I need" is his soundcloud. Do me, and yourself, a favor and give him a listen, follow and join his fandom. His song XO is also one of my other favorites (along with every other freaking song of his). "Came and went like the summer time. Was that a sunset or a sunrise? Looking back like where’d the time go? So much for trying to keep this moving slow, 'cause I don’t believe in her no more. But I remember how we talked shit like we knew what we wanted and I still remember what she said,"I don’t think I love you no more..."
Okay... Against the Current.... This band. I'm so sad I joined their scene a bit late! They are absolutely wonderful. For some reason, my mind connects this song with "Don't forget" by Demi Lovato?? Anywho! Gosh! Where to start? I'm probably hyping them up a bit in my mind, but I really enjoy them! I think it's the simplicity and how easy they are to relate with. They have two acoustic volumes, which, YESSS!!! I can't begin to express how much I LOVE! acoustics. I think that's a display of true talent, in the appropriate genres. They do a decent amount of covers! Which are great as well! "The story starts lying in the dark broken and bruised. I count the scars left in my heart from losing you and I was wrong, but let’s be honest. You were too. I miss the part where I was falling hard for you." This is their Spotify. Go and check them out. Follow them. Go! Now! Pls! haha They deserve the attention!
Anywho! That's all for this! I have a lot more, but these are the main three artists that have been on repeat! I highly recommend all of them! Check them out! Give me more bands to check out! Always interested in "new" music and little-known, talented artists that deserve popularity instead of the mainstream shit we have to deal with nowadays! Hope you're all well! =) <3
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