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Henry Leutwyler, a lifelong enthusiast of ballet who has spent almost three decades photographing the art, describes it as “more than just dance.” Ballet, he says, “is an expression of human emotion in all its forms—love, despair, passion, hope, and, most importantly, joy.” After four years of taking studio portraits for the New York City Ballet, Leutwyler was given an all-access pass to capture just that—the spirit of dance, from rehearsal to curtain call. The photographs, taken with his 35mm Leica camera, along with his studio portraits, can now be seen in his book Ballet, published by Steidl, and accompanying exhibition at the Foley Gallery. Recently, Leutwyler spoke with VF.com and described his approach for capturing the N.Y.C.B. dancers in class, at rehearsals, backstage, and in performance. To him, “anyone who doesn’t know ballet, this is what he or she should take home—the beauty and hard work.”
Those photos are so stunning beautiful !! I see myself in the ballet see them dancing now
I could feel almost all the beautiful moment in those photos !!
@kokoryj i am glad that you can see those pictures well :)
that is great thing I saw this pictures well.